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  1. Hi All, Anyone else having a new NB built which is experiencing continued delays. I understand that COVID has affected supply lines but it seems that the delay is now starting to get excessive, Build was due to start in Feb/Mar and we still have no confirmed date to start. I just looking to see if there are people in the same position, which would ease concerns.
  2. Hi All, anyone else having problems with the Jim Shead website, it seems to have been disabled?
  3. Thanks for the comments on this, it's highlighted that the wife was right . Think we'll look at below 60' and only 10 wide, all above makes good sense.
  4. Hi Everyone, We are in the process of selling up and finally going for our dream Widebeam. Couple of questions and advice please, 1. We are looking at a 70 by 12 Widebeam. We know there's restrictions on where you can go but is it really a big issue? It would be good to hear from anyone with a similar size boat and how you far you go. 2. Residential Moorings - how difficult are they to get? We've been told not to buy until we have one. We have young family in the East Midlands and so would want to be there for a few years. The plan is to move it south on the first blacking in a few years. Many thanks, Dean & Sue
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