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  1. I think that would be a very tidy solution.
  2. Like Haggis we only have a few inches between us and our neighbouring boat. We always reverse in and one of us is ready with a fat fender for when we get a bit too close. However, in your shoes my first step would be to have a calm word with your neighbour and explain why you aren't happy. Much better than letting things fester and become more of an issue than they need to. If after that you still aren't happy then have a word with your marina manager and ask to move.
  3. I don't know where you live but any sewist will be able to make some for you - they are no different to house curtains. If anything they are easier because there is so much less fabric to wrangle.
  4. MrsM

    I am bored

    Can't say I disagree with you - I have one small shorthaired dog (a pug) and within 30 seconds of the slightest hint of moisture in the air the whole boat stinks of wet dog! 😩😂. However I would argue that every part of your statement could be applied to children and they are even more expensive than dogs. Perhaps LadyG should avoid getting either a boat dog or boat child?
  5. Thank you Alan. I will try and find a little dusty corner in my brain to store this - it's feeling pretty full at the mo! 😀
  6. MrsM

    I am bored

    I also agree that the love and companionship of a dog is unbeatable. However I wouldn't recommend a collie - they need a lot of stimulation and exercise and might not be best suited to LadyG (with respect). 🙂
  7. Glad you have found a boat with enough headroom for you! Can you tell us more about it (builder etc)? The only way you are going to put your mind at ease is to commission your own survey (even better if you can attend the survey). I expect you had planned to do this with any boat you found and it just so happens that the boat you have settled on had a survey almost a year ago. I've no idea what the 'electrolysis' means - is it rusty and pitted? As the boat is generally in good order with a decent professional fit-out I expect it is costing £40-60k. In your shoes I would get my own survey booked asap and put these questions to him/her. Best of luck and let us know how things progress.
  8. MrsM

    I am bored

    Yes I did - quite amazing. I also get so much pleasure from seeing the crocheted letterbox toppers that are popping up all over the place. Last Christmas I was picking up some bits in my local Lidl and someone popped a beautiful little crocheted flower in my trolley when I wasn't looking with a hand-written label saying something like 'I hope this random act of crochet-kindness makes you happy' or something similar (I hope they didn't think I looked grumpy/unhappy). I love this side of crafting.
  9. MrsM

    I am bored

    Sewing - it's the most wonderfully mindful activity. Clothes, curtains/blinds etc for the boat. Lots of online fabric shops. There are also some beautiful narrowboat embroidery projects, eg https://mariescrossstitch.co.uk/modern-narrow-boat-cross-stitch-kit-by-heritage/?sku=HCNBMN944A https://mariescrossstitch.co.uk/canal-boat-tapestry-kit/?sku=BNT1950&gclid=Cj0KCQjw94WZBhDtARIsAKxWG--VjYP75D4qEensBNT_VZvF4beClhAB8JAF4I_VZ8cE99IMr2W7qs8aAik1EALw_wcB
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Our boat is currently in with Graham Ford, Cherilton Narrowboats at the start of the Erewash. He painted my friend's Dutch barge and was highly recommended. We booked our slot a year ago.
  13. Others will respond but in my opinion blacking (bitumen or epoxy) is just one of the many routine jobs and costs of ownership. Epoxy should ideally last longer than 4 years and you could ask the seller to reduce the price a little to reflect this. But don't be too surprised if they refuse and sell it if to the next buyer who comes along and is happy to pay more. Best of luck.
  14. Just spotted this on Faceache https://www.facebook.com/groups/davejellybeancanalforum/permalink/5639063396146162/ https://raffall.com/313198/enter-raffle-to-win-57ft-narrowboat-freyja-hosted-by-luke-williamson Entry is £10 a go. Max tickets sold 7000. Goodness knows what the boat is actually worth but it's quite a fun idea and apparently common in other countries.
  15. I've always been surprised by the number of, apparently, hardly used boats we pass. Many seem in fair condition and could be brought back into use with some TLC and a good clean (if the outside is a reflection of the general condition). Puzzles me that someone can sit on something worth tens of thousands and either not look after it or not use it.
  16. At least if Arthur gets stuck in his boat he only needs to blow0 the bloody doors off! 😆 (toot on the trombone might do it!)
  17. 'Ephemera' - quite a pretty name for a boat 🙂
  18. For me north of Oxford up as far as Leeds is the Midlands (incl. Manchester). North of Oxford = North. South of Oxford = South.
  19. We will be coming through tomorrow on route to Nottingham. Will keep a look out for White Angel. Marianne
  20. When you see it set out in black and white it seems ridiculous that Miles Away (and other boats too large for their local waterway) should be pandered to.
  21. Ooooh nice. I think they would look lovely if you glued them to the back of the box. Lidl and Aldi often sell v cheap (£5ish) hot glue guns which would be perfect for the job. This sort of thing
  22. We had walkie talkies when we started (old kids' set) until o'h dropped one in a lock. Our old deck boards were very rattly so it was quite hard for the steerer to hear someone speaking any distance away. We soon developed hand signals which work well for us. Now have very quiet deck boards but we still use hand signals.
  23. You are right - much of the heavier duty work he does is in creating jigs. These need to be very robust and they will be used over and over. Minor DIY type jobs sounds a very sensible way to go. Good point
  24. Thank you all, this is so useful. He is coming to the end of nearly 5 years of apprenticeship so I don't think he could cope with starting another. He's mostly considering a way to expand his welding/fabrication practice and to earn a bit of extra cash. His day job is primarily on Aston Martins (mainly DB5 and DB6) and he's just been nominated for apprentice of the year in the Historic Motoring Awards so I'm an extremely proud mum! He's at college this week (based at the Brooklands Motor Museum) so I'll pass on all this great advice when he's back. Much appreciated.
  25. Thanks so much - that is really helpful. Think I might drop the Council a line.
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