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  1. Roxy


  2. I'd be very interested system 4-50 thanks, and Thankyou for all your advice X
  3. I think it is! But what does 'no ash pit door' mean?Thankyou RLWP
  4. I have a villager puffin stove with back boiler, however I believe the back boiler has a crack in it, last Christmas when I was emptying the ashes they were wet and I could see water leaking at the back inside the fire, my question is can I replace just the back boiler or do I need to buy a new stove?
  5. Brill Mike....Could you pm me your number please?
  6. I haven't got one, the bloke I have in mind to do the canopy said I need one in place, my bow is approx 6ft
  7. Hey Biz, long time no see xx
  8. Can anyone recommend someone to build me a wooden cratch....canopy not needed Thanks
  9. Hi all, any help much appreciated thankyou
  10. Contact Paul at Kegworth marine he's got them on his security cams
  11. I have no idea, I'm not a mechinac, hence why I asked.....underneath or on the side side of what? And don't say Engine I can clearly see that..was clearly a long shot in asking advice in the first place not knowing... Thank you for help and advice so far
  12. Engine is running fine, I've had the filters changed, and a new belt fitted, however it's not been fully serviced for well over a year now and I'm planning trip beyond Foxton locks and back to my home moorings in Kegworth this week coming, however I know this might be a long shot but does anyone have any ideas where my gearbox oil is located? I haven't got the foggiest, I know how to check oil, water and diesel, grease the stern tube etc but have no idea where it's located.... Thanks in advance
  13. My Grey water 1, Sunglasses - my fault 2, food waste 3, ash 4, 3 mobile phones - my fault 5, 2 windlasses - not my fault 6, 1 lost wallet - not my fault 7, 1 cat several times - not my fault 8, landing net - maybe my fault (must of blew off roof in high winds) 9, me x 10 10, Maggots, groundbait etc as I like to fish I'm on a river - However would NEVER toss broken glass/blades etc into it!
  14. River in flood, no crew + work in the morning Enjoy everyone and a Happy New year xx
  15. Roxy

    Boat Fire K&A

    I'm so sorry to hear this sad news, as a 'newbie' liveaboard like a total idiot I thought it would be ok too stash a few bits of wood against my stove, went out for the evening came back, boat was boiling.....soon dropped off sleep on the sofa - I awoke to the smoke alarm going off in the rear of the boat. My boat was full of smoke I couldn't hardly see anything! I flung the bow doors open and then realised the wood I had stashed against my stove was smouldering, I was lucky 'very lucky' the fact that my stove is in the bow yet my smoke alarm is in the stern above the engine bay, yet it still woke me in time dont bare thinking about - I have a 'fireangel' smoke alarm back there and there was certainly an angel looking over me that night - I also have a CO alarm in the kitchen area ( which didn't go off) but is working perfect - It took me 45 mins too clear all the smoke - and scared me to death almost literally I no longer have anything around my stove now and even put my 'Fireguard' around it, like Rob says stay safe out there
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