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Stewart Kirby

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  1. Stewart Kirby

    Calder handspike

    Oh! I just remembered something it might be worth mentioning to newcomers to the Calder and Hebble. Many of the bottom gates have a wide walkway on the inside of the gates. It’s very easy to have someone distract you and end up catching your tiller arm under the gate with serious results. It almost happened to me once.
  2. Stewart Kirby

    Calder handspike

    The first lock where there are handspike paddles is Broadcut Bottom Lock. You can get through without a handspike but if any of the other paddles are inoperable it will slow you down. You should be able to buy a handspike at Stanley Ferry, or you can make your own with a 3”x2” length of harwood with a slight taper at the business end. The first lock where you absolutely have to have a handspike is Kirklees Lock but there are plenty of others where it’s good to have one. IIRC there are quite a few locks where the ground paddles are windlass operated and the gate paddles handspike operated.
  3. Stewart Kirby

    Calder handspike

    Which direction are you coming from?
  4. Stewart Kirby

    ASAP - Data Breach

    There is nothing about this supposed data breach on the ASAP website. My first acting n would be to phone the company to check if the email really is from them Second, download Malwarebytes for the Mac and run a scan to see if you do have malware and get rid of it. Malwarebytes is free. Check the email headers to see where the email originated.
  5. Stewart Kirby


    All of you are wrong. The answer is that MtB needs to go on a diet. It’s his huge bulk that’s lowering the stern.
  6. Stewart Kirby

    Should Magnet Fishermen be licensed

    I used to indulge in the odd bit of magnet fishing with my sea-searcher after stopping for the day. But in concentrated on locks and their surrounding looking for windlasses. I don’t see any strong reasons for licensing and in any case it would be unenforceable. How many towpath gnomes do you think have licenses?
  7. Stewart Kirby


    Is that some variation on soixante neuf?
  8. Stewart Kirby

    Clubline boats

    I looked at one of their new boats as it seemed very cheap. It was. The steel spec was 6/5/3 and the fit out was very basic. Depends how it’s been cared for if it’s still OK today. Ultrasonic thickness testing would be my top priority to see how the steel has performed.
  9. Stewart Kirby

    How to light hob

    If it’s a Mick Sivwright Owl class boat the gas locker is easy to access. It’s just a steel cupboard with a wooden top located on the front deck. It doubles as a seat. You cant fit anything bigger than 3.9Kg bottles unless you modify it, but that would make it look silly. On our 30ft Owl class boat we had a Vanette but with an oven and an Electrolux Gas fridge. A bottle would last three weeks easily as long as it wasn’t too hot outside.
  10. Stewart Kirby

    Battery Question (yes, another one)

    Have you seen any strange lights in the sky recently? Could be alien intervention. Or, just a duff battery.
  11. Stewart Kirby

    Rank these boat builders!

    Avoiding the arguments about the spreadsheet and which builder is better etc when it comes down to it you gotta see boats in the flesh. If you like it pore over your spreadsheets but when it comes down to it looking at ads on the duck or wherever is only a pointer. I remember when looking for our first boat in 1997 looking at online ads and, gulp, Waterways World, we would turn up to see a boat and find reality was not reflected in the ad. We struck lucky with the first boat as my wife had bought me a subscription to Waterways World and we got the magazine before it hit the shops and viewed and bought it before the owner was deluged with offers. This was after a year of looking for a boat in earnest. The second boat I saw on the duck and sent an e-mail to my wife saying how nice it was, we ended up with a fleet because it was even better in the flesh. That was a South West Durham Steel Craft boat but not one of the Analcrime boats. Having said that, even the Analcrime boats are well built, although I don’t like the layout. Visit some boats for goodness sake.
  12. Stewart Kirby

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    Why is your bed cross? Have you done something to upset it?
  13. Stewart Kirby

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    Cosmetically it looks good, no photos of the engine ole but Beta 1395 is a good engine. Price is OK, your budget seems to have rocketed into outer space. I can’t see the point of an “in water survey”. It’s the condition of the hull, anodes, blacking etc that can really only be assessed by an out of water survey that matters. If I were in the market for a boat, I would be very interested.
  14. Stewart Kirby

    Boat House swap

    Even a swap will need the boat owners to contact their insurance company to make sure their insurance isn’t invalidated, or cough up extra money to extend the cover.
  15. Stewart Kirby

    Boat sit wanted: mid Oct to end Nov

    It’s the nearest Travelodge for you I think.

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