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  1. This is a request to everyone to use a bit of common sense when mooring. On Friday morning a restaurant in front of my mooring caught fire. The fire quickly spread to the adjoining shops and flats above. Fire fighters informed us that we may have to move our boats off the mooring. We are moored at 90 degrees to the canal and need the full width to exit. Despite the No Mooring signs there were, and still are, three boats moored up directly opposite us, making it virtually impossible to get our boats out. Had the fire spread any further we would have lost our boats and all th
  2. Agree with Jess. Different on the boat. My 3 ft salt water tank has a heater, T5,s and LED lights and the heater kicks in fairly regularly during the winter, even though it is only about 5 ft from the fire. I am mainly on shore power, when traveling a dedicated battery runs the heater and powerheads, through an inverter and lasts about 6 hours. Dave, where are you mate? I have an external filter you are welcome to. The pump is shot but could easily be replaced and hooked up to a 12 volt one.
  3. Dave, Google Vortech..Not pumps as such but battery backup systems. A bit pricey though. Or try these http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/12v-water-pump-submersible I have a salt water tank on board and when I'm without power I generally use an inverter to keep the pumps and heaters running. Hope that helps edited to add link
  4. The boats are still owned by Tim. The rudder went through the windscreen at the time of impact. It happened at 2.30am on Saturday morning. Tim and his pregnant girlfriend were on board sleeping at the time. No it was not a stolen vehicle, The driver took the bend onto the bridge too fast.
  5. Wanted, not sure when you were last down here but the only part of the towpath between LV and Ladbroke Grove Sainsburys, and way past it, which does not have a boat moored on it are the parts where a boat cannot be moored, due to the curves of the canal or blocks of concrete preventing access to the towpath. Looking out of my window I can only see small bits of the towpath due to the number of boats, some of which are double moored, on it.. Even the No Mooring area directly oppposite me constantly has boats moored on it. Two of which have now been there for three weeks.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Hi Steve I have a full reef tank on board. 3ft x 15" x 18". It has been running for 3 years and before that I had both Tropical and Cold water aquariums. It is not the temperature you need to worry about, so much as having a pump running to circulate and airate the water. The heater in my tank rarely comes on. Boat temp plus heat from the lights and pumps keep the temp at around 26 degrees C. I live aboard on a permanent mooring and would not recommend a warm water tank if you are CCing. Lights and pumps suck a lot of juice. If out cruising I hook them up to an invertor. A dedicate
  9. Thanks to all for your replies, both helpful and unhelpful, here or by PM. This is now being dealt with.
  10. I do not know Pudding so cannot say whether I like her or not. Simply replied in the same tone and manner as she replied to me.
  11. Bitterness, really? Perhaps you should go back and read my post. Simply asked a simple question expecting a simple answer. What did I get? A few sensible answers from a few sensible people and then BANG this utter bollocks from you! I know it was diesel as I saw it drop from the cup he was holding and then leave a beautiful rainbow slick which rapidly spread across the water. Now then lets see how polite you consider this to be. "Excuse me mate, do you mind turning your engine off as it is half past ten at night?" - Me calling across the canal in a normal conversational tone of voice.
  12. I agree with most of the above. It is not so much the over staying, although this does rile me a bit, but more the noise and attitude of the people. There are only four boats on our mooring, only two with anyone on them so this avenue does not hold much sway. We are sandwiched between two buildings, one of them an assisted old age home, and the sound from across the canal somehow gets funnelled through here amplifing it by a huge amount, even a fairly quiet engine is loud enough to drown out the radio or TV, even when inside. I have, on a few occasions, tried approaching offenders (usuall
  13. Nice one Mike, that made me smile. The difference is I am following the law and not upsetting the local population.
  14. As I have lived, and also work on the canal, as a teacher during summer, I am fully aware of the mooring arrangements in place for this area. No winter permits here! As far as I, and many others, are concerned over staying is the business of every user the canal, whether you use it for boating or other uses. This issue has been discussed on this forum umpteen times and I am not getting into it now. As for wood cutting, or running your engine after hours, you know your work hours and your daily routine and should therefore organise your life accordingly. If you cannot then you should not be o
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