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I never did like Steve Haywood


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Even at the beginning of that video the narrowboater is contravening regs by going across the bow of an oncoming vessel and forcing it to take evasive action. He should have turned behind it's stern in order to cross the river. I'm afraid some canal users should take a course or at least do some reading before venturing onto rivers. They come from the ditches in their sewertubes so I suppose you can't really expect much better from some of them.

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Which boat is Steve Haywood?

The NB "Justice"is clearly in the wrong.

Having owned two "yoghurt"pots and a "tin slug", I have experienced some insulting comments from narrowboaters about GRP boats,but I have to say always in fun.

This video made me very angry and had it been me rammed like that,I would have found that individual to make my opinion of him very clear,and if it led to fisticuffs,so be it!

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3 minutes ago, BWM said:

Speechless! The right to the mooring wasn't slightly ambiguous, i look forward to meeting him in a bridgehole to test his sense of entitlement. 


I'm spitting feathers, I'd like to meet him on solid ground.  Imagine that, putting that ladies safety at risk just to prove what folk seem to suspect, that he's an arse.

It's his partner I feel sorry for, imagine being shackled to that.

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