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  1. Hillmorton Elsan is STILL closed. Obviously not a CRT priority.
  2. Jo Publishing your telephone number on here is not a great idea. Put up a few more posts about what you want (my computer would not read your original post anyway) and you can ask folk to send you a personal message through this forum if they want to respond.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Someone on here surely can explain why CART have decided to spend a fortune on design, installation and staffing of a bespoke show garden at Hampton Court Flower Show when for just one example: at Hillmorton the Elsan point is still closed after 3 weeks as is the broken lock paddle gear on one of the bottom locks? They say the garden theme is removing plastic bottles from the canal but I would not have thought your average Flower Show visitor is the type of target audience who chuck their plastic in the cut. Some time ago, I helped to staff a special garden at this show for a well supported national charity. It cost a fortune and raised no money and little awareness other than with those who were already aware of it.
  5. Sorry to disappoint one or two, but neither I nor any member of my family have ever been a volunteer lock-keeper.
  6. On here......................................
  7. Well said - Covid aint the only severe sickness around.
  8. Why do we tolerate the mass torture of wildlife for fun?
  9. Braunston Boats or Redshaws. Both are by bottom lock and are good.
  10. Hillmorton Elsan is blocked again. CRT visited but apparently its not on the urgent list. Taped off.
  11. A good winding gets you started ?
  12. After years of wondering if the Elsan disposal point at Boughton Rd, Brownsover on the North Oxford was ever to open again, after the toilet building that it was attached to was closed, the conservative party leaflet has just announced their councillor's plan to open it again - as a community cafe.
  13. My impression was that his story was genuine but of course, you don't have to believe it - and by the way - he had been travelling for a good few hours before I met him at Hillmorton. At least - that is what he said.................. Strange that none of you regulars mentioned that perhaps he should have had an independent survey?
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