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  1. The problem with holidaying on the canals is the speed. I know that there are enthusiasts on this forum, and others, that like and positively enjoy the peace, tranquility and the slow life on the canals but believe it or not those people are a tiny tiny minority when it comes to the holidaying public in this country. Most want to get on a plane, fly to foreign climes to put their hard earned into foreign pockets. Throw copius amounts of Sangria down their throats and get a suntan. It takes me two days to get from the Selby Canal to Goole harbour by narrowboat, 15 miles and 20 minutes by road. . Okay I can do it in a day but that is a long day. Also it is hard work (especially at Beale lock and Bank Dole Lock) compared to flying off to foreign lands, not that I do that to be honest. Standing at the back of a boat in all weathers. operating badly maintained locks, having to put up with fishermen and louts on the towpath etc etc etc. It's just not most people's idea of a relaxing sun soaked holiday.
  2. pete.i


    Like most of you I went through the Cold War period, in fact I wasin the army during that time and we had some very scary moments, especially in Germany during the seventies. Having said that nothing much has changed. The world is still just as dangerous as it was then. I believe it is actually much more dangerous especially with idi... ooppss sorry numptees like Trump and co around. The big difference is that whilst we were acutely aware of the threat during the Cold War period the kids of today are so buried in their little plastic worlds inside their phones they have no idea what is going in the real world.
  3. If you don't know disconnect it and get somone in that does know. Batteries can be dangerous things although not as dangerous as some numpties would have you think. I can say "numpties" because the clique can say it without a moderator jumping down their throat.
  4. The chinese have no ethics and they are, apparently, ahead in the race to find a vaccine.
  5. The problem with ignoring political threads is that threads outside the politics section can and do degenerate into politics. I have been guilty of that ONCE and I had a mod on my back for it. My post was hidden and even though I received an apology my post was not reinstated. It would seem that the "clique" on here can get away with things that us "mere mortals" cannot. Mere mortals get a rap over the knuckles like little schoolboys. Perhaps if the moderation was a bit fairer and a bit more, seemingly, unbiased then things would be a lot better. Unfortunately the moderation of this forum, and others, has always been an issue. In fairness to the mods, whilst they may be able to please some they will not please others. It is a thankless task which is why I wouldn't contemplate taking it on. I don't post much on this forum (or any other for that matter.) That is partly because MOST of the stuff I do I am able to do, although my way might not agree with someone else's way, but the other reason, and this is the biggy, is that if I ask a daft question, and I do occasionally, inevitably the respondent tends to get narky or even agressive. I have had that happen to me on more than one occasion even by someone who should have known better. I know I am banging on about this and people are, probably, getting fed up but I do feel aggrieved at my treatment whilst others are left alone to voice whatever opinions they feel like in or out of the politics section.
  6. Some people get jumped on by a moderator for making a "political" post or saying that there are idiots in a particular thread. Okay maybe the word "idiot" was a bit strong. I will call then "numpties" in future. I'm pretty sure it means the same thing and seems to be a word that the the clique get away with without being told off. As for my "political post" I did get an apology from said mod but my post remains hidden whilst in at least three threads on here at the moment political statements are rife and no admonishments are being passed out. Oh well it's some rules for some and different rules for others it seems. Bit like this country. Oh dear there we go again, another political remark.
  7. My mother in law is in a care home up here in sunny Yorkshire. We haven't seen her since the beginning of March. She has severe dementia and she has no idea who we are so I don't think she is missing us. Of course my wife does miss her mother even though the visits are very difficult for her. We had a phone call last week saying that my mother in law has tested positive for covid-19 but wasn't showing any symptoms and as we haven't heard anything since we are assuming that she is still not showing any symptoms. My daughter is a carer in a home down in Wales. She seems to be okay and we chat on FB quite often. The bottom line with lockdown is that, virus or no virus, peak or no peak, lockdown is devastating this country. It is wholly unsustainable for any more time so IMO it will end next week. To all intents and purposes it would seem that for a very large number of people it has already ended.
  8. It's as plain as day to me why this young lady is complaining. She is 100% correct. Bunch of idiots on this thread though. Pretty much par for the course on this forum unfortunately.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. A friend of mine tried to take his boat to Goole via the Aire last month and he told me that the gates were locked. Maybe ringing C&RT would glean some more reliable information.
  12. If you use any paint at 2 inches away from the sort of heat it will quickly discolour and peel. I do agree that water based paints are crap. I try to avoid water based like the plague or in modern parlance covid 19. Hopefully, assuming we ever do fully get out of the EU, we can go back to using oil based paint although in the fairy, snowflake society we now live in that is highly unlikely. Personally I would retile it.
  13. He is a proper hero. He was in the WW2 and he fought. However he fought he still fought therefore he is a hero regardless of what he has just done for the NHS. Everybody who went through any war that involved dodging bullets and bombs on home turf is a hero. Those that have fought in outside of our country wars are heros. The non-heroes are, possibly the ones who put them there but all those just following orders are complete heros. If it wasn't for people like Captain Tom (Colonel) you and I could, quite possibly, not be allowed to air our views on forums such as this. In my opinion the government should now match his contribution. And as for footballers and other vastly overpaid "non-heros" hopefully after this they will not be held in such, unwarranted, high esteem.
  14. My first boat was a trad stern 30 footer and the cabin space was adequate. before I go on I have to say that I am not a live aboard and I wouldn't live on a boat in a million years no matter how big it was. Anyway, then I bought a 20 foot Shetland 4X2, yeah right no way in the world. Not only would have six people on that small boat been way too many a plastic cruiser on the canals designed to be on the sea and moving at 8 to 10 knots just didn't work at 4 knots max even though some on here will say different and other plastic boat owners do not stick to the 4 knot rule anyway. I now have a 30 foot cruiser stern and the size of the cabin area is significantly reduced and I mean significantly. Okay for me it is not an issue but as a live aboard, absolutely no way. Oh and as for rain getting into the engine compartment. If it's sealed properly with the right sort of cover and the gulleys are kept clear that is not an issue even without a pram cover.
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