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  3. I'd be very interested system 4-50 thanks, and Thankyou for all your advice X
  4. I think it is! But what does 'no ash pit door' mean?Thankyou RLWP
  5. I have a villager puffin stove with back boiler, however I believe the back boiler has a crack in it, last Christmas when I was emptying the ashes they were wet and I could see water leaking at the back inside the fire, my question is can I replace just the back boiler or do I need to buy a new stove?
  6. Brill Mike....Could you pm me your number please?
  7. I haven't got one, the bloke I have in mind to do the canopy said I need one in place, my bow is approx 6ft
  8. Can anyone recommend someone to build me a wooden cratch....canopy not needed Thanks
  9. Hi all, any help much appreciated thankyou
  10. Contact Paul at Kegworth marine he's got them on his security cams
  11. I have no idea, I'm not a mechinac, hence why I asked.....underneath or on the side side of what? And don't say Engine I can clearly see that..was clearly a long shot in asking advice in the first place not knowing... Thank you for help and advice so far
  12. Engine is running fine, I've had the filters changed, and a new belt fitted, however it's not been fully serviced for well over a year now and I'm planning trip beyond Foxton locks and back to my home moorings in Kegworth this week coming, however I know this might be a long shot but does anyone have any ideas where my gearbox oil is located? I haven't got the foggiest, I know how to check oil, water and diesel, grease the stern tube etc but have no idea where it's located.... Thanks in advance
  13. My Grey water 1, Sunglasses - my fault 2, food waste 3, ash 4, 3 mobile phones - my fault 5, 2 windlasses - not my fault 6, 1 lost wallet - not my fault 7, 1 cat several times - not my fault 8, landing net - maybe my fault (must of blew off roof in high winds) 9, me x 10 10, Maggots, groundbait etc as I like to fish I'm on a river - However would NEVER toss broken glass/blades etc into it!
  14. River in flood, no crew + work in the morning Enjoy everyone and a Happy New year xx
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