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  1. Iain Jones,Shobnall Marina Burton on Trent,did my last survey and B.S.S.have booked him again,nice chap,strikes me as a one of the good guys.😎😎😎
  2. Best advice so far! I was thinking about starting a forum for mongrel boats,like my own,that nobody has a clue who built it,how old it is,are there that many on the waterways?
  3. Sounds to me like it's another case of a dose of spice of mamba,causing a guy to get off his face, the peddlers of this stuff need a serious talking to.😎😎
  4. My other halfs party trick is to sing this backwards, e.g. "Window the in doggy that is much how" Wierd or what??😎😎
  5. Totally evaporate all the solvent base.😎😎😎
  6. On Appolo Duck website,narrowboats,cruiser stern 30 foot,price is negotiable.😎😎😎
  7. It's on the towpath side opposite the `marina`,blue with a magnolia top, cratch and stern covers,skull on the tiller arm!😎😎
  8. Is not having a shower fitted a deal breaker? There's a well fitted out 3 berth 30 footer for sale at Harris's at Syston.😎😎😎
  9. You mean something like Schroddingers cat? is the duck alive in the box,or has it succumbed to the poison and is now dead.????😎😎
  10. Stick a handful of sultanas in,luvverly grub!!😋😋😋
  11. Why doesn't he paint all the rest of them instead and use a bigger brush??😎
  12. Far too clever for me!!I think I'll just sell the boat!!!!😁😁😁😁
  13. If you're coming out of Sileby lock,,from the Leicester side,and you want to fuel up,there is an overflow on the right hand side,which if it's been raining can really push the boat around,I've clouted the fuel boat on a couple of occassions!!!😎😎
  14. I was that bad I had to resit the exam twice!!!!😎😎😎
  15. How many light years????😎😎
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