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  1. Fairly common with headphones and speakers, I think it is because the dynamic drivers (headphones) and speaker cones (speakers) need a bit of use to fully loosen up and reproduce the sound as the designer intended. Over the first 10 hours of use bass went from barely present to significantly more than with my previous (cheaper) Etymotic earphones, whilst retaining clarity and accuracy. Listening to familiar music on these earphones is revealing nuances thst i had previously not heard.
  2. Bluddy spillchucker, it interferes even more than my missus! 😂
  3. Yes the rust in the BT compartment is superficial and only present whwre the paint is breaking down One of this Summer's jobs is to to repaint the BT compartment with bilge pump. In the past I removed the water in Spring with a wet vac. Usually about 15 litres of condensation 😲. If you look at the photo carefully you can see where the wet vac sucked the top coat off the weedhatch lid! Numatic George wet vacs are very powerful 😂
  4. The BT compartment cover is the bottom of the bow locker and already has a couple of vents at the battery end to vent gases. I'm considering replacing the phenolyic ply BT cover and bow locker top with slatted deckboards in the winter to improve ventilation.
  5. Well I have listened to my new earphones for about 12 hours now and after 10 hours listening they have fully "burnt in" and bass is awesome. Fast and detailed, not muddy or leaden at all. They are not cheap (I have spent less on speakers in the past) but the sound quality and build is excellent so hopefully they will outlast me.
  6. I completely agree with the above. I have always made a point of thanking Rob-M and his predecessors when that have sorted out the relatively few IT issues I have had.
  7. Great pictures, thanks Buccaneer66. Have a virtual greenie.
  8. Thanks Tony. I have copied all of my personal files (documents, photo's and music) onto my new Windows 10 laptop, but ideally would like to put Linux on it and use it as a music streamer.
  9. I have an old laptop with Windows 7 on it. Windows became corrupted when updating and it no longer boots up but if I take the hard drive out I can access all my old files using a caddy. Would installing Linux work on this old laptop and give it a new lease of life?
  10. Too late, I've already replaced it with another Durite. The last one lasted 12 years (or maybe 9 coz the bowthruster stopped working 3 years ago) 😁, so this one should last as long or longer now that I know how to stop the condensation.
  11. No, it was a Durite one as in the picture, but corroded due to the damp environment.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. What an appropriate typo for a thread! 😁😂
  14. Anyone else keep getting these errors?
  15. Success. I have left the bow thruster compartment open to the elements when not cruising and there is no condensation in there. The increased ventilation is keeping it dry. Also looked at why the bow thruster wasnt working. The motor had siezed up. New motor £££'s, so asked Cox Automotive to have a look at it. They have freed off and reconditioned the motor (new bearings, brushes, contactors and solenoid, plus a quick coat of grey paint) for about £380. Got it home, still wouldnt work, solenoid chattering, but battery OK. Found the battery isolator was dropping 2 volts. Replaced with a new one and all works. 😁
  16. I know 25 letters of the alphabet. I dont know Y 😁😂
  17. Definately Skinners Union. From the horses mouth. https://sucarb.co.uk/technical-carburetters
  18. 2 passengers on the cruise ship have died from coronavirus. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1138431
  19. Perhaps it was a large coracle? 🤔😂🤣
  20. Marstons do a nice IPA called Old Empire. Oh, not that sort of IPA. 😁😂 Best save the Marstons IPA to celebrate with once it is running again.
  21. Any battery is potentially dangerous, because if you short the terminals you can't turn them off. 50 volts and below is considered safe. Above that it is good practice to break them into 50 volt or lower sections when isolating them, by putting each 50 volt section through a multiple isolating switch.. At onr time one of the roles I had in BT was to investigate and report on any major power and cooling outages and near misses. I had one, where a guy thought an old Paper Insulated Lead Cable (where the lead outer sheath was earthed) was PVC insulated because the cable was painted black. He broke almost every safety rule, he forgot to isolate the power plant, leaving the cable lug at 50 volts, didn't remove or tape up his rings, watches & medallions, and used an ordinary socket and ratchet (rather than insulated tools or wrapping ordinary tools in 2 layers of insulating tape). As he undid the nut on the cable lug, his wedding ring scratched the surface of the paint on the lead cable, creating a short circuit from the live nut, through the socket and ratchet, through his wedding ring to the earthed lead insulation. He was lucky not to lose his finger, which was burned down to the bone where his ring had been. He had to have numerous skin grafts and never worked on power equipment again. So even for small jobs on batteries, always remove jewellery, use insulated or taped up tools and protect against accidental contact by putting and indulating matetisl (cardboardwill do) between the work and the hull or any other earthed components.
  22. Blaster Bates was more of a "tree funeral director" than a "tree surgeon". 😂🤣
  23. Didnt they use those to make "blancmange" for school dinners? 🤔😂
  24. Very early in my career with BT I witnessed a similar event. A cleaner rested his galvanised bucket full of water on the exchange bus-bars, apparently something he had been doing for years. The exchange, being an old one in need of refurbishment, had bus-bars insulated with impregnated cloth insulating tape, rather than the later practice of insulating them with continuous PVC covering. The bucket must have disturbed the crumbling insulation tape and shorted the bus-bars, which were carrying 1600 amps at the time. There was a blinding flash, a loud bang, a cloud of steam and a scream. The cleaner was unhurt, but physically shocked, the ceiling was blackened and covered in splashes of metal. That was all that was left of the bucket! Fortuneately the exchange wasn't dropped. Would have been a different story with the later electronic and digital exchanges.
  25. He must have had a sharp wit... 🤔🤣
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