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  1. We were advised not to stop on the way in or out of Liverpool and didn't see any moored boats. Manchester could do a lot more for boaters but the cities themselves are very similar in most respects - both are well worth a visit.
  2. I've done both twice and not had any problems on either. Same with the run into Liverpool which also has a reputation. Now it's my turn to be surprised. Liverpool sea front is great though.
  3. Sounds more likely - both entrances are two locks up from the junction so there can't be that much of a difference.
  4. Yes, it's the diversity that helps brings visitors in such numbers.
  5. I'd agree but as said, bringing jobs and investment to Salford Quays has taken priority over the provision of elsans to a few narrowboaters. Maybe it's people voting with their feet. The numbers speak for themselves - a million visitors a year. Liverpool has approx half that number.
  6. To be fair, when it comes to canals, it has bigger fish to fry - have a look at Salford Quays. That's your loss. It's the most visited city in the UK after London and Edinburgh I think so it must have something.
  7. They were open during the summer. Shame about Castlefield though - didn't stop there last time.
  8. Manchester is fine unless you are one of those delicate timid souls who are afraid of big cities. Best place to moor is the council run New Islington marina - showers, laundry and £2 pumpout although you need to go up 2 locks of the Rochdale. From there you can get to Stretford and Sale or up the Ashton to Portland Basin in a day.
  9. Which just goes to show the extent to which CRT have mislead the public. As a recipient of public funds, CRT really shouldn't be allowed to get away with deception on this scale.
  10. Both are equally as good but you might find the Caldon option a bit short for an active crew of 4 for a week.
  11. Isn't there a second tap at Marple? I've seen someone moor next to the lock and run a hose across the road into the CRT yard. Would need a long hose though.
  12. The correct answer, sadly, is that the forum software is a complete mess.
  13. I only see it on Chrome - Edge and Firefox OK, same machine.
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