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    Ah, yes. You know I said you would need a drink next time we meet up? Well I am not sure of the exact whereabouts of the duck at this time. I'm pretty sure he is on somebody's boat somewhere ... Oh not at all. Little Bob trashed the original noodles, not the prize for guessing the number of noodle carriers noodles. Your noodles are a much bigger pot than the original ones; just look at the size of them compared to that full size supermarket trolley ... And just so we can ensure there is no fowl play, here are the identifying markings on your prize tub: Fortunately they are in date for quite a while, as they may not be quick getting to you - mine took November till May! I think he may have got a bit disorientated with all the direction changes and reversals and odd loops over the weekend. I'm fairly sure some of the forumites will find him somewhere soon though.
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    I'm sure he's around somewhere
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    Oh no it's not .... that's the 18th October! https://thebms.org.uk/2016/10/tuesday-18th-october-world-menopause-day/
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    Whilton, I think would like it best if you are sufficiently in a hurry to sell that they make you a very low offer and buy it from you themselves as a "stock" boat. You could then expect to see it offered for sale at a vastly inflated price, with no improvements having been made to it. I get the impression that maybe half the boats they offer are not being brokered, but are actually now owned by Whilton outright. (That's just a guess - could be more or less). The problem is that each gives you a difference level of security and comeback as a purchaser, but Whilton are likely to be economical with the truth about whether a boat is being brokered, or whether they are the seller. We have been told that they will even go through the motions if putting a potential buyers offer to a non-existent seller, and saying it has been rejected. If they are actually the owner themselves, this strikes me as worse than dishonest. I'd have to really, really want a particular boat before I would touch Whilton with a barge pole. I would try very hard t avoid them either as buyer or seller, but I imagine it is a good lace to look around boats unaccompanied if you need extra windlasses, handcuff keys, ropes, etc! (Only half joking - it must surely happen!).
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    The collective noun is "a marina" of kingfishers, surely?
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    But only need to run my engine for 1 to 2 hours per day anyway. I think there is another option: Get a decent set of lead/acid domestic batteries and set your boat up for low power consumption when away from shore power. LED lights throughout, gas fridge, small flat screen TV that draws 1 - 2 amps, 12v car stereo that draws an amp, etc. I don't use my laptop when I'm away and just go online on the phone. It's all about reducing electrical power consumption, but I really don't feel that I'm deprived in any way.
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    You’ve not lived youth
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    I totally agree. Spending loads of money won't get it sorted. A lot of the work on the boat I will have to do myself. I bought the boat with the view that it had a brand new BSS and everything was in sound condition but no... I will come back in a few months to explain the full situation but at the moment I can't for legal reasons. But spread the word---- always get a survey done when you buy a boat unless you are very knowledgeable on narrow boats.
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    I think it's quite obvious that I'm an idiot., and my keeping quite isn't going to remove any doubt of that - it just means less people might know. Which would only matter if I actually cared.
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    The lock gates will be reinstated after the show, until then lock28E is closed UFN
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