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  1. Yes don't even think of equity release. In my opinion it is the scam of the century and should be investigated. We went down that road and my house is worth £350,000. We got £45,000 for it. At the time we desparately needed the money but when I sat down and thought about it I realised that the equity release people had just bought my house for £45,000. Luckily we were able to buy it back later on but that cost us £65,000 after just a couple of years. First of all I would think that you are far too young to consider equity release. These companies want people who are in their death throes so that they can get their money back and some, quickly. There are much more lucrative ways to borrow money but do not EVER think that anyone who lends you money is doing it for your benefit. They aint. Oh forgot this bit. When the equity release people came round thay wouldn't accept the valuation that I had had done a couple of weeks earlier. They sent their own people in and then they wildly undervalued my house.
  2. It depends on how competant you are. We looked at three boats and if we had bought either of the first two we would have been badly bitten. I only had hull surveys done on all three as I am confident I can sort out 99% of anything above the water. The third boat's hull survey was excellent. If you are not confident in what you are looking at or reading then I would go for a full survey. Others will tell you differently.
  3. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, so to speak. I'm doing something similar to a total wreck. in my opinion, and at the end of the day I can only see the one I am doing being left or even sinking. The one I am working on is a boatyard and I am not paying as it is not my boat. I have told the owner to sell asap and get rid if he can. Also, as said, in spite of Athy's, seemingly, sympathetic remarks about The Biscuit's "less than charitable view" I totally agree with him. If you are going to take the piss go to somewhere else. Best advice, walk away. Don't even think about it until you have enough cash to buy something half decent.
  4. Yes it should collect below the flooring and, if you are lucky, make it's way to the back of the boat. My first narrow boat had various floor panels that I could lift and see the bilge area under the floor an excellent and neccessary design feature for any boat. This one that I have now didn't have any panels that I could lift. Quite obviously the builders/designers of my present boat had a brain fart. I had to cut panels out, as I knew I had a leak in one of the radiators and that water would be under the floor. My friends boat had such a big leak that the water was nearly up to the underneath of the flooring wood and she had no liftable panels in her floor either. ps Don't assume that the water will flow towards the back of the boat. It should but the water under my flooring didn't.
  5. Rubbish. I have a cruiser stern and my Beta 38 is a pig to get at. As something useful for the OP. My fuse is just behind the oil cooler which sits over the flywheel housing in a green inline fuse holder.
  6. This is a very old thread but to be honest I do not think you will get anyone on this forum offering to hire their boat out to you. You should be looking at hire companies.
  7. pete.i

    Brexit 2019

    The naivety of the remainers saying that they didn't get a fair vote is way beyond the pale. What on earth do they expect if they couldn't garner enough votes to make their opinions count. Like the absolute coward Cameron they thought that the remain vote would be an absolute majority. Like the absolute coward Cameron they were wrong, very very wrong. Most of them couldn't be bothered to get out bed or off their computers to vote. Those of us that remembered what some of the countries, that are now members of this European Empire, did to Great Britain during two world wars and remembered the millions and millions of men women and children that perished at the hands of those countries did get off their backsides to vote. I wasn't in the war but I do remember what happened. To say that is not important, which is tantamount to what some are saying in this thread, is........well I can think of some names they should be called but. Also to call the British people so brainwashed that we actually believed what Johnson, Gove and the rest of them touted about during the Brexit campaign is wrong wrong wrong. The reason, and the only reason, the remainers lost the vote was because they could not garner the support they needed for a majority. That is the absolute bottom line. If we do not leave the EU, for better or worse in the long run, then democracy, if it ever existed in this country, is dead in the water.
  8. Not sure who puts bitumin on over oil based paint but that is not the way it should be done. I scrape and wire brush my hull down to bare metal then apply 4 coats of bitumin based blacking over a period of some days. Some have said that they apply red oxide or some other underoat but my understanding is that bitumin paint doesn't stick too well then. Having said that it comes off pretty easily along the water line in our diesel ridden canals and marinas and needs to be reapplied along that area long before two years is up. Best way is two pack I suppose or Zinger whatever that is. I haven't tried either of those though. And yes we are going the way of absolute rubbish water based paints in this country. It is getting more and more difficult to find oil based paint.
  9. And I am getting emails saying that I have logged in using a device that I haven't used before . a) So what? b) That's rubbish as I am using the same computer that I have used for years.
  10. It's still not working properly. I get nothing when I click the view new content button.
  11. Problem with that is that if it's like my Beta 35/38 it will only have an LED, (although I have now fitted a gauge, which is much much better.) So just before the engine seizes up the red LED lights and the buzzer buzzes then the engine seizes.
  12. pete.i

    Brexit 2019

    Two women prime ministers in my lifetime and both have been an unmitigated disaster for this country. What is worse I cannot see anyone, to the fore or in the wings, who can make things better.
  13. pete.i


    Unless you use two pack everything else will need re-doing in 2 years. Usually long before the two years is up, at least along the water line.
  14. Why on earth are you asking this here. It's your boat, your ideas just go for it. What people think, especially a bunch of minority keyboard warriors, is irrelevant. Just do it.
  15. pete.i

    saving photos

    Don't use anything Apple. Stupidly expensive with huge restrictions. Don't store anything in the cloud. The companies that run cloud storage will rip you off. Don't print pictures using a cheapo printer (most of them are). The prints will fade. Putting them in a book takes up loads of physical space eventually. Either use a company, such as boots, to print them, expensive. Or get a dye sublimation printer, even more expensive. colour lasers are better than ink jets but are more expensive and also have their faults. Store them on an external disk. The few that you will want to look at on a regular basis, put them in a book.
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