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  1. Agree with all that's been said.... Like I say a random idea that I thought may be useful. Even if folks don't agree, would be good to hear people's opinions on different canals or routes all in one place....
  2. I have been reading through many posts on this forum for a while now, if I have a question or want to look for any boat or canal information it's my first port of call. I recently had a bit of a random thought and idea... Do members think a Canal Rating (mainly for those new to boating or holiday makers) thread would work? I know some of the scoring sections could be quite subjective, but it could give a good overall view on each canal. Example (scores out of 10... 10 being the highest/best score) 1. Scenery How scenic is the canal, is it surrounded by lush British countryside (fields, farmland, woodland and great views) 2. Industrial heritage Does the canal have lots of industrial heritage such as old wharves, buildings etc 3. Locks Are there many lock flights, long lock free sections, staircase locks, are the locks easy or difficult to navigate. 4. Moorings Is it generally easy or hard to moor at different times of the year (busyness) are the banks good to moor against, is it generally Armco/solid bank or is it mainly pins and gang plank 5. Places of interest Are there villages, towns, buildings, sites/museums or other things that are worth a visit within a short walk of the canal. 6. Pubs/Restaurants and other places to eat. Are there any eateries within a short walk of the canal that are recommended to visit. 7. Facilities Are there plenty of water, waste, elsan, pump out facilities on the canal and which are recommended. 8. Likelihood to recommend to others. Would you recommend the canal to others based on your experience. Total out of 80. Like I say .... Just a random thought, happy for people to have a play around with the questions etc.... It could be quite a useful thread for those with lots of questions.... The same methodology could be used for popular cruising rings and out and backs too? Please feel free to move if it's in the wrong section....wasn't sure where to post it. Thoughts?
  3. Anyone have any pub/restaurant recommendations (Bristol to Hungerford) ? Preferably canal side or within a short walk.
  4. Thanks for the reply, it sounds like moorings may be a problem further west then? Was the Thai restaurant in Bradford on Avon any good?
  5. I expect the canal will be a tad busier in June? Did you find mooring on the canal fairly straight forward? No burying the boat in the reeds and having to use the gang plank to get on and off? Any pub recommendations?
  6. Thanks for the reply, how do you mean slow going? As in shallow or due to the volume of boats? Thanks for the reply, I must admit I like the look of places like Bradford on Avon, Bath and Bristol I think they would offer more in the way of things to go and see etc and eateries. But if that's the busier end where mooring may be difficult, maybe going east is the way forward? Are there plenty of good moorings east of Hilperton? I can't say I'm too keen on using the gang plank!
  7. Good afternoon all! I have a week booked on the K&A in June from Hilperton Marina, crew of 4 (20s and 30s with plenty of experience) I am looking for some advice as to which way to go from the marina? We would like to do the Caen Hill flight (which I know is east from Hilperton) but would like some advice as whether to head west to Bristol and head back past Hilperton and do Caen Hill "on the way back" (or even do it first then turn and head to Bristol) or whether to just head east towards Hungerford (we should get to Hungerford and back in 1 week) Which section of the canal is the most attractive, has the best (and potentially quieter) moorings, has good pubs (preferably with decent mooring nearby) and towns/villages to buy groceries. We generally like to end our day near a pub or town/village for dinner and drinks. Number of locks isn't an issue for the crew. Thoughts appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. Good evening, hoping to be passing through the centre of Birmingham in the coming weeks, I understand that quite a few of the moorings in Birmingham are reserved for trip boats and water taxi's? Where are the best (safest, easy to get into the city) 24hr visitor moorings? I'm thinking the oozell Street loop? Any good? Thanks in advance.
  9. Good evening, I'm hoping to be heading down the Stratford next week, I was looking for info on water levels please? Are they still fairly decent? Have there been any issues recently re mooring or lock restrictions? Thanks in advance.
  10. Around 25yrs ago when holidaying with my parents we decided to do the Stourport ring from Dunhampstead anti clockwise (so Tardebigge first) we got as far as Stourport to be turned back as the Severn was in spate.... It was a mad rush to get back and had to do Tardebigge twice... As a 10yr old kid I loved it though!
  11. Thanks all for the comments. So it looks like it's doable, but a bit of a rush job? The other options are the Stourport ring or the Black Country Ring.... The Stourport worries me if the Severn is in flood, and Im not sure about the black country ring.... From reading some posts it sounds like it runs through some undesirable places?
  12. I didn't think it was that far with so many locks? I thought around 115 miles and 120odd locks? I punched 10hr days in on canal plan and it reckons 6.5 days.... But I don't know whether that's realistic with holiday traffic?
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