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  1. Well I never Thank you, I will hang on to that link I have searched but didn’t really know how to get Old maps. Cassiobury is interesting too. That’s just what I wanted, the row of cottages.
  2. I’m beginning to think that Grove Wharf and Lady Capels Wharf had two different functions. there now stands a Grove Wharf House with Lady Capels right next door. these are both to the north of the footpath from the road to the canal on the south of the footpath there are some cottages but not as old as 1940’s they are part of what is Affinity Water. Could that be the site of Grove wharf originally?
  3. Do you have any pictures or the date of the article?
  4. Just seen this sorry I didn’t get an alert. yes I’ll put on my to do list thank you 😂
  5. If I may ask a follow up question regarding Lady Capels Wharf, I knew about the coal Tax, I believe Lady Capel was the wife of the Earl of Essex (Cassiobury was next door) and the Grove was owned by The Earl of Clarendon. So does anyone know what the Grove Wharf Cottages and Grove Wharf were and for? they all seem to be the actual same place thanks for reading
  6. Thank you, anything that comes up will be really useful. Much appreciated. email is shendish1@gmail.com
  7. Is your “Hampton” the one moored at Cow Roast? you have a website? Oh that’s a shame however I have quite a good stash of pics now. It’s ones from before 1965 with BW colours and before that not much chance as they will likely be black and white. but hey, worth keeping looking.
  8. Wow, that would be great thank you yes please. I will email you. Thank you. it never ceases to amaze me how info just pops up out of the blue. Hi, have you put any posts directly on here with Hampton in the title? I would have thought something would come up.
  9. Thank you, I don’t get alerts from CW so I have to remember to keep logging in. polesworth is near where she is right now. Pics would be great. Would she have been BW then?
  10. Hi Roland thank you Thats an interesting thought. we are talking just before the second war so those boats worked their socks off and probably with Idle Women?! hopefull something will come up somewhere. which Butty was yours? Thanks Dan i saw a post by GSer on one of Alan’s threads and I’ve noted it but yes it may be worth an inbox. Hi David thank you that would be great. I haven’t worked out how to upload pics to here from my phone yet.
  11. Hi all for those of you that haven’t seen a post on Facebook or heard through the towpath telegraph, ive now got Cygnus. looking for pictures please of her in the very early days when she was carrying for GUCCCo. that doesn’t mean that any detailed BW or Willow Wren pics won’t be welcome but I have seen some. Ive seen none of GU carrying days. thanking you in advance
  12. I imagine that you know that Lichfield was taken out of the water in 2010 and broken up too. I went searching for it and found her at Hillmorton in Nov 2009, by the time I got back up there a year later with her old motor boat, she’d gone.
  13. Many thanks somehow I missed this reply im very grateful. That sort of nails my dates a bit better. I now know that there are possibly 3 owners between 1986 and 1990 I have from 1989 so I have two names of those 3 to find, the third was called Appleby (William I think) From Beeston.
  14. Hi Jerry the photos are great, thank you. I had no internal pics at all of either of the boats these will be a great addition. I had John and Dawn noted in my notes (was it Mills?) when I visited Lapworth a few years ago the gent in the canal cottage said that John drinks in the local pub so hes still about. ?
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