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  1. Happy New year to all. I’ve recently moved aboard my narrowboat and am still learning lots. I’m CC’ing on my own and one of my biggest concerns is falling in the canal and not being able to get out. I’ve looked at emergency ladders but there are so many and I was wondering if anybody could recommend some and how /where the best place to fit them is?
  2. I think transport by water. I’m assuming that’s the cheapest option but I don’t mind either.
  3. Hi I'm looking for quotes and availability to collect my boat which is currently near Bridge 26 on the Oxford canal (coalhurst lane) and delivery to Fazeley marina (on the Coventry canal). It’s a 50ft narrowboat. can anybody give recommendations please that may have immediate availability?
  4. I didn’t go with that boat in the end and have purchased a different one.
  5. Hi, I’ve just purchased my first boat and will move onto it in the next couple of weeks. I’m an office working needing to work from the boat and have a lot of online workshops to do. Therefore good internet/ WiFi is important. I will be continually cruising so won’t benefit from moored WiFi. I also streem Netflix etc. Can somebody advise what my options are? Is the best option a mobile router or is there a cheaper option that will suffice?
  6. The boat I’ve seen looks perfect for me (alone) in terms of size (50ft) and living space. It’s had a recent fit out that looks professionally done. I have the opportunity to work from any location for the next 6 months so the plan is to constantly cruise for 6 months with a view to find moorings (midlands area) to live aboard from then on. I have no previous experience other than a day hire. The asking price is £33k. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/david-clarke-50-cruiser-stern/652382
  7. I haven’t bought the boat yet, I’m a first time buyer so not really sure what’s what so looking for advice.
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  10. Hi, I’m wondering if there is anybody who is willing to have a look at a boat survey and advise if I’m paying a good price. I can see that some work is required but I’m not sure about costs etc.
  11. The boat is 1996 David Clark. So will this need replateing? If so, any idea of approximate costs? It’s a 50ft boat.
  12. Boat survey is showing hull sides fabricated to 5.0mm and pitting is present up to 1.0mm is this okay?
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