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  1. Don't bother trying to fix it. It will leak again. Most of these pumps whilst stupidly expensive are built cheap and nasty usually in China. I do appreciate that during lockdown you will find it hard to get a new one. It doesn't look to be leaking much so soldier on with it for now then get a new one.
  2. Putting this thread back on course (hopefully) and to counter the complete and utter irrlevancies being discussed. In my opinion people are not going to put up with "self isolation" for much longer. Not just here but in other countries. I wont buck the system, such as it is, but I believe people will soon start to disobey the guidlines and when that happens then the brown stuff will surely hit the fan.
  3. Yup same here. 18 volt grinder worst tool I have ever used.
  4. Oh yeah brilliant PUT A PICTURE UP THEN WE WILL KNOW. Good grief. Anyway they should both look exactly the same if they are both RAM chips. My Tosh has both the RAM chips one on top of the other. The key, a gap between the contacts, will be in a different place if the RAM is not the same. If they fit without forcing them they should be okay. Now go buy an SSD and put Windows 10 on it. The nay sayers on here will say NO NO DON'T GET 10. Plenty of nay sayers on here who do not have a clue. Of course your train game may not run on 10 but don't do it unless you have decided to to buy an SSD and fit it. Windows 10 is still free from here:- https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Only use 10 if you have bought an SSD and keep your original drive in case your trasin thing doesn't work. Install Win 10 on the SSD. The SSD will speed up your computer way way more than adding extra RAM and will be a lot cheaper, at least for the smaller SSDs which is all you need. Just a couple of suggestions.
  5. You mean the idiot Morgan on ITV and Murdoch's mob on Sky.
  6. Part of the problem with wearing masks is that idiots, even some doctors and I believe that a poster on here has said it, are saying that masks are very inefficient in stopping the virus. That says to people that they wont work so very few people actually use them. The thing is, as MTB has pointed out they are used to protect others from your spit and snot. AND any protection, however small, is massively better than no protection. You also have the British aversion to "looking like an idiot."
  7. It is correct and I explained why it is correct which the originator of that piece of waffle didn't. hat is just pure and unadulterated senstionalism and anyone else who just says that that article is correct without proper explanation is just being sensationalist themselves. But then I suppose there are people who like to spread and agree with articles that do not explain things properly even on this forum. Oh well I'm out of here.
  8. Yes another extremely badly written piece designed to be sensationalist and without proper explanations. The ONLY reason that microwave ovens should not be used if you are using you broadband is because the radio frequencies produced by a microwave oven can interfere with the wireless radio waves of your wireless connection. If it is a problem, and in the highly unlikely event of it actually causing a problem during the very limited time that a microwave oven is used, then a connection using an ethernet cable rather than a wireless connection to the router will eliminate the problem. Hells bells if we listened to all the nay sayers that have come out the fecking woodwork over the last couple of weeks we might as well go and live in our bunkers, if we had one.
  9. Dunno about your flight tracker but this is what mine shows 5 minutes ago
  10. This sort of thing should be stopped. Why are troops not guarding essential services, armed if needs be. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/vandals-target-ambulances-amid-coronavirus-pandemic/ar-BB11zO3T?li=BBoPRmx
  11. Exactly. Why are troops not being deployed wearing NBC suits to disperse crowds at supermarkets? They want us to stay at home so why is this not being enforced? Why are big pharma companies, worldwide, not being forced by law to work together to combat this scurge? Why is Trump still being allowed to divert trillions of dollars into building his stupid wall? Why have we not been issued with ration cards for food and petrol/diesel? How long will it be before the infrastructure starts to crumble? How long before people say "enough is enough"? Why are frontline medical staff not being issued with effective PPE? Again the manufacturers of this stuff should be forcibly made to go into overdrive on it's production. Bakers, milk producers, food producers should all be forced to go into overdrive to feed the people. I don't think people are going to tolerate this enforced lockdown for very long. What happens then? From what I am hearing this virus situation is far worse than it was during the wars. Why are we not on an official war footing? Why are the rich not being forced to dig into their very deep pockets to fund research etc etc. Why has the government not implemented tax increases to fund research? It's all very well saying that masks will only give limited protection. Even a small amount of protection is better than no protection. Why have the various political parties not come together to show a united front against this virus? Yes yes I know these are alarmist questions but if the news readers and news outlets are to be believed we are on the road to a mass extinction. This is the most frightening situation that I have ever, in my nearly 70 years on this planet, been involved in. I don't know what to do about it and I'm certainly not going take part in any mass protests or anything like that. Others will not think the same way as me, I fear, and that scenario is not going to be long in coming in my opinion.
  12. I have 5 litres of isopropyl already as I use it for cleaning residue flux from eletronic cct boards after I have repaired them. I ordered another 5 liters off Ebay which should have arrived last thursday but didn't. When I checked the order on Ebay it said that "this seller is no longer on Ebay" so I contacted Ebay using their online chat thingy. Within five minutes they Ebay had refunded my money. When I looked for more IPA some of the s***leg scammers are selling 5 liters for £97. I have to add that the scammer that tried to scam me was a chinese seller and all the ones that are asking silly money also seem to be chinese.
  13. People are already there, at least in this country. Hence the hoarding and that troops have been put on standby ostensibly to drive oxygen trucks to hospitals. Yeah yeah pull the other one BOJO.
  14. I dont know when the first riot will happen but according to Sky News up to 20,000 troops are on standby. That many troops are not put on standby to drive oxygen tankers to hospitals. Yeah yeah I know Sky News, as bad as the Daily Wail and others, Murdoch's Mob. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/coronavirus/up-to-20000-troops-on-standby-to-help-deal-with-coronavirus-outbreak/ar-BB11nNmS?li=BBoPWjQ
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