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  1. We are looking at narrowboat options for our first boat and have come across one at Whilton/Venetian. We are really interested in making an offer but it's a £1000 deposit. I was querying the terms of this as I would want an independent survey as the boat hasn't had a survey as they are aware, or certainly if they are aware of one they aren't admitting it and don't know re overplating (it's a late 80s boat built by a boatbuilder that seems to get favourable comments on here). The response I got was that 'any requirements that came up on the survey would be sorted at our cost, as we own this pa
  2. I've not heard of them. They are definitely a consideration, really like them.
  3. We have just got EOG mooring and are looking for our boat. We have a small budget and the boat will just be used for leisure and some continuous crusing whilst we have an extension put on our house next year, which may involve 3 months + away moored up shoreline. To keep our mooring/licence fees down and to go with our small budget we are looking to spend around £8-£10k and no bigger than 38ft and must fit on the narrow canals. We did look at narrowboats but for our budget there wasn't much with a fixed bed and those that didn't need significant work which we aren't yet comfortable
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