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  1. And itdoesn't just apply to the boat franternity. We are selling our house and buying a new one (to us) and solicitors and accountants are just as bad.
  2. Whilst I don't completely agree with you on prices for gas the Alde is certainly the quitest form of gas heating. The Eberspächer especially isn't called the "earbasher" for nothing.
  3. I don't think that even BOZO and his bunch of clowns know what the rules are. Seems to me that everybody just makes it up as they go along with multiple twists and turns along the way.
  4. My bodge story isn't boaty. When I was in the army back in the seventies I was the NCO in charge of a mobile radio detachment, Marconi D13 transmitter. Anyway this was a HF transmitter and we used directional dipoles strung between two 40 foot sectional masts. The dipole was made up of twisted strand copper wire which we had reels of stowed on the vehicle. Anyway we were out on a comms exercise somewhere in Germany and an Army Air Corps helicopter landed next to our vehicle, we were usually deployed into open areas because of the 40 foot masts that couldn't be erected in woods etc. Anyway the
  5. In my opinion whatever you buy these days has some cheap chinese tat incorporated within it if not completely manufactured in china and a known brand name stuck on. This, in my experience, applies especially to tech and electronics.
  6. This^^^^ The vast majority of the canal systems are as low as they can be. Yes there are locks that lift sections up but it's mostly as close to sea level as it possibly can be for obvious reasons. The mobile coverage in this country can be very sketchy especially when you go rural. When Mr Musk gets his satellites up and running maybe things will improve but with internet services such as they are at the moment you will, without a shadow of doubt, get spots where internet connectivity will be impossible. So if your meetings are super critical then you need to be in a good spot well before
  7. I think the answer is that this could well be snake oil. Thing is nobody on here can tell you for sure whether this will work or not. The company MUST be able to provide irrefutable proof that it will be worth you spending the money on their product. Bottom line is that bitumin lasts, at best, for 2 years. Diesel in the water will very quickly melt bitumin and that same diesel in the water can also get under bitumin, especially where the bitumin has been scraped off, and weaken what is already a fairly weak bond of the bitumin to the steel after all bitumin is a fairly viscous substance compa
  8. Getting a grid or something similar made up would not only be difficult but expensive and not easy to find. Whereas the materials for an insulated flue are readily available and reasonably cheap. Brackets and fixings for a grid type of protection would all have to be specially fabricated. I'm also not sure whether an uninsulated grid would be cool enough neither are the advocated for that type of thing for that matter. Personally I would rather be safe than sorry and install a ready made and tested insulated flue system rather than some heath robinson affair that might or might not protect lit
  9. It is not mandatory, yet, to have insulated flues on boats. It is wholly correct that installing an insulated flue cuts out the radiating effect of the hot flue. But there is case to fit an insulated flue if the stove is near steps. For instance my stove is at the bow and in the corner of the saloon. Next to it are the steps to the cratch. It would be very easy for someone, my grandchildren for instance, to put their hand out and put it on the flue. For that reason only I have insulated my flue.
  10. Works for me on desktop running windows 10 using Firefox.
  11. I have looked for a way to delete them all together but haven't found anything. I just check every few days and delete them one by one. Providing you check regularly and delete each one they don't build up. I would rather not get any though to be honest but that isn't the way Facebook works unfortunately. The other pain in the backside that Facebook has, recently, come up with is adverts in my time line. I report every one as spam or harrassment and then block and remove. That probably doesn't do any good but in my mind it's making some lacky check every report that I submit.
  12. I would suggest you practice what you preach. But then again that is not your way is it?
  13. Exactly^^^^^^^^ . I called RCR out twice for my first boat. The first call out was for a burst oil pipe and that didn't go too well although that wasn't the fault of RCR. In fairness they did give me a years free membership because of that kerfuffel. The second time I had to call them out was for the starter motor on the same boat and they were quick and efficient for that call out. I know some people say that RCR are rubbish but that is not my experience. And, as said if you are in the middle of nowhere RCR can be a godsend. Canal mechanics are getting few and far between espe
  14. Fit a generator???? The only generator that would do anything like would be a biggish diesel. If your going to fit a biggish diesel you might just as well fit a proper diesel engine in the first place.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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