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  1. We had the joy of an overflowing pumpout septic tank at the Red Bull services on our latest trip. Just as we came to the end of our pumping there was an ominous gurgling and a stream of 'matter' came oozing out of the manhole further up the path. We stopped and hosed the path off and I went to tell the CRT guy who was sat in his van oblivious. It wasn't very pleasant to put it mildly!
  2. Question from a non-technical person: would a larger engine (Beta 50) need more skin tank cooling area than a smaller one?
  3. So very sorry to read about your wife and sending you both warmest wishes. Xx
  4. If that's the one near the farm I had a devil of a job opening it last month, but then I'm not the strongest.
  5. Very cool! A cub scout computer badge for your excellent work.
  6. I remember one about young teens playing on railway lines and going through a tunnel. Traumatised us for ages, which I suppose was it's purpose.
  7. Gosh, looks like my £1 spend in the charity shop was a bargain!
  8. Thank you for the info. I'm so looking forward to reading it as it covers my local patch.
  9. Alleluia! 100 greenies for a brill and sensible answer x
  10. Just found this in a local charity shop. Very excited to start reading it and wondered if John is a member here?
  11. Congratulations! An end of garden mooring too - perfect. Wishing you tons of happiness in your new boat.
  12. That sounds good. Have they seen the boat and what is their advice re the survey/lift out? I have been very much erring on the side of caution as I'm a new owner myself. An experienced boater would obviously know better. Good luck. M
  13. Hi. Will this be your first boat? Marianne
  14. Do we know if this is a first-time buyer? I agree the boat sounds good but surely we cannot advocate a newbie buyer skips having a survey done? If an experienced buyer I would agree that it might be worth the risk but we know how quickly things can change. What if the boat has suffered damage or MIC since 2019? A survey is no firm guarantee of a sound buy but surely it is better than nothing!
  15. I can still see your bottoms!
  16. I shut the side hatch in locks but don't see why it should be done when cruising - were you given a reason?
  17. It sounds like a great boat that has had lots of TLC but the current owners didn't get a survey and it's anyone's guess when the last survey was conducted (at least 3+ years ago). I feel your frustration re: the difficulty booking a lift-out and survey, but buying without is a risk (not to say that some surveys aren't of dubious quality). You are good for the next 8 years in terms of getting insurance but be sure that you can afford to take the risk that the boat might need more work than you expect. Buying at a good price will obviously help mitigate this risk as others have said. Very best of luck.
  18. My goodness I so wish I could buy another boat! There are some stunning boats around and I've been lucky enough to be invited to have a glimpse at a few of the most awesome early engines. We are restoring the house built by the first MD of Ruston, Proctor and Co in 1893 so seeing a cherished original Ruston boat engine last year was a very special moment. I have mixed feelings about replica historic boats (faux rivets etc) and certainly wouldn't know how to care for a vintage engine, but every day is a school day so perhaps one day ......
  19. When cruising we just run our engine. Can you give a bit more info about your setup so the clever chaps in here can help. What type of boat, engine etc etc
  20. OMG that is perfect! 👏😂
  21. It sounds lovely and plenty of people manage to put up beds in campers and caravans without too much trouble. I think this becomes more of an issue as one gets older - our last caravan and motorhome both had fixed double beds but we managed for many years without. Good luck. However much you trust the vendor and wish to speed things up please do not skip the survey, especially if this is your first boat.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. We have an integral tank which hadn't been repainted since new (2008) and it was pretty ghastly. A couple of days nasty dirty work last summer and it is absolutely perfect now. We have decided to empty and dry the tank every year and touch up any bits that need doing. Very happy to drink the water, although we do have a seagull filter on the kitchen cold feed. Re the price - it really doesn't matter how much someone does or doesn't want to pay if the owner is holding out for the asking price. Given the look and spec of the boat I don't blame him!
  24. How annoying .... and strange. Perhaps you have a rather odd stalker?! 🤔
  25. I agree. My parents had several sea-going boats but I find the sea a scary and unpredictable place. I even find some rivers quite nerve-wracking. Give me stagnant shallow muddy ditches any day!
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