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  1. There is in fact no-one who genuinely believes the moon landings were faked. The existence of such people is a complete myth.
  2. I didn't know that when I bought mine but I'm not sure it would have made a difference. I don't walk on the panel but do use the roof a lot when single-handing so not keen on introducing a trip hazard. The other issue is security - solid panels are much easier to steal and they do get swiped. Will see how long this one lasts before deciding what to get next time - you can get flexible panels which are fully UV protected, I think.
  3. Is that the one only available to EU countries?
  4. Aren't solid panels also made of plastic?
  5. Yes - don't try and open the gates manually like I did.
  6. I installed one of these about 3 years ago - very pleased with it so far, no problems to report, does it's job really well. Stuck it down and sealed the edges with Sikaflex to prevent water getting behind. Not as efficient as solid panels when the roof gets hot but in those conditions, there's more than enough power coming through so not an issue.
  7. https://photos.google.com
  8. Yes there is - it's called the internet. Upload your photos from the Android then download to the Apple. It really isn't difficult.
  9. Nothing like as bad as Froghall, but there is a low bridge shortly after the staircase which had a good go at removing my bike from the roof.
  10. Not to some people, apparently.
  11. Which indicates that the current rules/restrictions are working well. It can go downhill rapidly once these are relaxed, as has happened in the past.
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