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  1. http://store.three.co.uk/view/searchTariff?sort=priceValue-ascending&deviceType=SIM_ONLY_MBB&deviceType=SIM_ONLY_MBB&expand=includedInternetAllowanceInMB&includedInternetAllowanceInMB=1GB&payGPriceForTariff=0to49.99 Not exactly what you asked for but might be what you need! It's a PAYG mobile data SIM that gets 200mb of data free every month and you can top up when you need to. It's a bit more effort than a prepaid in advance data card, but if you are only using small amounts of data might be better. If the car starts eating lots of data you would be better off with a cheap data contract rather than pay as you go.
  2. Is that a joke? If the local agent for RCR pulled the boat back in using a winch as the waters rose then full marks to him/them - I just don't believe it from prior experience of RCR-authorised salvage operations. It is how I and many of my friends would have done it, although admittedly I would have preferred to be stood in the pub not the beer garden ... I just struggle with the RCR authorised bit!
  3. TheBiscuits

    BBC news

    Are you sure they have set it up just for this? They link to actionline for a whole variety of issues raised in programmes, giving further information and contacts for relevant organisations. https://www.bbc.co.uk/actionline I don't see why them linking to it for the reported suicide of an actual person, sleb or not, makes any less sense than linking to it when a fictional character tops themself in a drama.
  4. Depends on your level of electrical and plumbing skills. The warranty is void on a self install, as most failures are caused by bad installation. The plumbers tend to stuff up the electrical side of the install and the auto-electricians stuff up the plumbing. If you can do both correctly you should be fine...
  5. There is an owners group on Facebook, but it's not very active.
  6. Does it need emptying already? !!! (Dear Snowflakes, this is a joke aimed at cassette and pumpout users. I'm pretty sure he has had to empty it at least once before in the past 12 months ... maybe twice if he has a lot of people onboard.) Anyway, I'll let the blind lead the blind some more now. Just ask them where their dog goes ....
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. You just need to make it past the Castle before sundown! Oh hang on that was a Hammer film ....
  9. It was nearly worth it for them to tell us that Bingley Five Rise was designed to take a pair of narrowboats. The best bit for me was the introduction of a local "Industrial Historian" and "expert on the Leeds & Liverpool" . . . . Drumroll for . . . . Mike Clarke Liz McIvor Sorry @Pluto Episode 2 they come past your house ....
  10. https://www.my5.tv/britain-by-barge-then-now/season-1/episode-1-5eb3ef51-bf67-4c41-a2a9-90cdb4627edd If anyone wants catchup.
  11. Full marks have to go to the Radio Times who head the episode blurb with one of the most unusual pictures I have ever seen of Bingley Five-Rise ...
  12. That's one for T that is. Save W all that messing about. Oi @W+T is 37 ft of narrowboat shape enough for your good lady? New GRP front doors and a bit of a polish ...
  13. ... you just need to watch your temper. (this is a chocolatier joke) We tried making some home made ferrero rocher type things some years back, and can't stand the shop bought ones now.
  14. "Selfish boater who plotted own death 'not a hero' family say." - daily wail subhead. "Family of unexpected death man spent 'care home fees' in the pub" - mirror subhead. "Privilege finishes at home?: Why this family will not be starting a charitable foundation." - grauniad opinon column
  15. There's a pug or bulldog joke in there somewhere ...
  16. Proper surveys carry a boilerplate disclaimer about copying them because of professional liability issues - the report is solely for the client who commissioned it, and no third party can make any sort of claim on the surveyor. While the report is technically copyrighted at the time of creation, I doubt it's the main concern of the person signing it.
  17. Point of order m'lud: Organic is unlikely to be vegan. You can get vegan certification if you use them nasty chemical fertilisers, but not organic. If you go organic there's a very high chance you will be using animal manure or even fishmeal as a fertiliser.
  18. There have been a few in fairly recent times. Certainly those that caused deaths put a huge damper on DIY dry docks. The "good" dry docks did an upgraded Risk Assessment and started insisting on things like well secured proper walkways, not just a chunk of rotten scaffold board. The "bad" dry docks just shrugged and said "Try not to kill yourself in there!". The rest of them just outright banned DIY access or living on the boat while in the dock. In many cases it will have been a commercial decision, not an H&S one - I expect liability insurance went up quite a bit when there were a few high profile cases including fatalities. The other thing is that a busy dry dock who can keep themselves full of paid work are going to prefer that to a DIY bloke scrounging brushes off them ...
  19. Depends on the drydock you use. Quite a few have been slapped by the safety elf until they gave in and now refuse to let you live on your boat onsite. They tend not to get too many liveaboards using their services ...
  20. Tell your bank you want to claim one of the payments back under the direct debit guarantee scheme. You will then have your money back and CRT and the bank can bicker with each other at lesiure.
  21. For best practice, do this on a slow water point blocking a flight of locks during Easter weekend.
  22. Never mind that. When is it pancake day?
  23. It's not. It's Figure of Three Locks, like it says ...
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