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    It’s good round left hand bends
  2. 5 points
    If Martyn came back I'd be gone again. His constant shit stirring was one of the factors that drove me to leave.
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    I am fully aware about lifeboats but have any of you actually thought about the practicalities of launching lifeboats in that sort of weather? Because the engines were out of action, coupled with her being anchored, which tends to keep her head to wind, the ship was not able to make a lee to give shelter to its lifeboats, which would have been potentially subject to damage during the operation, and with great respect to a large proportion of the crew, who I am sure are doing their best, their basic seamanship will be rudimentary , and I would suggest that they would find it a very difficult operation to carry out safely with the numbers of people involved (and please remember that in cruise ship terms this is a smaller vessel). Please bear in mind that inevitable a large number of the passengers are past the first flush of youth - some quite elderly - which is the norm on this type of ship, and in those sea conditions, launching ships lifeboats would be very slow and too hazardous to consider. That is, I suspect, one of the reasons why the decision was made to use the helicopter option. In that regard it is fortunate that the vessel is withing the range of such helicopter services. I am only glad that at last they seem to have got underway and are proceeding, slowly, to Molde. Let's just hope they get there safely and as soon as possible. Howard
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    Indeed. The power of the internet. 20 years ago when I lived on my first boat, if you wanted to ask a question you could ask a neighbour on the towpath and that was about it. 9 times out of 10 they were wrong. These days you just put out a question, get an instant answer or start a discussion, and at the end of it you'll have some answers and can make your own mind up. You can also go onto YouTube and see how to do practically any job. Isn't it great.
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    On the other hand, Audi indicators from a breakers will be in very good condition, due to their lack of use, but very cheap as there is no demand.
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    Making money from mad people. Surely there is a law against it
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    While their may be bigger issues on the subject, this is a canal forum, so the question is relevant. From previous threads on the subject I think HMRC actually want to permit the continued use of red diesel for boating bu it's the EU that are pressing it to be limited - I forget in what way. So I guess it depends completely on how much independance we have after this debacle is finished.
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    Arctic’s main benefit is its flexibility at low temperature. For fixed wiring inside a boat, I can’t see how that gives any advantage. When I made up a shore lead, I used arctic because it will be outside being flexed in the dead of winter. Inside, I wouldn’t bother Anyway, is “arctic” actually a spec or a protected trademark? I don’t think so. So depending on which “arctic” you bought, it might be better or worse than “non-arctic” for a fixed installation in terms of its sheathing quality etc. As a chartered engineer you will know that over-speccing something for the sake of it is how contracts are lost and budgets overrun.
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    But Leeds is in Yorkshire! Howard
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    It was mostly spin anyway! (propeller joke)
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