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  1. It seems it is a later version of the RJ2 that I had, while trying to find out about my RJ1 I came across the information on the website shown below, I did,nt want to show the article on this post , I don,t if that's allowed. The magazine it comes from is dated 1958 . [PDF]Marine engines for Pacific fishermen (I) www.spc.int/DigitalLibrary/Doc/FAME/InfoBull/.../SPB8_4_Swinfield.pdf cooled Thornycroft RJD2, new diesel version of an old Pacific favourite, the petrol - paraffin. "Handybilly". Designed to fit the engine bearers of its predecessor ...
  2. I was wondering if you had managed to get this engine running again? I owned the RJ2 shown in post number 10 and now have an RJ1,. I,ve no idea what model this one is , some of the features remind of the Handybillys I had but of course they were petrol or petrol paraffin .
  3. http://youtu.be/V5jx_uQHsXQ?list=UUUF807ScggMR7ubHzLNNOqQ Here is a link to a Youtube video of my Thornycroft running again after many years, I first heard of this engine about 10 years ago but never saw it until it came up on Ebay, It did,nt take much to get it going, the injector was changed and everything else was cleaned up. The fitting on the side of the cylinder head is a priming cup of sorts, I,m not sure if it,s for oil to increase compression or for ether, a friend of mine told me that some Turner Diesels can have ether added to aid starting. I,ve not been able to find anything about RJ1 engines, the serial number is 46 , there is what could be a date mark on the brass fuel filter , 2/9/30. Any information about these engines would be most welcome. Now that this one is finished I should be starting my next project , a Gardner 1L2
  4. I noticed there is a direction arrow stamped on the flywheel, it is indicating clockwise, I think those wicks can also be lit .
  5. Here are some more pictures and the details from the brass plate, the T fitting will hold a starting wick I was told , I bought a box of Zundfix starters while at the rally, they ignite under compression apparently , the picture of the head shows the handle with the valve fully closed . plate details SKANDIA MOTOR Serial number 224389 HP 10 RPM 1000 Type 13B SKANDIAVERKEN LYSEKIL SWEDEN
  6. Thanks Christian I will check that out tomorrow, I would like to know the method of starting if you know it ? There is a tap on the cylinder head which I guess is the decompressor, there is also is lever that unscrews a rod in the centre of the head , I have no idea what this is for .
  7. Well the seller wore a chefs hat and had Miss Piggy with him
  8. I take it they are not that common then ?? I have a Thornycroft RJ1 also, trying to find anything about those is hard work , I did find a YouTube video with a Skandia engine but the commentary was in Swedish, hurdy hurdy gurdy etc.......
  9. Hello all, this is my first post on the forum. I bought a Skandia Diesel at the engine rally at Nuenen in Holland at the weekend, the engine is fitted with a holder for a starting wick, I have not tried to start it as it is only on two bits of wood at the moment, has anyone any experience of these engines , I,m not sure how to go about starting it ? Thanks Neville
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