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  1. Well, I guess we will see (or not as the case may be) at the end of May.
  2. Spolling : A combination of 'spotted' and 'called out'. It occures when a person is caught checking out another person of the opposite sex.
  3. Staggering :- END OF TORY PARTY: May faces DEVASTATING EU election WIPE OUT - THERESA May’s Tories face being crushed in the European Elections as Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party looks set to storm to victory in next month’s vote, according to Express.co.uk’s latest poll. More than 20,000 people (89 percent) said they would back the former Ukip leader’s grassroots rebellion party if Britain heads to the polls in May. This is compared to just 211 Express.co.uk readers (zero percent) who said they would vote for the Conservative Party in the forthcoming May elections. The poll results come as it emerged disillusioned voters have sided with Nigel Farage, and the Brexit Party is currently odds on favourites to win the majority of the seats in the UK. Taking second place was Remainer party Change UK, who are fighting to stop Brexit, with 4 percent of the vote (709 people). Ukip got four percent of the vote with 714 people saying they would back Gerard Batten’s party in the European election polls. Meanwhile, two percent of people said they would support Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and Lib Dems got one percent of the vote FULL RESULTS HERE Brexit Party - 89% Change UK - 4% Conservative - 0% Green Party - 0% Labour - 2% Lib Dems - 1% Ukip - 4% Other - 0%
  4. Just one example that I'm sure we all remember : In December last year (well before 'up until a couple of months ago') there was the ferry fiasco where a company with no ships was awarded a £13.8m contract and other ferry companies The government has also awarded much larger ferry contracts to French firm Brittany Ferries at £46.6million and Danish shipping firm DFDS for £47.3million. It is understood the three firms will retain part of the cash even if their services are not needed if a deal is agreed with the EU. But don't let facts get in the way of 'fake news'
  5. Executive Summary Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic animals and plants in fresh, brackish or marine water environments. There is likely to be increasing demand for farmed fish given the predicted increase in world population and environmental pressures on land. In Scotland, finfish (as opposed to shellfish) aquaculture dominates. Atlantic salmon is the most commonly produced fish. Scotland is the largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon in the EU and one of the top three producers globally (after Norway and Chile), producing 162,817 tonnes (£765m by value) in 2016. The industry has developed in west coast sea lochs and inshore waters since the late 1970s. In 2016 salmon farming employed 294 staff in smolt production and 1,486 in fish production. This employment is mainly in the Highlands and Islands, and supports further jobs upstream (such as feed and veterinary services) and downstream activities (such as processing and transportation).
  6. You can set up your 'new content' to only show the subjects you wish. You simply click on the ones you want to be included - for some reason I missed 'stoppages' so don't get those (but not really worried)
  7. A medium sized 13-Tonne 360 excavator/digger (self drive) will cost about £250 per day + delivery + VAT You may need to provide a 'ticket' as proof of competence. A 20 tonne 360 machine with a driver and supplied 'wet' (all fuel provided) will be around £50 per hour + delivery + VAT I have a 3-tonne machine and its great for digging 'small holes', its reach is limited - it can only reach about 6 foot in front of itself and it will only dig down to about 6 feet if the hole is right in front of the machine (so you are virtually digging under the tracks) Imagine an 'arc' and that will give you an ide of the reach / depth available. The 3 tonne machine will just about push 3" diameter fence posts into hard ground but would not push in anything bigger.
  8. Cracks are developing : Schengen FAILS: Austria rejects EU free movement with border checks for 18 MONTHS AUSTRIA has rejected the EU’s fundamental principle of freedom of movement after extending controls at its borders with Hungary and Slovenia until at least November. Countries within the Schengen Zone should not perform border checks. But following the increased number of terror attacks on the European soil, a number of EU nations, including France and Sweden, have started performing controls. The relations between Austria and the European Union has already been strained by Wien’s decision to slash benefit payments for immigrants’ children still living abroad, implemented at the beginning of 2019. The EU sent a “letter of formal notice” where Brussels branded unfair the different treatment given to immigrants, mostly from Slovakia and Hungary, who leave their families behind to seek fortune in Austria. But Austria said the reduction of benefits is “compatible” with EU laws and, actually, maintaining the old system would represent a breaching of Brussels’ regulations. Slovakia was one of the countries which complained the most about these cuts, saying they discriminate against their nationals. A similar attempt to cut child benefits had been made in 2017 by Germany, but never implemented after receiving a backlash from Brussels.
  9. Probably planning to honour the result of the referendum, if need be, by '5th column action' The EU are already running scared of what an influx of 'leavers' will have on their Parliament and the difficulties of getting legislation passed - I wouldn't be surprised if the exit doesn't get resolved fairly quickly either before or immediately after the Euro Elections. Only a remainer could see 48% as a 'win' and 52% as a 'loss', so why do you now presume that you need more than 50% to win ?
  10. Round & round we go. Its already been tried - it lasted about 4 months before becoming a 'bit nasty' and was closed down.
  11. That is what I was thinking - or - maybe once every 2 weeks ? Another forum I frequent publishes the details based on posting once per 2 weeks Threads - 502,191 Posts - 4,365,785 Members - 109,174 Active Members - 4,597
  12. I know there are claims of this being the 'biggest canal forum' and figures 26,000 of 'members' is oft quoted. I wonder how many active members there actually are ?
  13. Thank you - everyday is a school day (and I must have been away when we did that)
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