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  1. What makes you think it's licensed? Whatever, it shouldn't be on the canals.
  2. The problem with the ignore button is that you still have to see the "ignoree's" drivel if you don't log in. At the OP, there is a reason why you have been insulted, sworn at and berated so I would look to some of your post contributions if I were you. I haven't been guilty of swearing at you or insulting you but I did very mildly berate you. If I am on your ignore list so be it. There are far more important things in my life than me worrying about who does and who doesn't ignore me especially on this and one other forum.
  3. Oh sorry the OP was asking about a switch that was before her consumer unit that had on/off written on it and would cut power to the consumer unit. Well B****R me I could have sworn that is exactly what that "square box with a switch on it that says on/off" did. I was obviously massively mistaken. Oh incidentally Boater Sam I do not need your advice so I will just ignore that bit of waffle.
  4. Take your choice basically. They are all rubbish and difficult to connect to a network. I have an Epson Workforce and a HP. The HP is the easiest to use on my network. But that doesn't follow that it will be right for you. We can all recomend our favourite printer but, guaranteed, you will have problems.
  5. As no-one seems to have addressed this part of the question I will. There does seem to be a lot of space at the top of the PROP SHAFT in that stern gland. That could mean that the gland has been worn and the shaft has dropped. Obviously the stern gland is there to keep the canal out and if there is a gap then the canal can come in to the boat which COULD be disasterous. Up to press it looks as if the bilge pump is coping but that could change. Having said that it is a deceiving picture and the perceived gap between the shaft and the gland could just be shadow. I have to say that if my stern gland was throwing grease around like that one seems to be I would be concerned.
  6. From a bit of rushed research that I did a couple of years ago anodes have an effective distance either side of roughly a meter (or just over a yard when we come out of the EU.) Their effectiveness is also reduced or eliminated if they have to work round the bend of the hull. Ideally they should be along the straight side of the hull as well but that leaves them vulnerable to being caught up in locks and things. I don't know about your swim depth. Mine is an inch or so below the red band and that seems okay to me.
  7. pete.i


    Whilst I cannot deny that cars, especially diesel cars, cause as much pollution as trucks on our roads I think a good start to reducing pollution would be to get rid of trucks (as well as cyclists who do not have insurance or pay road tax etc etc.) There was a post about freight carrying coming back to the canals, one boat, but canal boats and canals are no longer practical for that job, they are just too slow, the railways are. Another crap government, especially a particularly crap minister, got rid of a lot of our railway lines a long time ago thus making the railways not viable for carrying much freight. That caused manufacturers to put their freight on the roads which has led, in turn, to the proliferation of dirty stinking, huge trucks on our inadequate road system, helping to cause massive pollution. I will admit that trucks will still be needed to convey the goods to the shops and factories etc from the trains but it will cut back the number of filthy trucks on our roads and make it safer for those cyclists that insist on riding 5 or 6 abreast on the roads. As I said cars do cause pollution and I am not saying that cars should not be got rid of eventually. It's just that at the moment public transport is way to expensive and unreliable to get most people to where they want to go. Getting rid of trucks on the other hand is reasonably easy as long governments are willing to spend the money required to bring our railways up to standard. And pigs might fly!
  8. I have a switch between my incoming power fuse and my consumer unit. Obviously some waffle going on here.
  9. pete.i


    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/peer-wants-number-plates-for-cyclists-after-attack/ar-BBVndn6?li=BBoPWjQ Not just number plates, insurance, road tax and licensing. Especially the idiots that belong to cycling clubs who think they own the roads (they don't) and ride 5, 6 or more abreast down the road.
  10. pete.i

    which Aerial

    Log periodic without a doubt. the countryside gets *&*^%^%^&*^ boring after a while. Having said that there isn't much to see on the telly these days that would warrant spending mega bucks on a tv or an arial.
  11. I think that if you people actually read that link I posted you will find that the offenders licence can be revoked for persistance and also the Enviromental Health could also bring a prosecution. Also what on earth has where it is moored got to do with anything. An inconsiderate idiot is an inconsiderate idiot wherever they are.
  12. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/boating-blogs-and-features/boating-team/silent-nights
  13. pete.i


    Hunks in trunks? Dunno about that but some of them do prove that Neanderthal Man is thriving and going strong.
  14. Good grief, They are cheap enough. Replace after five years or if it has been activated.
  15. Aren't combi boilers the absolute rubbish especially where showers are concerned. Weak flow and cool water. Bit like electric showers really. Total rubbish.
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