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  1. my preference too. so... possibly fish poo? It's a plastic tank and recently filled and water is run quite a lot
  2. I've noticed the strange appearance of a mouldy taste to my drinking water. What could be the cause and what are possible solutions?
  3. Thanks. It does seem to be working fine. it was recommended I but a warning light with a higher wattage. I'm guessing this can be any 12v bulb?
  4. I've replaced the wires between light and alternator and alternator and relay. I then noticed that the connector on the battery was quite loose, tightened it and it all seems to be working. Could the cable not being attached to battery properly caused it?
  5. The same problem has reappeared and in attempting to solve it I discovered an kindergarten error I made last time. i connected the resistor incorrectly - not from one terminal on bulb to another but from terminal on bulb to ignition (so basically I did nothing). After connecting it correctly and running the engine the light remains on and the resistor gets very hot. i went to Halfords and Maplins for a light with higher wattage but could not find one. What do I ask for as the guys there didn't know either?
  6. Thanks, this does make sense and tallies with where I saw lots of corrosion or where there was a large amount of fetid water
  7. This is what confuses me. If they say they plated over the counter stern do they mean the section of the hull below the counter (at the very back of the boat)? And if they replaced the entire transom then this sounds as if they're talking about the same thing
  8. Back of the boat, above waterline? Above and below? some context: "After the boat, had been grit blasted it showed on both side that 500mm x 700mm section of the transom would need to be removed and replaced with new steel but in the end, we removed the complete transom and replaced with new steel as it was very badly pitted also we over plated Port & Starboard swim sides and the counter stern." this damage was discovered after attempting to weld a bracket to the engine room counter stern
  9. Thanks. I did see these but still couldn't quite match them to my understanding. would my diagram below be correct?
  10. I need to be able to visualise as precisely as possible: 1. The counter stern 2. Engine room counter stern 3. Transom 4. Port and starboard swim sides thanks
  11. OK, some more accuracy: These particular areas have been pinpointed: 1. counter stern 2. Engine room counter stern 3. Transom 4. Port and starboard swim sides
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