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  1. Basic Boat have my vote - they recently paid a claim in full with no hassle and were very peasant to deal with.
  2. You obviously have police contacts that we lack. Which officer told you they did not know about it? The only response from authority that I saw was a Community Safety Warden van that appeared very briefly on Saturday many hours after the party goers had gone elsewhere and many hours before they came back for another bash.
  3. Good point - and if that is the circle around you that you need to be safe when walking between people sitting at tables to your left and right and in front and behind, then not many tables will fit in a normal size cafe. Judging by the partying going on over the last three nights at Hillmorton Bottom Lock by about 30 or so young persons, it is all now irrelevant.
  4. And another question: In a scale from Jet-ski to Widebeam barge, when does a "privately owned motorized craft" be defined as a home?
  5. Next question then: What is the difference between a privately owned motorized craft and a narrowboat?
  6. Thankyou - I was sure I said no such thing 😑
  7. Does "OP" mean original poster?
  8. Monday 11th May Coronavirus Update from Damian Kemp, Boating communications manager, CRT stated “At this stage we continue to advise that boats should only be used for minimal travel.” Tuesday 12th May Coronavirus Update from Damian Kemp, Boating communications manager, CRT stated “only those living on their boat can make short essential trips” Can we, or can we not, go for a cruise? And as it is only advice, do we do as the Prime Minister said and use our common sense? i.e make our own mind up.
  9. Suggestions: Practice making your point in 30 seconds or less. Move your boat to a water point to fill up and then moor up somewhere else.
  10. Judging by the succession of boats through Hillmorton Locks and the mass of people sunning themselves and picnicking by the towing path, I would have thought that your one-off trip would be accepted. However - IF someone in authority was to turn up and actually enforce the rules that were made for the benefit of us all, then I would say that you should comply with them.
  11. I am (reliably) informed that the folk in these pics are all from the Ward Family. Perhaps some of you could name them?
  12. I hesitate to make an alternative suggestion and hope its not an upsetting idea but I am touched by your story and my sister was in a slightly similar position. Not wanting to get rid of a boat that had meant a lot to her but not practical to spend thousands on it, even if she had that sort of money she came up with a solution.. She had space in the garden of her house and had the boat brought by road and put on blocks. It did cost, but not anywhere near as much as repairing and keeping it on the water. Over the years she made it into a delightful guest room. Now you may of course not have such a space but I thought I would mention it. I do hope you receive some of the good luck that you are certainly due.
  13. A huge task well done would you allow a well meant observation? After all your work to overlay the Google map, it is inevitable that during the time it has taken, the Google part goes out of date as premises and their ownership/businesses change so is it technically possible to overlay your whole work on top of the most up to date Google map?
  14. If I wasn't confused enough already - your answer#10 ["No, but you have much bigger problems (potentially life-threatening)"] seems to say that my extension lead must be earthed or I risk killing someone but contradicts your latest answer that suggests using such a lead on a boat is OK. But then I seem to have misunderstood all the rest so I may well be wrong again.
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