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  1. Can you tell us where your boat is? - perhaps someone on here could have a look and advise.
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  3. canalboat


    Does it not have a nut shaped tightener that you can give a slight turn which should seal it?
  4. What a wonderful use of modern technology Who made it?
  5. I remember being at a meeting when the first professional fundraiser employed by CRT announced her plans and I was astounded at the millionaires budget she had managed to get them to stump up over three years, before there was any predicted income at all. It guaranteed a job for a good few years on a huge salary and expenses without having to actually raise any money at all. Doomed to failure from the start.
  6. I have to say that it was nice to walk the usual bit of the towpath and not feel ambushed by the same guy at the same place time after time. But on the other hand, I get just as miffed at the thought of what I pay to use the canal when so many are encouraged to use the towpath with no contribution to costs at all.
  7. I have (hopefully) attached some pics of the boiler pot and the probe you need to replace. These pics were sent to me by a nice person on this forum when I first had the Kabola E3. I have always found Karunda very helpful but of course they charge money for the spares.  I am about to take the pot out again to hoover out the dust and scrape out the hardened on coke, for the winter use. You COULD fiddle about trying to take the nut off the probe but chances are the nut will not budge until you have lost skin off your knuckles so for both those reasons, I recommend that you do take out the pot to scrape it out.  

    Turn off the fuel supply.

    Unfortunately you first have to remove the fuel regulator gismo on the front of the heater and the overboil sensor tube whilst being careful not to damage the copper coil tube to it. Keep it upright or the fuel will run all over your floor.


    Undo the smallest compression nut on the thermocouple end of the copper capillary tube that connects to the probe in the pot. 

    Undo the two nuts that hold on the red font plate of the boiler.

    Put a piece of wood under the pot to catch it when it drops so that the "asbestos" tape seal is not damaged. (If it looks dodgy, replace it) or you won't get a good blue flame).

    Undo and remove the under two soot covered nuts that you will find under the front of the pot inside the boiler casing and remove their bolts. The front of the pot should drop down onto the wood unless it is gummed up and needs gentle persuasion. It may still stay hung up in place at the back of the pot where is held up by a metal strip that the pot edge rests on.

    Carefully pull the pot slightly forward and it will drop off of the back ledge onto the wood and you can slide it all out.

    Remove the probe, clean out the pot and install the new probe.

    Now - I have always found that putting the pot back is an exasperating job but sometimes it goes back like a dream. Put your bit of wood back in and push the pot back lifting it slightly at the back so that the meatal at the top/rear of the pot resits on the metal strip.

    Now you need four hands.

    One hand in side the boiler to feel that the pot and its seal is central - another hand to gently lift the front of the pot until it is firmly in place - then you r third hand to insert one of the two bolts at the top front of the pot and the fourth hand you put a nut on the end of the bolt and make it finger tight. you can now use you first two hands to put in the second bolt and nut. 

    Now connect the other end of the copper capillary tube to the thermocouple (if you haven't done so, I recommend that having gone to al this faff that you ask Karunda to send you a replacement thermocouple (not cheap but you just saved yourself a fortune in "engineer" charges,)

    Replace the front cover and the fuel regulator - turn on the fuel - light the boiler and have a stiff drink.

    I may have forgotten something but you should be able to figure it out from the above. Let me know if you get stuck.






    kabola pot3.jpeg

    kabola pot.jpeg

    kabola pot2.jpeg

  8. I am sure it has been said in one of the previous posts but as CRT are powerless to act against so-called continuous cruisers mooring for months in the same spot and covering the footpath with all their worldly goods and rubbish, what is the point of them making yet more rules that only worry the rule-respecting good boaters.
  9. I have done this job. Difficult for me to describe in words. Where is your boat?
  10. You had to queue today though! Half a dozen people have been working on the locks all week and work is still ongoing. Apparently a sill has to be replaced in one lock and then the gates will be replaced.
  11. Annnndd its open again. A man just came to unblock it and possible was more thorough than the previous ones as he found - not just the cap off a cassette which is the usual culprit, but the entire L shaped arm !
  12. And for the latest in the drama - CRT got a telephone call this morning from a boater in a hospital bed. He explained that he had struggled with two toilet tanks up to the Elsan point from his boat moored below Hillmorton bottom Lock to find it was closed. He struggled back with his two full training weights but collapsed, and an ambulance crew recovered him to the road and took him to hospital. You may imagine this would spur CRT into action - Silly you. The Elsan Point is still closed.
  13. No change on the Elson front. Still closed. Some boaters took to emptying into the used the lockup loo until that got blocked until one of the lock-keepers unbunged it (not quite in the volunteers handbook). Boaters are saying that the next Elson points in both directions are also blocked.
  14. And its closed again. That is after the contractors went away after apparently unblocking it. And so is one of the bottom locks closed again after a bus-load of CRT experts "repaired" it from being closed yesterday. Quite a long tail back of boats heading South. Not so many heading North.
  15. It is now open but the contractors who unbunged it left it in a filthy state.
  16. The Elsan at Hillmorton Locks is blocked. That of course does not stop people still emptying their effluent into it even though it overflows direct into the canal. Reported to CRT and Southern Water as its attached to their pumping station.. Southern Water turned up but said its a CRT problem. No sign of CRT yet. Recommend no swimming.
  17. Remember - Only a Ginger can call another Ginger - Ginger
  18. It was a thought but why should I have the aggravation and stress of confrontation with dull people. I did like the thoughtful words of The Happy Nomad above.............
  19. I have just looked in unbelieving horror as a boy aged about 12 got off a hire boat that was coming up through Hillmorton bottom lock carrying two bags of rubbish and ignoring the bins, threw them both into an attractive flowerbed on private property and ran back to what I guessed were his parents. All looked well dressed respectable intelligent people. I carefully picked the bags out of the flowers and put them in the Biffa skip provided by CRT. I then telephoned the Hire Company whose management promised to speak to them harshly. It's getting worse isn't it? Or is it just me getting old?
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. Basic Boat have my vote - they recently paid a claim in full with no hassle and were very peasant to deal with.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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