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  1. You may well be right, I have to say it was a pretty detailed application. The two main thrusts being that proper grid references were required of where you would be fishing. This was apparently to ensure you were not operating in conservation areas known to still contain white claw crayfish but I also suspect it was, as you say to monitor the invasive signal crayfish population. The other was to ensure the trap was the correct size, they wanted mesh size, overall dimensions but most most crucially the aperture diameter so otters would not get trapped. There have been horror stories where otters have been found stuck in home made traps with half their faces eaten by the already captured crayfish. I suspect the IA find it difficult in the present climate to issue licences because it’s not just an emailed licence, they also issue special licence tags to attach to nets etc. This would clearly be difficult to do with staff working at home but surely it’s an aspect that could dispense with until the pandemic issues ease and in the meantime email out licences once they were satisfied with the above mentioned criteria. The IA seem to be a pretty tech savvy bunch. As an example I even had to add my digital signature to the application form, it was pretty well designed in technical terms I have to say.
  2. Lol, indeed! To be honest I'm rather going off the idea for some reason. Perhaps I'll just get a pack of sausages from Sainsbury's and BBQ them.
  3. Which is precisely why I made a proper formal application with all the considerable detail required rather than ignoring the system. I just feel a little easing of the restrictions right now would be sensible for all concerned. Glad you don't think I'm an idiot BTW. 🤨
  4. I do.... and I've been thinking of trying Minnows for Perch. 😉
  5. Thanks, you're right and I might do just that. The irony is that if I hadn't applied I could have pleaded ignorance, now (like a prat), I've got myself a formal enforcement letter! 🙄 Just shows, keeping your head down and getting on with things in this life is usually the best bet!
  6. I fancied a go at trapping a few invasive American Signal Crayfish for the BBQ. Rather than just going ahead and putting a trap out as most people seem to do, I duly downloaded and completed a licence application from the Environment Agency. No mean feat to complete this baby as anyone who's tried will testify! After five weeks waiting I got this reply back today, Wish I hadn't bothered! If they don't have the the staff perhaps an amnesty period on fishing for this species would be more sensible? Their numbers are already exploding out of control to the detriment of our native crayfish. Oh well I'll have to stick to my Grey Squirrel casserole and pan fried Japanese Knotweed. 😆
  7. Thanks for the recommendation Tracy. Unfortunately Mike is booked solid for 7 weeks plus and isn't taking any more work right now. I guess that endorses what you say - he must be good!
  8. After 20 years of regular hiring my wife and I have just taken the plunge and are in the process of buying our first narrowboat - a 2005 Colecraft 50 footer. I now need to engage my surveyor (full survey) and need recommendations for a good surveyor in the Cheshire area. Ideally I want to be there myself for at least part of the survey, so someone who doesn't mind that and would be happy to discuss their findings with me 'on site' as well as providing a formal report would be good. Some names I've already been given are... Steve Hand Mike Carter John Crompton Peter Tindall Ricky Tropman Endorsements for any of these would be very welcome together with any other names forum members can recommend?
  9. Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum and my wife and I are currently looking to buy our first boat having been hiring regularly for the last twenty odd years. This week the search continues we’re hoping to look at a 57’ cruiser stern built by Viking Narrowboats, not to be confused with Viking Afloat the hire company. I haven’t been able to find out much about them other than they they started up in 2007 and are based in Chelmsford but all of their boats are Polish Built. Does anyone own or know of someone who owns one who can give me advice about the build quality etc? I know Aqualine are built in Poland and are very well thought of. I’m hoping Viking are of the same quality.
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