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  1. We draw just 18 inches according to the build record but I think we're deeper however. Have got as far as Whitchurch today where we used the winding hole to get into the arm. We hit silt and took an age to turn. Similar story in the arm itself. The bywash before going up the locks has been difficult to manoeuvre. Maybe the recent rain hasn't helped.
  2. I heard a rumour that the reservoir supplying the Llangollen is low. Is anyone else aware of this? We are at Nantwich and ready to begin the Llangollen but could easily postpone it until later in the year.
  3. Thank you Jen. All good advice. I didn't know about counting the threads per. Once I get near a good Chandler I can remove it again and compare.
  4. No. I called asap. They were helpful. Brought up the part but could provide no detail on thread size. Still looking.
  5. I did. They want 83 quid plus postage! Another quoted 133. I have found some on eBay but the postage and charges make them no cheaper.
  6. True. I'm going to source a replacement first chance I get. Trouble is determining the thread. 10mm and 3/8 are very similar in size.
  7. We have just cruised for 2 hours with no issue. Shows how intermittent problems are so puzzling.
  8. Thanks. The sender has 97 stamped on the side which is the Celsius. Also a D.
  9. The light does not come on when the wire is disconnected but will if I earth the wire to ground. The sender appears to be 10mm and tapered brass.
  10. I started the engine (Kubota/Nanni N438HD) recently and the water temp alarm came on while the engine was still cold. I soon found a frayed wire to the temperature switch and replaced it thinking the problem solved. We then ran for 2 days, 18 miles without issue until yesterday when it went off again. The engine had done about a mile. I thought of changing the sender/switch and was quoted between 83 and 130 pounds! I'm wondering whether the problem might be at the other end in the circuitry. Any ideas/similar experience? I have attached a photo of the switch and control.
  11. I would be wary of removing the battery. I did this after similar advice a few years ago and the laptop failed. I believe that if there's a spike in power the battery can help absorb it. If there's no battery then a surge will go straight through the circuitry. Maybe laptops are more advanced now but something to think about nontheless
  12. We have an Eberspacher 2kw blown heater in our motorhome. Best thing we ever did. We spent the last NZ winter in the deep south, similar temperatures to the UK. Although it can be noisy on start up, it quietens down to a purr. I found that keeping it on 24/7 was more efficient than turning it on and off. The thermostat worked perfectly. The closer you get to the set temperature the fan slows to almost nothing. At night we'd put the thermostat to 14C and crank it up in the mornings. On a boat I'd figure using a 4kw or greater. Battery usage was minimal. Although it can draw about 12 amps on start up, this lasts less than 30 seconds once the glow plug is warmed. If several outlets are going to be used then I would recommend insulating the ducting. This made a big difference to ours.
  13. Hi. I managed to get a 12 volt feed from the overhead light then ran the wires to the mushroom vent half a metre away then via a neat, small switch from Bumble Solar. I used a 60mm fan, could have been bigger but it shifts a surprising amount of air. It's made quite a difference in the condensation.
  14. I agree. The switches are unreliable and grossly overpriced. 20 quid plus for mine. With the Shurflo you can buy the switch itself, minus the housing, from electrical wholesalers for peanuts. Jabsco and Shurflos funnily enough ate both manufactured in Mexico.
  15. The micro switch on my Jabsco Par Max3 recently started to play up. Last Christmas it was the Shurflo on my motorhome. Why always at this time of year? A frantic online search finaly got me a spare thankfully. How many people end up changing the whole pump at huge expense when a far cheaper solution is screwing on a new switch? Pumps are generally very durable and give lengthy service. The micro switches work hard. Maybe worth carrying a spare?
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