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    Guitar repair,playing,anything broken that needs restoring,d.i.y.General meeting about!!

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  1. When the excrement hits the revolving blades rivnuts are absolutely ace!!!😎😎😎
  2. I'm North East of Bulawayo, It aint half hot Mum!!😎😎😎
  3. Wasn't Priam one of the kings of Persia????
  4. The problem with most vehicles of this type is the timber body frame,notoriously difficult to restore without oodles of expensive woodworking kit and a fair dollop of know how!!!??
  5. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"????
  6. Why are you carrying a pair of trousers down the gunwale,just asking????
  7. Schematic of temperature sensor circuit taken from my thornycroft manual,.May be of use to someone????
  8. Being one of the lower order of lowbrow I would welcome the opportunity to be intellectually challenged and perhaps stimulate my brain cell given the chance to read the original post!! Time to go and lie down in my cave???
  9. Most temp gauges work on a thermal resistence principle,i.e.the higher the temperature the lower the resistance thus a higher voltage is passed to the gauge causing the pointer to register a higher temperature. So one terminal is connected to the supply,12v, and the other is connected to the gauge in its simplest form.Is there a reading from terminal one to terminal two?????. If the sender,sensor,has only one terminal it is a thermoswitch,which on reaching the excess temperature will short out,i.e.have a zero resistence,thus completing the circuit and switching the warning light on. A reading of between 150 to 450 ohms appears to be the most common value,both for switches and sensors however this is not set in stone
  10. The only thing you might try is to attempt your resealing on a really warm day,and put a small amount of silica crystals into the gap between the panes, never tried but it might work.????
  11. Get your self a proper flexible hose clip driver,saves time and skinned knuckles!!!??
  12. I bought my small flexible panel 2nd hand off fleabay,mounted it on a small aluminium frame,five years later still pushes out 18 plus volts on a good day.Just saying.???
  13. A turnkey boat is supplied from the factory as a standard option with no customer input with regard to layout of extra equipment.???
  14. Ian F B

    Mystery object.

    I'll take a cheque,or Bacs transfer!!!!??
  15. Ian F B

    Mystery object.

    Thanks for the replies,now who wants to give me 50 quid for it!!!???
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