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Stewart Kirby

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  1. Stewart Kirby

    Battery Question (yes, another one)

    Have you seen any strange lights in the sky recently? Could be alien intervention. Or, just a duff battery.
  2. Stewart Kirby

    Rank these boat builders!

    Avoiding the arguments about the spreadsheet and which builder is better etc when it comes down to it you gotta see boats in the flesh. If you like it pore over your spreadsheets but when it comes down to it looking at ads on the duck or wherever is only a pointer. I remember when looking for our first boat in 1997 looking at online ads and, gulp, Waterways World, we would turn up to see a boat and find reality was not reflected in the ad. We struck lucky with the first boat as my wife had bought me a subscription to Waterways World and we got the magazine before it hit the shops and viewed and bought it before the owner was deluged with offers. This was after a year of looking for a boat in earnest. The second boat I saw on the duck and sent an e-mail to my wife saying how nice it was, we ended up with a fleet because it was even better in the flesh. That was a South West Durham Steel Craft boat but not one of the Analcrime boats. Having said that, even the Analcrime boats are well built, although I don’t like the layout. Visit some boats for goodness sake.
  3. Stewart Kirby

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    Why is your bed cross? Have you done something to upset it?
  4. Stewart Kirby

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    Cosmetically it looks good, no photos of the engine ole but Beta 1395 is a good engine. Price is OK, your budget seems to have rocketed into outer space. I can’t see the point of an “in water survey”. It’s the condition of the hull, anodes, blacking etc that can really only be assessed by an out of water survey that matters. If I were in the market for a boat, I would be very interested.
  5. Stewart Kirby

    Boat House swap

    Even a swap will need the boat owners to contact their insurance company to make sure their insurance isn’t invalidated, or cough up extra money to extend the cover.
  6. Stewart Kirby

    Boat sit wanted: mid Oct to end Nov

    It’s the nearest Travelodge for you I think.
  7. Stewart Kirby

    Solar vs Generator

    Your boat is just over two years old but you needed new batteries. Now not all batteries are created equal but I would expect the batteries to have lasted longer given that you have the boat on shore power and use a battery charger. Now, not all engineers are created equal so it’s possibke the one you used did not have the right knowledge and experience to do anything other than a simple test which is inconclusive. You should not need solar or a generator if everything is functioning correctly. As a first step I would get a Smartguage and start monitoring your setup. If you are not technically minded it’s worth getting it installed by someone who knows what they are doing. My money is still on a faulty or incorrectly installed alternator, or one that isn’t up to the job.
  8. Stewart Kirby

    Solar vs Generator

    Get the alternator checked at once before you ruin the batteries. I have been in exactly the same situation.
  9. Stewart Kirby

    Solar vs Generator

    How old are the batteries? They may need replacing, four hours should be enough if the batteries are in good order.
  10. Stewart Kirby

    Dry Dock and moorings for sale

    I used them to black the boat. We were moored at Kings Bromley Marina so it was very handy. They did a decent job of blacking but left dirty footprints everywhere. I pointed this out and got a shrug of the shoulders. Not the service I was looking for so I didn’t use them again. In theory there’s a living to be made with the mooring and dry dock but you have to get the service offer right.
  11. Stewart Kirby

    Solar vs Generator

    You have asked an impossible to answer question because you don’t say what your current battery/ charging setup is or what your energy needs are. On our last boat we found four hours cruising with a domestic bank of three batteries mostly providing power to 12 volt appliances, TV, radio, shower and lights and a 240 volt hairdryer via an invertor was sufficient for our needs.
  12. Stewart Kirby

    Rank these boat builders!

    Death Trap!!!! Look at that stove installation.
  13. Stewart Kirby

    Age of boat

    You might get the answer. When I bought my first boat the owner kept the registration number as it had some significance to him. Something to do with railways. So we got a brand new number on a seven year old boat.
  14. Stewart Kirby

    Rank these boat builders!

    The Alvechurch boat is the best of the bunch. It’s 1992 boat and was probably built by Alvechurch or fitted out by them. I hired a couple of times from them and their boats were sound. I like it because although it has all the basics like BMC Engine, PRM Gearbox, central heating, water heating etc. But, for me the rest of it is a blank canvas, clear of loads of “stuff” you don’t want or need. Fairly good easy to set up two working areas with a bit of furniture. it needs the electrics enhancing with some solar and maybe an inverter and a bigger battery bank unless you are going to be mostly on shore power. i’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it but most people make an offer at less than the asking price, no harm in trying for a reduction. an ex-hire boat will have been well used but probably well maintained, no reason to rule them out.
  15. Stewart Kirby

    Rank these boat builders!

    Yes Alan, a bit tongue in cheek but on the other hand if they both work from “home” and are self employed maybe HMRC would allow a deduction against tax if they are home offices? Tongue still in cheek. Anyway, you have a 110 feet of boat and can still afford it.

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