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  1. Wholeheartedly agree. I have used Zinsser for years despite the price premium. It just works. On a side note, I was in a hardware store in the US and said paint was about $6 a litre (or quart)
  2. 2 reasons. I trust oil based and the Interdeck finish goes black/green very quickly
  3. The acrylic doesn't necessarily react but in areas where there is moisture and varying temperatures the oil based paint contracts and expands at a different rate hence the crackling. Maybe it's different with boats. If there is a chance of this then I'll go with Interdeck but I trust oil paint over polyurethane.
  4. Thanks for the reply. In my experience with house painting I've seen some ugly results of oil over acrylic, especially in bathrooms.
  5. I want to re paint my NB roof. I have always been wary of painting oil based paint over water based paint. I have seen the results where cracking occurs because the oil paint is less elastic. My roof appears by the texture to be International Interdeck (polyurethane). I would like a finish that is more likely to deflect water and dirt and Rylard do a low gloss called Raddle Sheen (oil based) The interdeck is in good nick apart from some flaking where the coal has been kept. Any thoughts?
  6. Yes. This was meant to be the main thrust of my argument. The CRT is failing in much of its core duties. The condition of the Rochdale, the locks in Manchester and a heavily overgrown Llangollen just 3 examples. I would prefer to receive emails about the network and not the climate. I'll leave that to the BBC.
  7. Having received the new email from the CRT encouraging us all to address climate change I was wondering whether the organisation has lost its core purpose. We have travelled over 500 miles this year on the network and can honestly say that we have encountered fewer than 3 working parties. I wrote to the CRT earlier this year about how well maintained the privately owned Bridgewater canal is and why this couldn't be replicated in the rest of the network. It seems wokeness is more important.
  8. This historic pub is in new hands and I would highly recommend it. We came through a month ago and it appeared closed. On our return it is now open and serving some great food and real ale.
  9. I have today aided a fibreglass boat up the Rochdale 9 from Castlefield. One of the lock Gates was chained in place with the paddle only working on the port side. Fortunately he fit through and we said farewell at the Ashton branch. Plenty of water cascading over the lock however.
  10. We draw just 18 inches according to the build record but I think we're deeper however. Have got as far as Whitchurch today where we used the winding hole to get into the arm. We hit silt and took an age to turn. Similar story in the arm itself. The bywash before going up the locks has been difficult to manoeuvre. Maybe the recent rain hasn't helped.
  11. I heard a rumour that the reservoir supplying the Llangollen is low. Is anyone else aware of this? We are at Nantwich and ready to begin the Llangollen but could easily postpone it until later in the year.
  12. Thank you Jen. All good advice. I didn't know about counting the threads per. Once I get near a good Chandler I can remove it again and compare.
  13. No. I called asap. They were helpful. Brought up the part but could provide no detail on thread size. Still looking.
  14. I did. They want 83 quid plus postage! Another quoted 133. I have found some on eBay but the postage and charges make them no cheaper.
  15. True. I'm going to source a replacement first chance I get. Trouble is determining the thread. 10mm and 3/8 are very similar in size.
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