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  1. Do you not get the message ? "We want 1/3rd of boaters opinions on 'things' (or at least to be able to say that we have asked them), not giving sufficient time to respond then allows them to say something like ; "10,000 boaters were asked if they were unhappy with maintenance levels, and only 26 replied they were".
  2. If it was my Marina, my answer would be that the 'base calculation' includes bins, water, showers, street cleaning etc etc,which are still used and the CT does not cover those costs. The additional element for the residential mooring pays the additional charge by the LA (street lights, Police, etc etc)
  3. That looks to be the 'cover'. The engine 'number' will be moulded into the actual 'body' of the engine way down below the ancillaries.
  4. When you say 'athletically pleasing' do you mean she is a 'fit old bird' ?
  5. That is unfortunately not true in some places. A few times I have 'hit the bottom' whilst in the MNC on the River Trent. My draft = 4'6" Minimum dredging depth = 2.75 mts. (9') Similarly on the Foss Dyke which is dredged to 1.52 mts. (4'11") I was unable to get any further than Saxilby- totally ground to a halt and impossible to proceed. Had to pole backwards, turn and give up.
  6. In a previous thread known names were posted - I think there were 20+ (or maybe 30) quoted. I named 5 or 6 that I know of.
  7. As can be seen by this picture (see other thread) The 'water is wide enough' but not with the shape of the bridge.
  8. Apologies I did not make it clear. The marina has 200 berths of which 30 are Residential and 170 are leisure. the 30 residential are spread randomly around the marina. The basic mooring fee for leisure users includes the Business rates charged. The residential mooring fee is 'surcharged' by the amount of council tax charged.
  9. Maybe I am not understanding, but as it stands I see it as : 1) Individual CT will be applied to the mooring at Band A (example £1000) 2) The 'composite' for (say) 30 moorings will be applied at a maximum of 3x Band A (example £3000) So if the £3000 is amortised across each mooring the cost per mooring is £100. Which is the way I have seen it work at a number (inc BWML) of marinas.
  10. I don't think 'we' are disagreeing. in section 8:2 (taken from the VOA website) it states exactly what you are quoting. None of the marinas I have ever used actually 'herd' together all of the residential boats / moorings - in my present (BWML) marina, just taking one side of one pontoon as an example there are : 2 leisure moorings, 2 residential moorings 1 leisure, 1 residential 4 leisure, 2 residential 4 leisure, 1 residential (and it is repeated in varying number across the whole marina) This would appear to completely fall under the requirements for a composite herediatment The marina owner then becomes liable for payment of this, which he can choose to 'absorb' into his costs, (as per business rates) or, amortise across the number of Residential moorers The marina owner ensure compliance with the requirements by having the "Bi-Annual Shuffle"
  11. It is those that do not do the research and know where they can, and where they cannot go that, cause the problems. There is nothing better than a widebeam when used in the proper environment (I have 2 'fatties' - one at 14 foot beam and one at 23 foot beam)
  12. Might struggle with that : The Boat Safety Scheme The Boat Safety Scheme, or BSS, is a public safety initiative owned by the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency. Its purpose is to help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution harming visitors to the inland waterways, the waterways' workforce and any other users.
  13. The black wire linking the two glow plugs looks to be damaged / melted. It may be an idea to replace this at the same time.
  14. I struggled with that but came to the conclusion (bad wording) it was related to the two tonnage splits they were talking about (25 tonne and 33 tonnes) But I could be wrong - I thought once before I had been , but subsequently I found I was wrong because I was actually right !!
  15. The OP states the BT stopped working whilst using it. That would tend to suggest a 'failure' rather than being 'stuck from lack of use'.
  16. Another Cyclist 'story' with a sad outcome. Source : Narrow Boat World Boating brought to an abrupt end by speeding cyclist Published: Monday, 19 August 2019 IT HAS been a while since I was last in contact with you for a good reason, writes Glenis Summers. We have left our once loved life on the canals. I was still in my 40's when we bought our first liveaboard boat and two years ago when we walked away from our last boat, I was 71. Hit three times I had expected to live out my life on the water but (I believe) thanks to a cyclist it was brought to an abrupt end. I'd been hit three times in all by speeding cyclists, with one causing such damage to my arm, the chemist I approached said he wouldn't touch it as I needed it seen at a hospital. In the end we got round to Paddington Basin where I filled in a complaint form and warned that the signs warning cyclists of a 10mph restriction was too fast. I never got a reply. After this I began to have neck problems which after a length of time culminated in a phone call from a doctor calling us back from a trip as an emergency. Operation to avoid total paralysis An MRI had shown I had damaged neck bones and an operation was necessary to avoid total paralysis. I was advised that our lifestyle was unsuitable as the risk was high. Understandably I was upset so I was given another MRI which unfortunately confirmed the result but was told that the operation could be put off until further deterioration if I was sensible and left the water. We were offered an adapted bungalow and my husband immediately put our beautiful boat Ami Bovard on the market. I was completely devastated having no time to say goodbye to our many friends around the country. I am only now accepting that the dream is over for us but then looking at the changes for the worse on the water, perhaps it's for the best. Warned Richard Parry of the dangers I travelled to a CaRT boaters' meeting at Leicester a few years back from Leamington Spa. I and others warned Richard Parry of the dangers of speeding cyclists and he promised to look into it agreeing that they travelled too quickly. Weasel words as weeks later he was saying there was no problem. As I left he thanked me for making the train journey to the meeting. I answered that I hadn't come to see him. I'd come because I loved the canals. Now it is all gone. The money we spent on boats and their upkeep over the years has left us with funds insufficient to buy another property and dwindling by the month in paying out rent. We'll never regret our old life but do regret the changes that have been forced onto that way of life. We hope some of you will remember us fondly. Glen and Nigel Summers.
  17. Are you sure its the starter motor teeth clicking and not the solenoid ? Try the screwdriver (mooring pin) in the ear test. The only reason s that the teeth are clicking is : 1) Throw is not enough to fully engage teeth 2) Teeth damaged. If it turns out you need a new one there is a cross reference list here showing all other manufacturers part numbers so you can shop around for price. https://www.motoelectrical.co.uk/types/starters/starter-motor-smt0319-mitsubishi-ground-master-work-man/
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. He says it is the starter motor on the generator. @jenevers - Might help to know what generator it is ?
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. Obviously the principle does not work with 'leisure users' as leisure use is not subject to council tax. But in principle the rest of what you say is correct (From the VOA Website) 8. Multiple Moorings and Composite Hereditaments 8.1 If there are a number of adjacent moorings to which the circumstances in 6.1 (b) apply they will all form part of one hereditament and will be a single "dwelling" subject to one Council Tax band unless, it is clear that the boat owner is in exclusive possession of the mooring, when a separate banding will apply. 8.2 If there are a number of adjacent moorings, some of which are used by boats which are sole or main residences and some of which are used by pleasure boats, but no boat owners have exclusive possession of any particular mooring, there would appear to be a composite hereditament occupied by the owner of the moorings. Thus if there are multiple residential moorings around the marina then the VOA will issue a composite council tax, based on the value of the total moorings. If each mooring were to be charged CT individually then each would be band A (the lowest band) and the cost would be around £1000 per mooring. The value of the composite CT will be considerably lower than the value of the sum of the individual moorings, and when divided by the number of residential boats gives a big saving. In the case of our marina the difference between 'under £100 per mooring' (calculated as a composite) and over £1000 per mooring when calculated as individual moorings. The boaters committee were refusing to accept the need to move their boats twice per year to avoid becoming classed as permanent moorers (exclusive possession) but when I explained it would save each owner £1000 per year they soon saw the benefits of moving. This probably explains it better than I can. https://bwml.co.uk/council-tax-for-residential-moorings/ Moorers payment of Council Tax in Marinas Questions and Answers Q1. What is the difference between COMPOSITE and INDIVIDUAL assessment? An individual council tax assessment is relevant when a boat has exclusive use of the same berth for 12 months or more. By contrast a composite assessment applies where the boat does not enjoy exclusive use of a specific berth and demonstrates as such by occupying at least 2 separate berths within a 12 month period. Q2. Why is the exclusive use of a berth relevant for Council Tax? When planning permission is granted by the local planning authority for residential development – as is the case with residential berths in a marina – there is a formal change to the permitted use of the ‘land’ (or property). Every residential unit in the country is liable to pay council tax to the local authority. Residential berths are no different. Q3. Is payment of a composite rate a bit ‘unofficial’? No, it is very much a legitimate route to contributing to local services which are enjoyed through residential status. We have been discussing the appropriate terms and conditions for the assessment of Composite council tax assessments for over 3 years and so very much welcome the VOA’s formal guidelines issued in January 2016. This helps and guides all of us to understand the legal position. Q4. What if I don’t specify a preference to any of the options? This will likely result in an individual council tax bill being issued. The local authority will default all those that do not elect for (or comply with) the composite assessments, to an individual bill. Q5. What if I opt for composite assessment but don’t move as required? We have been asked to share records of boat locations in the marina by berth – these will be generated by our monthly boat checks – if a boat hasn’t moved the requisite number of times, then they will be billed individually for council tax. Q6. How much is an individual council tax bill in my area? Band A property charges – which is the band most moorers would fall into we understand – vary across the country. Examples relevant for this communication in the 2017/18 council tax year are:- Sawley Marina – North West Leics (Lockington Parish) is £1084 annually Priory Marina – Bedford Central is £1130 annually Q7. You say BWML will pay the composite council tax bill on behalf of moorers opting for this, what does this mean in reality? BWML has always been clear that we want to work within the guidelines laid down by the VOA to get the best value for our moorers to contain living costs as a residential moorer. As an incentive to our residential moorers we have previously stated that we would pay this composite charge for these moorers. In part this avoids a lot of administration sharing a single composite charge many ways, but also it acts as an incentive for moorers to comply with the requirements for the composite assessment. Q8. Isn’t the composite council tax factored into our moorings prices anyway? We have a clear policy on pricing our moorings – this is embodied in our ‘Customer Charter’ – see www.bwml.co.uk/customer-info/. This policy does not take into account the likely impact of composite council tax, for the time being we are assuming that composite council tax cost is manageable separately within our cost base. As more local authorities bill us over the next year or so we will learn more on the impact. As outlined in Q7 above, we are committed to adding value to our residential mooring experience in our marinas so we do not anticipate these payments being punitive. Q9. Can’t moorers register for individual assessment directly with the Council? Yes, many of our moorers at our residential marinas do register for council tax directly with the council. When this is the case BWML may not be aware. However, it should be noted that this ‘election to pay an individual council tax charge’ to the local authority is a relationship between the moorer and the council. The mooring fee paid to BWML does not give exclusivity to any individual berth despite the fact that in practice many moorers may remain on the same berth for a considerable time. Q10. Why are we being told about the need to move now, couldn’t we have been told sooner? Sadly, the onus has always been on the VOA & local authorities to instigate the charging mechanism that was going to follow the issuing of the VOA guidelines in January 2016. We discussed the issue of when would the composite charging mechanism start with the VOA throughout and we were informed that this would be triggered locally by each local authority. These have now started and it is reasonable to assume that all BWML marinas will be contacted over the next few months. We are taking the view that 2017/18 will be the first year of charging until we are informed differently Q11. Where can I find out more information on the VOA’s guidelines on composite council tax? We have a dedicated page on our website that takes information published by the VOA, see www.bwml.co.uk/council-tax-clarification-for-residential-moorings/ Q12. Does cruising away from the marina constitute movement? Sadly being away from the marina cruising does not count as a movement and the VOA have been very clear on this point. The arrival back at the marina and occupancy of the same berth prior to departure will be deemed as continuous use. There will still be a requirement to move twice in a year, even if you have been out of the marina for a period of 1-2 months cruising. Q13. How exactly would I move with my neighbour to comply with the requirements? We would envisage that small groups of 3 berth holders, friends, next door neighbours would ‘buddy’ up and work in a small group, all undertaking the move on the same day, well in advance of the end of the month. The move can be to the berth next door, or the opposite side of the mooring finger, as each location is separately numbered, it is not required to move to another part of the marina. On the issue of electricity, in many instances as adjacent berths are being occupied as part of the move to comply with the requirements, the reconnection in to your main service bollard will still be possible, if your extension lead is of sufficient length. Q14. Is there a minimum period of occupancy of the neighbours berth to qualify? A move has to demonstrate a period of 1 calendar month on an alternative berth as part of each move, anything less may well result in that move not being recorded as we undertake a monthly boat check. Q15. If I have any questions or wish to change my preference who should I contact? Please send all questions or preference changes to [email protected]
  22. Stop wriggling, 'man up', admit you are wrong & cannot name a single marina that doesn't require insurance.
  23. Maybe he should have had them tied up a bit higher and pointing 'up'(wards) instead.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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