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  1. Stewart Kirby

    Steel Narrowboat with Wooden Top and Fibreglass Roof

    I think you have made the right decision. It looked to me as if it had been tarted up to sell. Oh, and who stores logs up against their woodburner?
  2. Stewart Kirby

    EU Strikes again ...again!

    My reading of this is that the U.K. Government have to publish a Clean Air Strategy. That seems sensible to me. It’s the U.K. Government who are proposing restrictions on burning “wet” wood and non smokeless coal amongst other things. Only a relatively small number of people would be affected by this and the government will ignore them. Banning cars and lorries from cities would bring much cleaner air but a lot of people would be affected and the government could not ignore them.
  3. Stewart Kirby


    Wickes, B&Q, Screwfix etc if a “domestic shower tray etc will fit. Chandlers will often be more expensive. I dont know the prices these days.
  4. Stewart Kirby

    Thames > Reading > Tesco Moorings

    Ooh, that looks nice. I have managed to get on the mooring there in the past but I have also been tied up to a couple of trees a couple of times like those boats in the distance.
  5. Stewart Kirby

    First time blacking, advice needed

    I can’t resist. I cannot see the point in blacking the baseplate, there’s no light, and no oxygen there. The interface between the water and the air along the sides of the boat seems to me to be the place where it is important to have good blacking and good anodes. A short cruise down some of our shallower canals ( a lot of them these days) will remove the blacking from the bottom plate fairly quickly.
  6. Stewart Kirby

    engine and battery size

    Yes, there is no ONE way of configuring a system that contains more than one battery. Good photos and a good explanation of how you start the boat and run any other electrical appliances is a good start.
  7. Stewart Kirby

    Spot the issue

    I don’t think so. This is the lock landing for River Lock which drops you onto the River Aire. The pound it is in is quite short, maybe be 300-350ft, but there are are side pounds which is where the warehouses of Granary Wharf used to be. One of them was a dry dock but I don’t know how it is used now. The others were in water and one was used for moorings. Lock number 2 is Office Lock which is the start/end of the canal really and the basin is the lowest point on the Yorkshire side if the canal. i have moored overnight and throughout the day many times at Granary Wharf and I have never noticed a marked change in the water level.
  8. Stewart Kirby

    Spot the issue

    If that is the lock landing for River Lock I don’t see any problem with the limited amount of travel but it looks like a poor piece of work. Presumably English Heritage had to approve the plan and what do they know about canals.
  9. Stewart Kirby


    The editor is ill so very little is happening there.
  10. Stewart Kirby

    Heron narrowboats

    No, the owner was called Jon Hunt. When they folded there were 12 unfinished boats some of which were completed by Ledgard Bridge just down the river at Mirfield.
  11. Stewart Kirby

    Heron narrowboats

    Heron were based by the side of the Calder and Hebble canal and were building bespoke boats for about ten years. They built narrowboats and broad beams to the buyer requirements and turned out some strange looking boats. I considered buying from them and visited the factory to view their work in progress and a couple of completed boats and looked at their working practices. Everything was very professional and the build standard was high but so were the prices and I didn’t buy from them. I think that when they closed there were some incomplete boats sold for finishing off so maybe this was one of them.
  12. Stewart Kirby

    How Many Straws To Break The Camel’s Back ?

    I agree with your viewpoint Arthur, we have been incredibly fortunate to enjoy the second age of the canals ( thanks to Barbera Castle, god bless her ) but without huge amounts of investment that is never going to come from government things are going to slowly get worse. It’s a real shame and we sold our boat, for various reasons, including this, a couple of years ago. I wish it were otherwise, but no one is going to inject the millions of pounds needed to restore the system to even the status of three or four years ago.
  13. Stewart Kirby

    River Avon,no anchor?

    Don't forget the nail holes and a long stand.
  14. We were moored in the centre of Birmingham when a couple asked if they could take some pictures. How polite, I thought, then they climbed on board and posed in our chairs on the tug deck. I was gobsmacked but just said nothing, after all, I had given them permission.
  15. Stewart Kirby

    Cruising on the Marie Celeste, doomed never to moor

    Going down the east side of the tunnel forget about picking up your crew, they need to walk the whole way. Hang back until the top gates are open then enter the lock. Your crew may have to go back and let more water into the pound when you are stuck in the middle. Its still a lovely trip but not the same as other canals apart from the Chesterfield where mooring on lock landings is normal. This time of year the Calder & Hebble is beautiful so enjoy that as well, it will normally have plenty of water too.

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