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  1. Yes there are differences within part 2 and each application (house, caravan, motorhome, boat) must be applied for and tested individually.
  2. Or she may have done what she said she did and just brought a 6 month licence. Its not rocket science.
  3. Think about the gas safe engineers - they have to qualify separately to be able to work on LPG, and then separately again to work on domestic LPG, and separately again to work on caravan LPG and separately again to work on Boat LPG systems. The part 2 specification for the alarms is similar, there are certain criteria the manufacturer can choose to meet and in this case the manufacturer had decided that the market for boat CO alarms is so small he is unlikely to recoup the cost of submitting samples and paying for 'boat approval' - hence the boat symbol is X'd thru and the alarm is not approved for boat use. He has had the alarm tested to whatever the caravan tests require and it has passed.
  4. But you have land and composting heaps to 'do it properly' I wonder if the OP does ? I'd suggest that very few CCers can properly work a composting system purely on their boat.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. up to 2-3 years. Apparently it depends on how often you stir it up.
  7. Are you sure about the composting toilet ? How will you handle the 'waste' ? Here is one of the numerous discussions on the subject :
  8. The video earlier in the thread shows a powder extinguisher being 'let-off' inside a boat galley, and the engine room.
  9. It really is a great 'toy' you can see how much boiling the kettle takes, or the toaster, or the microwave, or washing machine cycle and then measure things like the daily usage of the fridge and freezer. I can live without it but its 'stuff', I like to know.
  10. Rather than guess, why not get a plug in 'wattometer'. Simply plug it into the 3-pin plug, then plug your fridge into it and it will tell you exactly your Wh over any time period you wish Something like this (other models, prices and suppliers are available) LCD Energy Monitor Plug In Electricity Power Consumption Meter Watt Kwh Analyzer | eBay
  11. Ian has summed it up very well, but just as an 'adder' it depends on which model of fridge you are talking about. My 12v fridge uses less than 30Ah per day but it is an expensive boat fridge, not a 'caravan fridge'. It depends on the type of fridge - compressor or absorption ? Some modern fridges have 2 compressors. And so on. Look at the actual power usage figures for each of your choices (add 10% to the 230v fridge to allow for losses in the inverter) and then you can tell. Alternatively post the fridge models / specifications here and someone will tell you.
  12. It was explained on their website when there was talk of the introduction of th alarms and a lot of complaints about infringement of liberties, freedom of choice etc, so they went into great detail about how it was simply to protect you from other boaters emissions, and yes they could not insist on it if it was simply to inform you of your emissions, but as it was to protect you from a 3rd parties actions it was allowable. When it was finally published the statement was simply (and still is on the website) : Although the need for CO alarms is being introduced to help protect boat owners from sources of the toxic gas from neighbouring boats, the alarms are also expected to prevent death or injury to crew members from their own boat engines or appliances
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. No, that was the 2015 examination when I was at Newark marina. The examine that did-not inspect anything (different guy) was 2019 when I was in Kings marina. I have never yet had an examiner that has identfied all of the failure points. I have one examiner that failed my NB in 2013 by claiming it didn't have an RCD fitted (despite it not being a 'requirement' (only an advisory) and would only issue a certificate after I'd gone down to Toolstation, bought one and showed it to him. I'm afraid to say I have absolutely zero respect for the BSS system and certification. It is meaningless. Every time I have complained to the BSS and all you get is "we will interview the examiner and assess if he needs additional training"
  15. April 2017 is hardly 'recent' But, as I explained it is not what appliances are on YOUR boat, but what may be on the boat that you are moored behind / in front / alongside that can put fumes into your boat.
  16. Because the ignorant buy on price, not performance. My extinguishers are 13A so 3 of those are 39A which meets and exceed the MINIMUM of 21A I dont remember the B rating but again it way exceeds the requirement (Its an old picture with the 'do not use after 2010' extingusihers that the BSS examiner passed in 2015)
  17. Then just buy 3 extinguishers where the A & B numbers add up to the minimum BSS require Over 11m (36ft) 3 21A/144B
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. It is still woorth getting the correct number of 2kg or 3kg extinguishers, then if the worse does happen you at least have a better chance of getting out. You stand as much chance with a 1kg extinguisher as you would pi$$ing on the fire.
  20. Pontymoile Basin Monmouthshire and Brecon canal lack of water A PORTION of the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal in Torfaen is empty of water. Locals have been concerned about the lack of water in the Pontymoile Basin near Pontypool after one of our camera club members posted the photo on social media. In the photo, which was taken on January 11, the basin is completely void of water, except for a few small puddles. The Argus contacted Torfaen County Borough Council – who are responsible for the Torfaen sections of the canal – in relation to this and were told that there is work taking place which is due to last around four weeks. The statement said: “The Canal and River Trust have instructed works at Pontymoile Canal Basin (Bridge 52); a stoppage is required due to wet abutments open jointed and pointing work is to be carried out below water line as well as replacing any missing stone. This work is expected to complete in approximately 4 weeks.” It is the latest section of the canal to be needing work – after several parts of the Crumlin arm around the Risca, Crosskeys and Pontywaun areas have been drained so that work can take place. There have also been instances on the canal in Rogerstone before the Fourteen Locks over the past year where there has been little to no water along multiple points of the stretch. Pontymoile Basin Monmouthshire and Brecon canal lack of water | South Wales Argus
  21. It doesn't make any sense at all having 1kg fire extinguishers, they last a matter of a few seconds and effectively are useless. You need a minimum of 2kg extinguishers to give you the slightest chance. Fire extinguishers should not be used to fight a fire unless it is EXTREMELY small, they should be used ONLY to batter down the flames and give you a chance to get to the exit - trying that with a 1kg extinguisher and you'll get maybe 3 or 4 steps. I wonder how many people here have been trained to use fire extinguishers, and seen how ineffective they really are. I did my Fire training with the RAF, the message was "don't stop and fight the fire, GET OUT and let the people with the proper equipment fight the fire".
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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