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  1. We have a Vetus Macerator Toilet on our boat all been good for 7 years now. There is a charcoal filter on the air inlet breather pipe, should be changed regularly.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I had looked at the Kabola but a bit out my price range thanks again.
  3. Thread Hijack Hi there NMEA. Can you tell me what the Thermo EVO is like in terms of reliability now it has been out a while? I have fitted two Webasto Thermotop C 5.2kw (the marine ones) in two boats over the last five years and have been highly delighted with the reliability and use. I now have a small 2 bed holiday chalet, (no gas) and I am considering putting a Webasto in here. 6 Radiators and hotwater but do I go for the newer Thermo EVO or stick with the Thermotop C ? I would appreciate your views on this. Thanks. Nick
  4. just a few more pictures of our build in progress.
  5. Last year coming up the Trent just approaching Cromwell lock we saw a large seal in the water straight in front of us. It dived under and then appeared right behind the boat. Great sight to see.
  6. The idea was to use just such a fuse block as this but it looks like it will have to be fixed to the outside of the battery box. The battery box is well ventilated and is mounted on the swim right next to a large vent grill to outside.
  7. Hi all As the tile any problem putting in line fuses or a small 12v fuse box into the side of the battery box. These would be for bilge pump, webasto and Smartgauge which all need connecting direct to battery but need to be fused Just trying to keep things tidy Cheers
  8. We have had four new shells from Tyler Wilson to date for fitting out. All shells ordered with just a small deposit and the balance paid on the day of collection. Both Tim and Jonathon are great guys to talk to and will let you look at the build at any time. Nick
  9. No No don't do it. Too much give in 18mm anything for flooring, we have just used 25mm WBP ply. It just does not move.
  10. Hi Neil its American White Oak Finished with Morrells lacquer which is sprayed or brushed on. Hi Athy, it's a hobby really although we will sell this when its complete and we can find its first owner. This is our fifth boat fit out with four of the shells from Jonathon Wilson.
  11. Just a few pics of our latest fit out. 5 months in.
  12. I agree Tim and Jonathon are both very approachable, we have just started our fourth shell from them, a mixture of both types. Jonathons have a few more bells, whistles & curves, you pay more if that's what you want. They are all built to the same great standard using the same steel. Nick
  13. We have a nice yellow engine (vetus) and have been asked many times is that electric! No but it has a great hospital silencer.
  14. We fitted our new shell out in 12 months using every weekend and odd week days. We only lived 20mins away and it was inside a unit with power, machines and lights so this made it more comfortable. Just about to start another one
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