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    Guitar repair,playing,anything broken that needs restoring,d.i.y.General messing about!!

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  1. There is no problem with taking the path less trodden,it's only a map,not a definitive way to live your life. if it feels good do it!!!😎😎
  2. Get an education. Get a job. Get a kindred spirit. Get a dwelling place. Raise a family. Pay your taxes. Stay legal. Respect other people and yourself. One simple road map!😎
  3. Most of the manufacturers were Dutch,as street organs were a form of cheap entertainment between the World wars. Circus probably has its origins in Romany travellers performing at markets and village celebrations as a way of earning a crust??
  4. Interesting bits of kit,most of them produce the notes using a jacquard system of cards,similar to that used in weaving sheds in the last century. I used to work with a guy who had a Bruder organ of a similar size,and he used to compose and punch his own cards. I was at a canal festival a few years ago and I recognised some of Reg,s music being played on another organ!😎😎😎
  5. You're not wrong!!!!!😎😎😎,anyway when we get back to normal,buy some chickpea flour mix with water to make a thin batter,season with herb of choice,drop into a hot,flat frying pan with the merest hint of sesame oil,delicious flatbread, lightly browned on both sides.Four tablespoons of flour should make four to six depending on thickness!
  6. I never cease to be amazed in the aftermath of a cabinet reshuffle,that the transport minister all of a sudden can become minister for education, where's the logic?😎😎😎
  7. Gilbert's were optical instrument makers,lens angle caliper?That's my sixpennorth!😎😎
  8. She doesn't frighten me, neither does she inspire me to further alter my quest to lower my effect on the environment.I agree with her actions and have no axe to grind,but she just doesn't "do it" for me!
  9. Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles to name just two,who have been banging the eco disaster drum for far longer!!😎😎😎
  10. Pasta is just a "vehicle" to carry and absorb the flavour of the sauce/ragu that it's mated with.For best results add pasta to the dish ,slightly undercooked and allow to finish,2 of 3 minutes should be enough.Fresh pasta is always better,making your own is simple.
  11. Ian F B


    Who ya gonna call,..............Goat Busters.
  12. Not always,gentle persuasion with a screwdriver as a lever,or if you have enough room a pair of pliers to pull the old one out.On fitting the new one you may find it easier to use the pump cover to push the impeller home as you screw it back on.I used glycerine as a lubricant.😎
  13. Fortunately predictions are in the realms of tarot card readers,and Crystal ball gazers,deal with the current situation on a day to day basis and you will actually influence the outcome in a positive way.One day at a time!😎😎
  14. Monkfish, cut into 1 inch cubes,dip into flour,egg,and breadcrumbs seasoned with a little salt and black pepper,shallow fry until golden,drain on kitchen roll,transfer to a hot oven for ten minutes, watch they don't burn ,serve with lemon wedges and crusty bread,mayonnaise,😋😋
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