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  1. eightacre

    Slipping Morse Control

    I have an Ultraflex, and found that the drilling had already been done when the control was installed. If not - it is easy to find. Good luck!
  2. eightacre

    Glascote Bottom Lock

    Great photo! Do you still wear the "lionels"? 😉
  3. eightacre

    False alarm on boat

    I have known a PIR to be triggered by convection currents moving drapes etc. Are you sure it is not just a result of the sunshine warming the boat?
  4. eightacre

    Cruising from Sawley to Mercia

    Max dimensions from Nicholson's, Derwent Mouth to Horninglow: Length: 72'. Beam: 14'. Headroom: 7'. So the answer is "no - unless you can reduce your height".
  5. eightacre

    Mikuni MK40 issue

    My recent MX40 problems were solved after a discussion with Ed Shiers: http://fc-marine.co.uk/http___www.fc-marine.co.uk_/Welcome.html
  6. eightacre

    Advice for Upper River Severn Please

    We came down river to Diglis yesterday (Wednesday) and the level was well down in the green. It is probably rising slowly by now but hopefully not much. They were working on Holt lock yesterday but that should all be complete.
  7. eightacre


    I believe that cormorants lack the water-repellent feathers that most other water fowl possess, which accounts for the "lower in the water" appearance, and the "spread wings" stance when the are drying out their feathers.
  8. eightacre

    Which Emergency Knife?

    We keep a pruning saw handy. It deals with vegetation problems as well as ropes.
  9. eightacre

    Just a warning burton on trent

    Sorry you had a bad experience. We have stopped at Burton many times and never had any trouble.
  10. eightacre

    Simple TV. Is it possible?

    I can second that combination - as we have the same!
  11. eightacre

    Building a guitar

    Similar here - although it was my wife that built the guitar as part of a C&G furniture-making course. I just got to specify the equipment, and of course play the instrument. We were given a piece of Ash for the body, and purchased a basic maple neck. A friend helped out with the sunburst and some of the lacquering. It plays beautifully and is my favourite for gigging although it is on the heavy side. I think I have attached a picture!
  12. eightacre

    Tax on solar panels

    So everything's ok then?
  13. eightacre

    Tax on solar panels

    Haven't seen this posted here, and I hope the topic is acceptable. It appears that the government is looking to increase tax on solar panels. For more information and to sign a petition, go to the Greenpeace site: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/no-new-solar-taxes-v3?source=fb&subsource=20161214egfb02&utm_source=gpeace&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=20161214egfb02&tysource=8E691
  14. eightacre

    mikuni heater

    My MX40 manual suggests the following possible causes: 1. Inadequate fuel - Replace with proper grade 2. Combustion air inadequate due to clogged air pipes - Clean air inlet and exhaust pies 3. Carbon build-up in combustion chamber - Clean 4. Battery voltage low - Start engine to charge battery 5. Too much fuel supplied - Replace fuel pump
  15. eightacre

    Helmsman course or not?

    I recommend you do the course. We both completed the course 10 years ago, and among other things it gives you confidence in handling the boat, and knowledge that you know the "proper" way to do things.

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