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  1. I wouldn't pay the idiotic prices that are asked for 2 pack. There so many other things that can go wrong under the water , especially at the back end, that it's only common sense to take the boat out every couple of years. If it's out of the water then I get my boat blacked.
  2. It depends on who you mean by "the Selby guy." Simon Banks is still around, sort of, at Selby boatyard but he can be difficult to catch and I don't know whether he still does gas fitting. There is also Dave at Selby boatyard of DB Marine but I don't know whether they have a gas safe fitter. https://www.facebook.com/dbmarine/ 07770 987716 Selby Boat Center 01757 212211 There is no chandlery or gas or diesel at Selby Boat Center any more.
  3. I have called RCR twice in my 10 years or so of boat ownership. The first time it was an unmitigated disaster but they did compensate me, to my complete satisfaction, for that. The second time they came out it was a brilliant success and experience. As said it depends on who comes out to you. They do have their problems I suppose, especially considering where their mechanics have to go and work, the conditions they they might have to put up with and the, normally, complete inaccessability of some of the stuff they have to work on but anyone else would have those same problems where boats are concerned. I'm still with them and likely to stay with them for the foreseeable future.
  4. I had one of those, still have it actually although it is destined for the bin. The twisty knob is connected to the float and if you twist the knob it will switch the pump. But the float gets jammed up and does not float. you can take it apart and clean and lubricate the float but it doesn't last long. I was using mine as a bilge pump, which is what it is actually designed for. I have changed mine for a Rule fully automatic pump which has no float. My new pump was expensive, ( what isn't when it's to do with boats) but the way it works is it pulses every so often and senses the depth of water and if the water is of such a depth it then pumps out. It isn't suitable as a shower pump and neither is the one you have. As said a Whale Gulper is the way to go.
  5. I would think that it is all part and parcel of the shower rail complete. Personally I would attempt a repair by drilling through in the opposite direction to the, now, broken original hole and fitting a pin of some sort through. It would have to be "riveted" and filed down so that the lug fits back into the ceiling bracket. Not a big job I wouldn't think and a damn site cheaper than buying a new shower rail. Failing that I think a whole new shower rail would be in order. Trying to find something to exactly match that old one might not be possible.
  6. That is still damn cheap even for a share.
  7. An awful lot. If you want a boat, any boat, you better have deep pockets. And it's all set, more than likely, to get a whole lot more expensive.
  8. Oh look a realists opinion at last. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/brexit/remainers-have-lost-and-must-now-accept-defeat/ar-AAEzx6q?li=BBoPU0R
  9. In the ten or so years that I have owned different boats I have always used Craftinsure. Never had a problem but I've never had to claim.
  10. I don't know how old your Aldi Comfort is, I think they are all called "Comfort." Anyway I have an Aldi Comfort on my boat, the great big tall skinny thing, and mine doesn't heat the water only the rads. My boat was built in 2000 so I expect the Aldi to be around that age. I can only heat the water using my engine or the immersion if I'm on shore power.
  11. And if you lot keep whinging and whining about them they will get even worse, not that I have noticed any change in their attitude. I have noticed a change in boater's attitudes towards CRT staff though. Oh and now that the Canal and River Trust is a charity, whether you like it or not, chuggers do an important job in as much as they keep the money flowing in. If they don't do their thing the cowboy building companies will buy up the canals, fill them in and build build cardboard housing estates with garages that cannot accomodate a car on them then we will have nowhere to sail our boats. So I suggest that instead of whining about CRT staff on here give them a smile and a cheery wave even if they have got a scowl on their faces. Believe me they have every right to be scowly the way they have been shafted. Oh yeah, I am not employed by the Canal and River Trust.
  12. Be very careful with this. Genuine buffalo board is excellent and does make very good engine covers etc. Phenolic plywood, which is purported to be the same thing, can be junk ESPECIALLY if it is made in China. Genuine Buffalo board has the buffalo label stamped on the underneath.
  13. You found proper marine ply?? Anyway Cascamite.
  14. As well as the two we discussed in Selby for gas there is Selby Garden Machinery. Telephone 01757 210044.
  15. If you'r still in Selby I'm just down thne road. I more than happy to pick ypu up in my car and take you to Faifax or Jewsons. I don't think the garage near the boatyard sells it. Obviously Jewsons and Fairfax are closwed today but I can get you sorted whenever you want tomorrow (Monday). To be honest Fairfax is your better bet for gas as Jewsons don't have boat sized bottles in stock sometimes. Sending a PM.
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