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  1. I only voted for two and it seemed to accept that.
  2. Equipment at the bottom lock records the emptying and filling of a lock without the volunteer having to be there although I understand that they do record the ones that pass through when they are there, just for their own record keeping.
  3. Not exactly a joke but I was trying to use humour to perhaps prompt the realisation that the difference between the 9000 movements claimed for boats passing through Hillmorton Locks and the 8362 movements actually recorded at the bottom locks could be that many boats (say 638) come down the flight merely to wind in the boatyard entrance so they use 6or7 and 4or5 but not 2or3.
  4. And the 8362 movements at Hillmorton is only for the twin bottom locks 2&3 - Whatever boats were responsible clearly all then disappeared into a black hole as there are no movements listed for the other two twinned locks at Hillmorton!!!
  5. Nick Wolfe was also involved with Aldgate.
  6. My first ever trip on a boat I had just bought was single handed in a raging storm on the Thames from Reading to Brentford and I did just that. That was some 30 years ago and I have since done the same on the Trent and other rivers. Plan to do the same on the Avon/Severn next year. Sometime has got to be your first time.
  7. I saw a beautiful Armstrong Siddeley saloon car yesterday at the Bicester Scramble. I love the sphinx mascot.
  8. Oh please don't be put off giving it a go yourself. You will never regret it. If you are apprehensive of a manoeuvre ahead of you, moor up and ask a local boater who will usually be very helpful. Just take it slow and easy.
  9. Apparently a violent explosion on an older boat moored between the road and the tunnel. Fire officers and police were visiting local pubs to try to find and owner of the boat as they thought no one was on board but the fire was so intense that they couldn't find a name of the boat.
  10. The Redshaws have just opened up new premises at Braunston and they were busy enough when I visited just after they opened. They are back beside the canal where they should be and did a perfectly good job for me. Of course, I realise that MtB is perfection personified.
  11. I really enjoyed this series. It was just about canal boating with not a celeb in sight. Well done Beeb.
  12. Just returned from a cruise to Market Harborough and want to give huge thanks to volunteers at Watford and Foxton who were so pleasant and helpful in both directions. And although not run by volunteers, the basin staff at MH were also very pleasant and helpful. And all in rain-soaked November.
  13. It was for the name on the side of the cabin Nine letters all upper case sent in detail as the word all in capitals asking for Ariel bold 14cms high times two. I was responding to the previous comment that you have to have a care when choosing the provider. Does anyone know where to get good stencils?
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