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  1. As per Matty and talking to fuel boat a week ago he is still planning to run and understands that the notice is now correct.
  2. In the morning before anything else take a voltage reading. Then check the fluid levels, it should be just above the plates, do not fill to the top of the cell. Then charge as per WotEver above. Be there when charging and every so often check the batteries are not getting hot, they may get warm. Keep the area well ventilated.
  3. Connections are either male or female, the male one is fitted to the boat.
  4. Twice per year beginning and end of the 'burning season'. Also sometimes during the season. Did have a major restriction once in the last 7 years, reason unknown, did take some shifting, More is better than less.
  5. This voltage 13.5 was from solar charging at 2.4 amps post #1
  6. Info in post #2 came from on-lne PDF from manufacturer.
  7. Gel,AGM, sealed and maintenance free cannot and must not be equalised. The only batteries that can be equalised are Open Wet Lead acid Equalisation causes excess gasses,and water loss, which can only be replaced in Open Wet Lead Acid batteries.
  8. Simple answer YES From info on-line for said batteries Max. 2.4 VPC Max ripple 3.5% This Max is equal to 14.4 volts assuming a 12v system, ripple maximum would give a maximum voltage of 14.9v (not at that constantly though) At a guess looks light a regulator fault in the alternator.
  9. It will/should be automatic, when the Victron combi senses 240v ac supply shoreline/generator, it automatically switches the boats 240v ac direct via the shoreline and effectively turns the inverter OFF and turns the charger ON. Leave the switch at the combi ON, the charger only position is almost redundant.
  10. One way valve as close as to the pump as possible. Not sure but the pump may have one already.
  11. Lets go back to the beginning, What makes you think it needs repacking? It may only need adjustment. Does it stop dripping, assuming it does drip, when you adjust the greaser. To adjust, just tighten the two bolts/nuts equally, ¼ turn at a time, to know when adjusted correctly, you should still be able to turn the prop shaft by hand.
  12. Not sure what you mean by the ammeter route but an ammeter will tell you the amps going into or out of the battery. When charging the amps will be high at first and gradually become lower (voltage does the opposite) when the amps are at 1 to 2% of battery capacity the batteries are 'fully' charged. Now because batteries age it is not always possible to get down to 1 or 2% so when the reading (amps) is low and has not got any lower for a bout an hour the batteries are 'fully' charged.
  13. No it will not, what it will give you is an instantaneous measurement of the items load and that will vary especially with a washing machine. The washing machine may even have the rating of the heating element on the label. Subtract that from the maximum load and you have the cold wash answer. As per Ditchcrawler, the labels will give you items maximum load (W/V = A) Now you have ordered it, it may be more interesting to watch than the TV.
  14. None of the above, if solid fuel. Pure wood ash could be put under a hedge but not in a pile, spread it around. Never in the cut. Let solid fuel ash cool in a bucket (outside of boat) then put it in the refuse sack and use the waste disposal sites provided by C&RT.
  15. There is only one Smartguage. Example, not a recommendation of seller or anything, link: http://www.cactusnav.com/merlin-smartguage-battery-monitor-p-11874.html Once you have it please read the instructions and manual carefully. It does have one foible (so do all the other meters available) that it is possibly inaccurate when the battery is being charged but accurate when battery is at rest or being discharged. It is the simplest to connect and the simplest to read just a little interpretation and understanding, as with all meters, is required.. This link is to the web site of the inventor/designer and will answer all your questions on batteries and charging. You could add an ammeter to actually know when your batteries are 'fully' charged but for now the Smartgauge will be enough..
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