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  1. At home I am paying about 50-55p per litre for red. Our local garage is 110p per litre for red Our local garage is about 130p for white. Our marina is 105p per litre (no split) for red.
  2. I would suggest that fuel suppliers (particularly on the Cut) will not turn over enough to justify the cost of doubling up and installing second tanks, pumps etc. They will change over 100% to White, so the option of duty-free red for 'domestic use' will not even be available. Little point on boaters fitting a second tank if they cannot source the fuel to fill it.
  3. Boris Johnson could send MPs home for up to two weeks in October under plans being considered by his campaign. Insiders have confirmed they are looking at scheduling a Queen's speech to mark the start of a new parliamentary session in early November. Parliament is usually prorogued for between one and two weeks ahead of a Queen's speech, meaning MPs would in effect be unavailable to stop a no-deal Brexit immediately before October 31. https://news.sky.com/story/boris-johnson-team-considering-plan-to-suspend-parliament-in-run-up-to-brexit-11764347
  4. Words in wrong order : "Hippies think everywhere belongs to them"
  5. My policy states that you are not insured if you (or the person in charge at the time) takes any reckless action. Failure to moor correctly could be considered reckless.
  6. http://bargemovers.com/ 1st hit on google when you put in Ray Bowern. Most boats can be moved anytime. Boats over 15 metres long / 2.7 metres wide will require a police permit, so please allow an additional 3 days.
  7. You need a 'lead' to connect the Onshore bollard to the boat. You need a plug receptacle fitting onto the boat to receive the end of the lead. The back of the plug needs wiring into a 'fuse box' / RCD, You then need to run a 'circuit' of mains cable (DO NOT use domestic flat twin & earth) around your boat. Installing sockets where ever you think you need them (put in more than you think - you will find a use for them. If you are not comfortable with DIY electrics then 'get a man in' who does know.
  8. He could well do so. Prorogue Parliament. Leave with no deal Call a GE for (say) December) Job done as promised. No going back once we have left.
  9. It would appear that if you have a 'permanent' mooring on which you pay council tax - you can go for a cruise and still use "Red". (maybe its a loophole, or maybe I'm misreading it)
  10. Not that I'm aware of - my Bowser / tank at home has 5 year old diesel still in it - I filled up the digger the other day and its running fine.
  11. The questionnaire asks you to inform them of your anticipated time period to use all your current 'stock'.
  12. Normally, pretty much everything is VAT zero rated for residential use. When we had our house built everything we (the builders) bought was Zero rated VAT. The builders did not charge VAT Liveaboards that do not move can use Red diesel, Those that pay council tax on their mooring can use Red diesel. (Its all in the document) Liveaboard CCers that move must use White diesel In the consultation in the early 2000's CCers lobbied for the same rights.
  13. New Thread started to dicuss Government Plans
  14. In another thread (dating back to last year) Ditchcrawler has posted an announcement regarding the Governments plans on Red Diesel for Leisure boating. I 'reported' the post and suggested that in view of the serious implications, it should be split out and a new thread started. It was suggested that if I thought it important I should start a new thread. So here we go. Ditchcrawler posted this : https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/817231/Implementation_of_CJEU_judgment_on_diesel_fuel.pdf To give you a 'flavour' It is proposed that Red Diesel is not allowed for propulsion and a boat with a single tank MUST use white diesel for everything, or have a second tank fitted. There will be no concessions for CCers (they will pay full duty & VAT) 1.3 The Energy Taxation Directive states that fuel used in private pleasure craft for propulsion must be charged at the full duty rate. When this rule came into force in 2007, such craft were using red diesel charged at the rebated rate and users of private pleasure craft in the UK cited significant practical difficulties to switching to white diesel. In response, the UK devised a pragmatic scheme of allowing private pleasure craft to continue to use red diesel for propulsion but require their fuel supplier to collect from the craft operator the difference in duty between the red and white diesel rates, and pay the additional duty to HM Revenue and Customs.  1.4 In 2018, the CJEU ruled that the UK’s practice of allowing private pleasure craft to use red diesel that had duty paid on it at the white diesel rate was contrary to the Fuel Marker Directive. While the UK is a member of the EU and under any implementation period agreed as part of our exit from the EU, we are obliged under international law to implement the judgment or risk substantial fines. 1.5 The government intends to remove the option of private pleasure craft to use red diesel for propulsion and require them to use white diesel because the other options available have been ruled illegal by the CJEU. 
  15. I think that this deserves a thread of its own, because of the severity of the implications, as not only will we all have to pay duty on all our fuel, but the VAT will also be at the higher rate of 20%. Roll on Brexit - I bet that's 150,000 extra votes.
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