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  1. CRT moorings. The fire fighters got the fire under control and moving was thankfully unnecessary. As usual CRT did nothing. Not long after that boat moved off another 2 moored up and stayed there for TWO YEARS. How CRT allow this to go on is beyond me.
  2. Thanks Neil, good advice, which I'll follow on this occasion, only thing is I can't see myself doing this everytime I want to get out. The fact it's a No Mooring should mean I shouldn't have to do it in the first place.
  3. Not 2 years, 10 months but yes. Multiple complaints by locals about their behaviour but still CRT have done nothing. I'm moored stern to the canal. I fail to see how it is not his fault, due to the set up I have to reverse in a straight line, touch the opposite bank then swing the bow around.
  4. Not premeditated at all, I am not intending to hit the boat, merely trying to find out where I stand should I hit it, but let me rephrase the question then. Who is responsible if my boat sinks due to my not being able to exit my mooring to perform maintenance because there are boats moored in the No Mooring area
  5. So here's my dilemma. I have a permanent offside mooring with the boat at 90° to the canal. Opposite is a no mooring area. In order for me to get out of the mooring I need to use the full width of the canal. Since November 2020 there has been 3 boats moored in the No Mooring area, the boat directly behind mine is a fibreglass Norman. Requests for them to move have been ignored and answered with threats and abuse. This has resulted in us giving up and resigning ourselves to not going anywhere. I'm now at a point where I need to get out to do some maintenance. CRT are no help! So my question is, if I exit my mooring, crush the yogurt pot and it sinks, who is responsible? What legal recriminations could I face, if any? Cheers
  6. This is a request to everyone to use a bit of common sense when mooring. On Friday morning a restaurant in front of my mooring caught fire. The fire quickly spread to the adjoining shops and flats above. Fire fighters informed us that we may have to move our boats off the mooring. We are moored at 90 degrees to the canal and need the full width to exit. Despite the No Mooring signs there were, and still are, three boats moored up directly opposite us, making it virtually impossible to get our boats out. Had the fire spread any further we would have lost our boats and all the possessions on board. The offending boat owners were aware they were moored in a No Mooring zone but deemed the zone to be unnecessary. This could have been disastrous. Use your brains folks! Regulation signs are there for a reason. By not following their instructions you could be putting someones life at risk The fire itself was huge and took 72 fire fighters and 10 fire trucks over 10 hours to extinguish. The photos do not show the true extent of how serious this was.
  7. Agree with Jess. Different on the boat. My 3 ft salt water tank has a heater, T5,s and LED lights and the heater kicks in fairly regularly during the winter, even though it is only about 5 ft from the fire. I am mainly on shore power, when traveling a dedicated battery runs the heater and powerheads, through an inverter and lasts about 6 hours. Dave, where are you mate? I have an external filter you are welcome to. The pump is shot but could easily be replaced and hooked up to a 12 volt one.
  8. Dave, Google Vortech..Not pumps as such but battery backup systems. A bit pricey though. Or try these http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/12v-water-pump-submersible I have a salt water tank on board and when I'm without power I generally use an inverter to keep the pumps and heaters running. Hope that helps edited to add link
  9. The boats are still owned by Tim. The rudder went through the windscreen at the time of impact. It happened at 2.30am on Saturday morning. Tim and his pregnant girlfriend were on board sleeping at the time. No it was not a stolen vehicle, The driver took the bend onto the bridge too fast.
  10. Wanted, not sure when you were last down here but the only part of the towpath between LV and Ladbroke Grove Sainsburys, and way past it, which does not have a boat moored on it are the parts where a boat cannot be moored, due to the curves of the canal or blocks of concrete preventing access to the towpath. Looking out of my window I can only see small bits of the towpath due to the number of boats, some of which are double moored, on it.. Even the No Mooring area directly oppposite me constantly has boats moored on it. Two of which have now been there for three weeks.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Hi Steve I have a full reef tank on board. 3ft x 15" x 18". It has been running for 3 years and before that I had both Tropical and Cold water aquariums. It is not the temperature you need to worry about, so much as having a pump running to circulate and airate the water. The heater in my tank rarely comes on. Boat temp plus heat from the lights and pumps keep the temp at around 26 degrees C. I live aboard on a permanent mooring and would not recommend a warm water tank if you are CCing. Lights and pumps suck a lot of juice. If out cruising I hook them up to an invertor. A dedicated battery keeps it running for about 12 hours.
  14. Thanks to all for your replies, both helpful and unhelpful, here or by PM. This is now being dealt with.
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