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  1. And - you can fill up your water tank free of charge (as long as you buy something in the shop / chandlery / fuel)
  2. A lot of people just have a hull survey (before purchase) its the only important bit (all the other inside stuff is easily fixed) and its cheaper to have a simple Hull survey. It could well have been a pre-purchase survey - ask the vendor why it was done.
  3. A couple of 'thoughts' Why was the survey done - if it was as a pre-purchase survey why did the sale fall thru ? Are you sure you are seeing the FULL survey and not just the extracts showing the least bad bits ? Has the identified work been done and 'signed off' as satisfactory by a surveyor ? You do realis that as you did not commission the survey that you have absolutely no 'come-back' on the surveyor if he missed that big hole in hull blocked up with chewing gum. (Not that you have much 'come back' anyway due to their 'small print' saying they are not responsible for anything they write). Edit to add - being as its almost 30 years old, you may find that your insurance company will insist on a survey before insuring it. I don't know if they need the survey in your name, or if they will accept the one it has - Make a phone call and find out.
  4. Corbyn continues to win friends with his new plans on Taxation. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour planning to tax parents’ gifts to children in vicious reform JEREMY CORBYN is planning a huge tax raid on children who inherit homes from their parents. The Labour leader’s proposal replaces inheritance tax with a “lifetime gift tax”, The Sunday Telegraph reported. The tax will apply to property or cash given to individuals during the course of their lives. The report, Land for the Many, claims it would help “the better sharing out” of “unearned windfalls”. Labour hopes the tax would add £9billion a year to the Treasury. The current system allows parents to avoid inheritance tax if they gift their children more than seven years before their death. “If you live longer than that seven year period then your estate will not be subject to inheritance tax. If you live for four years then you would be subject to inheritance tax, but at a lower rate than 40 percent. “So it’s tapered as each of those years go by.” But Labour’s new plan would tax any cash or property above a "lifetime allowance" of £125,000, the paper reported. Any further gifts which exceed the threshold would be considered as income and taxed annually.
  5. To be able to get off the boat to visit them ?
  6. I wonder how the OP is getting on with wiring his dinosaur battery charger ?
  7. O' I don't know. A 4" Beef & Onion tends to be 4" Beef & Onion irrespective of you being a Plumber or an Electrician
  8. In this case done intentionally but I'll allow your 'touche'.
  9. Brussels starting to Wine about possibility of US tariffs to make US & EU comparable. From the Telegraph There is a creeping nervousness taking hold in Brussels. Officials fear that its tactic of delaying further trade conflict with Washington may soon run out of road. Eventually the EU will be forced to pick sides in the China-US trade war, and pressure to open sensitive markets to US commercial interests will become unbearable. At first glance, the latest trade issue to provoke the ire of the teetotal US president is surprising: Donald Trump is angry about an apparent inequity in the trade of wine between France and the US. He believes that EU levies of 11-29 cents per bottle are too high, relative to the import taxes the US imposes of 5 cents per 750 millilitres.
  10. Ah yes - "Eggwina" and today we have 5 deaths due to Listeria in sandwiches
  11. Don't bring the fish into it or the fish jokes will start agin. 2 Fish in a tank …………………………….
  12. And it will be left, yet again, as a part fitted out project for the next dreamer to take on. There are dozens of them lying about in boatyards all over the country.
  13. Only whilst there are enough of us alive who remember what it was like under their 'watch'. As time goes by the 'millenials' will replace the 'baby-boomers' and they will have no experience of a Labour party in power and will see them as a shining light for change and improvement.
  14. Could it have been A&D Marine rather than D&A Marine ? http://www.admarineservices.co.uk/about.htm
  15. Before the OP gets hung-up on 4mm cable he actually needs 8mm2 for his cable length and current. (I gave a link to the correct cable)
  16. Amazing when both Labour and the local Council say that he was not in the count room, yet there are both photo's of him in there, but he has posted 'selfies' of himself in the count room With this further – even more conclusive proof – that Mahmood was inside the count room that night, the affidavits from respectable individuals and party officials who saw him up close and personal inside said room, and of course, Tariq’s own keepsake count room snaps, it isn’t a stretch to call out the Council’s and the Labour Party’s claim that he wasn’t there, for exactly what it is. Excuse my language, but there is only one way to describe the official stance about Tariq’s involvement and presence inside the count room, just as there is only one way to describe the now official stance – despite the wealth of photographic evidence and statements that have come to light – that he ‘didn’t help out on the campaign whatsoever’: It is, quite frankly, a ‘load of bollocks’. Ignore the denial of his involvement in the campaign, of which we know is clearly BS. If Labour have confirmed that he wasn’t listed as having permission to be in the count room, and the council are also adhering to this claim, yet we know that he indeed was, surely we must now be asking ‘HOW’ did he get into the count room, who let him, and more importantly, doesn’t that mean he has (yet again) committed a serious electoral offence; an offence now being hushed-up by Labour and almost brushed-off by a council-led elections team who should be taking this far more seriously than simply checking a list, shrugging their shoulders, and moving on?
  17. Please re-read the previous posts; You have been showed evidence that it is possible to get access to ballot papers (with the resulting Prison sentences). The same person is involved in the Labour campaign again. Yes the 'burning' of papers is alleged, but there are 5 investigations into 'irregularities', 3 of which relate to postal votes. It would have taken less than 700 votes to have changed the result. Apparently out of the 10,484 votes for Labour 5000+ were postal-votes - it just seems abnormal.
  18. The first passenger flights for British Columbia-based Harbour Air Ltd. would be in late 2021 under a partnership with MagniX Technologies, pending regulatory approvals, the companies said on Tuesday. (26/3/2019) They plan to swap kerosene fuel tanks for a MagniX electric motor and lithium-ion battery packs on a Harbour Air De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver aircraft, which seats six passengers, to begin test flights in November. The propulsion system will have a range of about 100 miles https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-26/canada-seaplane-operator-harbour-air-plans-electric-engine-flight
  19. Pretty much by posting detailed pictures of the shape of the bow, stern, swim and any notable features (dragon built in under the tiller arm etc) The immense knowledge on the forum would no doubt (instantly) be able to tell you, not only which manufacturer it was, but the children's name of the guy who swept up the bits off the floor, and the time of day the base plate was welded.
  20. Its the obvious weak point in the system - no need to 'break open' the boxes, or 'steal' papers from under the nose of the returning officer. Just (one way) visit all the 'little old ladies' and non-English speaking and say "don't worry, I'll sort it all for you, you don't need do anything" Momentum claims it mobilised nearly 1,000 activists to knock on doors or make calls in the run up to the byelection. This included activists carpooled to Peterborough from North Wales, London, Winchester, Leeds, Grantham, Leicester, Brighton, Bretton, Northampton and Norwich. One councillor told the Guardian he had visited one road four times before the end of May, and one activist said they had knocked on some doors up to nine times on polling day to get the vote out.
  21. Scone, (as in alone) or, Scone (as in Gone) ?
  22. The Israeli startup Eviation Aircraft will work with MagniX as engine supplier for its nine-seater electric aircraft Alice, which was presented as a prototype for the first time in 2017. MagniX will contribute its 280 kW propulsion system called Magni250. Eviation’s model Alice is designed for six to nine passengers and two crew members and, in the study presented in Paris, had a 980 kWh lithium-ion battery and an electric motor with 280 kW power. Eviation Aircraft state the range with up to 650 nautical miles (1,200 kilometres) and a top speed of 240 knots (approx. 440 km/h). Meanwhile, MagniX has recently landed another lucrative order: North America’s largest seaplane carrier, Harbour Air, selected the company as its supplier to successively electrify all of its 42 seaplanes (we reported). The 560 kW Magni500 electric motor will be used. https://www.electrive.com/2019/05/02/eviation-turns-to-magnix-for-e-aircraft-propulsion-systems/
  23. That was exactly my understanding - I'm guessing that the power to weight ratio of the batteries is what is limiting the aircraft range to 'below 900 miles'. Conventional aircraft cannot land with full(ish) fuel tanks and have to circle and dump fuel for 'hours' to reach the max landing weight. These electric aircraft will only be able to work at their 'maximum landing weight'. Its a vicious circle - add strength (weight) to be able to carry more batteries and you need more batteries to provide the power to carry those batteries.
  24. They are not shown as a manufacturer on the boat registration listings of over 100,000 inland waterway boats. Maybe they bought completed hulls / shells and they were actually 'boat-fitter' doing the interior work. Just a thought
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