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  1. Thankyou for all the contributions. Yes, it is very complicated and there is lots to consider with the business side and of course meeting regulations and safety standards. I am aware and proceeding with most of those points, there was just a couple I was unaware of, Thankyou for highlighting them. So to summarise the answer to my original question- I take it that I would have to earn over £85k (which I wouldn't believe I would even at best estimations!) So therefore I would not have to pay the VAT for change of liveaboard. * * Im going to triple check this with HMRC. Thankyou
  2. Yes I have the marina's blessing. My current marina doesn't, which is why I'm moving. That's great news, Thankyou Laurie. Can I ask how you know? I really want to be sure so I'm not shocked with a huge bill once I put my taxes in etc
  3. Hello all, this is my first post as I can't seem to find the answer anywhere . I have a 2019 Collingwood that has been my liveaboard home and I am now considering renting it out as a holiday rental via Airbnb. It will be based in a leisure only marina. It's all planned, with me having to crane it to the location in 2 weeks time and I've suddenly had a thought... As I change the use from home to business, will I have to pay the VAT??? This will totally scupper my plan so I need to know asap. TIA Nina
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