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  1. Hi No it wasn’t, It was earlier, a single lady. I will find out more if I can and if anyone is interested please PM me. my signal poor at the mo so cant watch posts
  2. Thank you, I was curious because I know somebody that had her back in the 60/70's (If I have the right boat). carrying coal. That is what I found. I was interested that she had a 6 digit BW no
  3. Hi, This is a very random question but does anyone know whether Hampstead is still about? It's shown on the boat listings with a newer style 6 digit BW no but last updated 2010. Thanks for reading :-)
  4. Thank you, it's amazing what people know and have gleaned. It's amazing also that there doesn't seem to be any trace at all of the old route now and so surprising that it never followed the river in the first place. 20 years, not long at all. So do we know when the new un opened? the act was passed in March 1818, there is evidence of the new course being there in around 1822. One of the other questions was when was the Nash lock house built?
  5. Yes I wondered about the 69A Im looking at the old map now with the route, The endless Web implies that this happened around 1818
  6. Thank you both. I thought this was the case but couldn't find the evidence.
  7. I'm looking for evidence of a change in water way route through Hemel Hempstead area. Does anyone know whether it was built to plan or plans changed or what? Also wondering what actual ages the associated lock cottages are between Boxmoor and Hunton Bridge.
  8. Ive left my car down by the lock before and cross fingers no problem. I also heard too that the Navigation car park spaces down in the bottom corner were public/canal use spaces. As Alan says, not much publication, just local knowledge.
  9. just seen this, do you know more about the demise of poor Lichfield? broken by Tuckeys in 2010
  10. What a sad loss, Trevor was a fountain of knowledge and always smiling. In recent years Andromeda and I would be moored alongside Corona and Trevor at the Blisworth Festival, we would make sure that he was kept watered with cups of tea while chatting about Boats and Railways. I first met him at my first booked visit to the Linslade Festival in 2010, he, always had the same mooring at that festival by the railway tracks up by Tiddenfoot. Myself and the Friends of Raymond would usually celebrate his birthday somehow at Linslade, usually in the Grove Lock Pub, he would often remind us that he was "2 years older than his boat" He will be missed terribly. RIP Trevor Maggs
  11. Hi All, still on the trail does anyone know of a Kohn Lyne poss of Birminhgam area also looking for John Hill and or Dawn Hill of Lapworth area I think it's now John and Dot Sue Ashton? Is she still around maybe they are on this site and can see this post
  12. Thank you Derek We can follow that one through maybe. I did go on that page but then the internet went down so I didn't go back.
  13. As always Pete you are a mine of information Thank you I will pass this on.
  14. No one has said she is special I merely said I'd post the pics on here to see if anyone had any ideas as to where she was built. I don't think we ever expected that she was built by a known builder either. If anyone had recognised the boat they may have been able to help to trace previous names or etc. If I can get more pictures I will certainly post them for all to see. Thanks for your input
  15. I'm inclined to agree with you Alan On reading some of the other blogs and googling it there would seem to have been quite a lot of people in and around M Harborough that built boats. Materials used could have been the same or maybe some features copied. Otherwise, who knows?
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