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  1. Ok, new thermocouple fitted and it now seems to be drawing fuel when warm enough. Still a very dirty yellow flame so will give the stove a good clean then try cuthound's calibration.
  2. Ok, have bought a new thermocouple. Hopefully that narrows down my issues. I am able to get heat out of the stove but it requires a bit of manual adjustment and monitoring. Not bad for a quick blast but as it gets colder would prefer to have it running safely, cleanly and reliably. Thanks for the advice will keep you updated.
  3. I was wondering if anybody could help me get to the bottom of the problems I am having with my Kabola Old Dutch diesel drip stove. 1. No fuel enters the stove (even when hot) unless the thermocouple override button is pressed. In order to have a sustained fire, I have been keeping the button pressed by jamming a bolt under it. 2. I cannot seem to get a low flame. The regulator control at lowest provides a big yellow flame, at highest it turns the flue glowing red. I have tried adjusting the high flame screw but it doesn't seem to have an effect. The thermocouple must be broken according to 1. Would this inhibit the performance of the regulator resulting in 2.? As I understand it, the bolt-under-the-button thermocouple override, though unsafe, should allow normal operation of the regulator? Any and all help/advice welcome. I've been troubleshooting this over months.
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