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  1. I keep a classical guitar (soft case) and mandolin (hard case) onboard throughout the year. Just the usual tuning required.
  2. Broadwoodwidger in Devon - sounds to me like a fancy golf club
  3. I guess you should pose the question to Tradline. They probably know what they are doing. 😉
  4. We use synthetic hemp lines from Tradline, http://www.tradline.co.uk/ Their centre lines are 12m (we use two), and we have found them sufficient for every lock we have visited.
  5. I can confirm that there is a back pump from the river into the arm, and it is usually adjusted to give an optimum level in the basin, and therefore the pound up to lock 3.
  6. A short walk: https://thegoodpubguide.co.uk/pub/dy13+9aa/holly+bush/
  7. Excellent choice of drinking establishments, although there are better pubs in Stourport than Black Star.
  8. I have an Ultraflex, and found that the drilling had already been done when the control was installed. If not - it is easy to find. Good luck!
  9. Great photo! Do you still wear the "lionels"? ?
  10. I have known a PIR to be triggered by convection currents moving drapes etc. Are you sure it is not just a result of the sunshine warming the boat?
  11. Max dimensions from Nicholson's, Derwent Mouth to Horninglow: Length: 72'. Beam: 14'. Headroom: 7'. So the answer is "no - unless you can reduce your height".
  12. My recent MX40 problems were solved after a discussion with Ed Shiers: http://fc-marine.co.uk/http___www.fc-marine.co.uk_/Welcome.html
  13. We came down river to Diglis yesterday (Wednesday) and the level was well down in the green. It is probably rising slowly by now but hopefully not much. They were working on Holt lock yesterday but that should all be complete.
  14. I believe that cormorants lack the water-repellent feathers that most other water fowl possess, which accounts for the "lower in the water" appearance, and the "spread wings" stance when the are drying out their feathers.
  15. We keep a pruning saw handy. It deals with vegetation problems as well as ropes.
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