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  1. There should (must) be a fuse between the controller and the batteries (near the battery end) It is a good idea to have a 'switch' (or breaker) between the panels and the controller,. If you happen to disconnect the batteries with the panels still feeding the controller you will release the 'magic-smoke' and it will cost lots of pennies. Get into the routine of disconnecting the solar panels before working on the batteries.
  2. it will come - Several countries around the Med already insist on it (with HUGE fines for non-compliance) Our boat has 2x Sea Toilets (direct outlet into the sea / river) Black water (Toilet) holding tank that can be 'pumped out' below the water line when in international waters) Grey water tank (showers, washing etc that can be 'pumped out' below the water line when in international waters)
  3. Ex-Labour staffer who appeared on BBC debate SUSPENDED by employer after Hitler outburst A FORMER Labour Party legal assistant who was chosen to question the Tory leadership candidates during last night’s BBC TV debate has been suspended by his law firm after an outburst about Adolf Hitler's legacy was exposed. Aman Thakar, a former Labour Party legal assistant and candidate for councillor who was brought into the party to deal with cases of anti-Semitism, was suspended by his current employer, Leigh Day Solicitors, following the discovery of a controversial tweet Mr Thakar posted in February. The tweet read: “Hitler’s abuse of the term nationalism is, to me, a nationalist, the most harmful part of his legacy.” Adolf Hitler’s legacy includes the killing of six million European Jews and the triggering of the Second World War conflict. Mr Thakar appeared on the BBC Tory leadership debate on Tuesday night accusing the Tory candidates of having no democratic mandate to lead the country. A Leigh Day spokesman said: “We can confirm that Aman Thakar is currently a solicitor at Leigh Day in our employment department. "We have been made aware of a tweet which we are taking very seriously. Mr Thakar has been suspended with immediate effect from the firm whilst we carry out an internal investigation into these matters.” During the BBC debate, Mr Thakar asked: “In the event that you become Prime Minister, you’re only going to be voted on by your parliamentary colleagues and 100,000 Conservative Party members. “And you have no mandate from the people. So, in the event that you become Prime Minister, when will you do the right thing and call a general election?” Since the debate, Mr Thakar has been found to be a former Labour Party council candidate, and have previously worked for the Labour Party on its own investigation on anti-Semitism. Mr Thakar was brought in by Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti to help close down anti-Semitism cases in the party.
  4. Non of that foreign rubbish - it used .303" (not 7.7mm) machine guns and 0.79" (not 20mm) cannon. With a fuel tank of 122 gallon (not 554.6 litres) it was British 'Thru and Thru' !! Edit from 303" to .303"
  5. But make sure you get the non-lubricated, non-flavoured ones or the water tastes a bit 'naff'.
  6. Yup - real boating that is easily achievable, down the coast, anchor up in a little cove, repeat …………………… all of a sudden 6 years has gone by. A bit different on the canals where folk seem to hunt you out to moor touching your 'button'.
  7. Many years ago (before the smoking ban came into effect) our Technical Director spoke to our insurers and asked in view of the large amount of packaging materials in the stores would they reduce the premium if we banned smoking in the building. Answer : No, but we will not increase it by as much as we were going to, and, that is only if you ban smoking in all of the buildings.
  8. I wonder how those quitters overseas go about paying their TV licence to the BBC.
  9. Presumably to apologise for not getting his tackle 'pulled in' in time, and to offer to pay for any damage caused to the seals by his line getting wrapped around the shaft / drive
  10. It is an option, but a choice you could make.
  11. The BSS has not (apart from the introduction of Co alarms) changed since 2015. The 'problem' is the inconsistent application / interpretation of the 'rules' by the examiners. I did a 'BSS run thru check' myself on my own boat, and even knowing where everything was and how everything worked it took me 2 hours. The next day the BSS examiner came and did the inspection - it took him 14 minutes.
  12. Find an electrician with experience of 12v boat systems and follows the 'normal' installation practices.
  13. No - you have two options (Option A, or Option B ) but only get one choice A, or, B
  14. You have a single choice - A or B You can CHOOSE A or Choose B
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