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  1. I know the feeling. The modern 4-band 1/8w resistors usually cause me to check with meter, which is probably good practice anyway.
  2. I'm also a railwayman - engineering, so the pay is not bad. We couldn't contemplate owning a boat until the mortgage was paid off and our daughter had left home. Then the other obstacle appears - that is free time. I could see little sense in owning a boat that spends most of its time in a marina, so we bought a share in a boat, giving us 4 weeks of boating per year. Once I had moved to part-time working, we were able to buy a boat and now divide our year between house and boat.
  3. There is also a wealth of information on Github: https://github.com/topics/arduino Whatever project you are thinking of, there is usually someone else attempting something similar.
  4. My "go-to" Arduino book is "Programming Arduino - Next Steps" by Simon Monk. He also has an entry level book "Programming Arduino - Getting Started with Sketches". https://www.amazon.co.uk/Programming-Arduino-Next-Steps-Sketches-ebook/dp/B07J1DNF5V/ref=sr_1_6?crid=22WMD3TIW6IBZ&dchild=1&keywords=simon+monk+arduino&qid=1612383623&sprefix=Simon+Monk%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-6
  5. Thanks for the heads up on this. Most of my projects use the Nano or the Pro mini, but I have also moved onto the ESP. I would be keen to see how the Teensy compares.
  6. I do nearly all the lock work - because I need the exercise. My wife does the steering because she bashes the boat less often than I do! The bonus is - I get to chat up all the ladies from the other boats 😉
  7. We have a 20yr o;d Beta 38 still going well in our 50ft boat. You probably require the 43 with the increased length.
  8. I prefer a teapot to just "bag-in-cup". One YORKSHIRE teabag makes a full pot of strong tea. Also - 1 teaspoon of Miles loose tea is enough for a strong brew. 🙂
  9. I still have two XP laptops, both over 15 years old and still in use. They are used for specific tasks in an amateur theatre environment - and the important thing is: I have disabled the network adaptors, so they never try to look for updates. Not every PC application requires the internet.
  10. Closed at Kinver and Greensforge. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices?waterway[]=SW&waterway[]=HT&start-date=09%2F03%2F2020&start-date_submit=09%2F03%2F2020&end-date=16%2F03%2F2020&end-date_submit=16%2F03%2F2020&order-field=startDateTime&order-direction=descending#form
  11. I keep a UT-203 on board, and it is a useful piece of kit.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. I note that it says "full performance". Not "fully charged".
  14. Possibly the internal "memory" battery on the TV has passed its sell-by date?
  15. Depends how long you wish to take. We recommend Curdworth as a quiet mooring, and Star City is surprisingly good. If you don't fancy doing the Aston & Farmers Bridge flights in one go, there are good moorings on the Digbeth branch by the University, and the "Sacks of Potatoes" does good cheap food.
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