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  1. Thank you Tony Brooks, the rest can go do one you are condescending and up yourselves.
  2. Could someone please clear this up for me. You are CCing and you have travelled your 20 miles, then what? I have heard many differing opinions. Can you turn around and go back the other way? Does the not going back to the same mooring within 2 months apply? Can you then move around a bit freely? seems there is a bit of a grey area here and nobody knows the correct answer.
  3. Recently started a thread regarding me stupidly over filling the leisure batteries. After many replies, a couple of replies said it may correct it self after the battteries have had a good charge. Well obviously this is wishful thinking but we went for that. Today there was the rotten eggy smell of sulphur coming from the engine area, - batteries. Does this mean the end? Should I replace them?
  4. Well the main issue is that although the old pumps water flow was too low, and yes we can control the flow by not turning the tap on fully now, the toilet flush is filling up way too much now which is causing the holding tank to fill up to quickly. Is there a way to control the flow of the toilet flush?
  5. It's a Whale, not sure which model though. And sorry I mean flow rate to be exact.
  6. Recently had the water pump changed on our narrowboat and the water pressure has been way too high since. How do you change the water pressure please?
  7. Well yes, most were below the plates, so when I say empty I mean low. As for overfilled, well some are filled quite high to just below the filler cap. Since I have done this we seem to be losing charge a lot more. No spillage at all.
  8. I overfilled the leisure batteries. They were all empty. What can I do to fix the problem?
  9. Hello have just received our fan for the stove, but our stove is a diesel with a hob on top that is red hot. Can we stick the fan on the job or does it have to be placed on the edge? Sorry got the novice question.
  10. Hello, and I will start by saying sorry, as I'm sure this question has been asked many times before. My partner and I are moving into a a narrow boat this month. We are really not sure how often we should charge the batteries on a daily basis with general living aboard in mind.... 12v fridge, lights(all LED), small use of mains with 240v inverter, charging laptop, little bit of t.v, and so on. We have a 58ft with a beta marine 43 engine. One battery for starting the engine and 3 large batteries for power. Could someone please have the courtesy of helping a couple of newbies please, and no s
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a new boater and will be doing some cruising in and around London. This post is now 5 years old and London is forever changing. Could you please give me more up to date info on this thread.
  12. Thank you all very much for your replays. Will give it a good clean. It definitely has had a lack of activity.
  13. Hello. Just bought a narrow boat with a lock gate fei's all stove. Haven't yet managed to light it. Think it needs a clean. Have been told you can buy some tablets that do a thorough job, but do not know the name nor where to buy the tablets. Any ideas anyone please?
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