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    wow, you plainly don’t have much experience of body piercing if you think that’s the most disgusting ?
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    Perhaps we should call it the David Bowie sensor...
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    I had a hunch it might be something like that, hence my post leaning away from the flue hat. Presumably you'd had that set up for a while so if something changes......prolly summat else, ??
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    From the BSS notes to examiners : A number of boat owners have contacted the BSS Office asking if the Fuel Guard water separator and fuel filter Type FGD conforms to the requirements of the BSS if installed in the engine bay of either a diesel or petrol fuelled engine. Description / scenario The BSS Office has been in contact with the UK suppliers of this device who has provided a copy off a Declaration of Conformity. This declaration indicates that the filter meets the relevant requirements of standards ISO 7840-2004 and ISO 10088-2009. The BSS Office has reviewed this declaration and it indicates that the Fuel - Guard products listed below meet the requirements of BSS Check 2.12.2 [2013] and C2.16 [2002] Are all fuel filters inside engine spaces fire resistant? The declaration reviewed covers the following devices, Fuel filters / water separators Type: DCI Certificate number: CE-RCD- ı395 Model types: FUEL-GUARD FGDI00, FUEL-GUARD FGD230, FUEL-GUARD FGD560 FUEL-GUARD FGD1120, FUEL-GUARD FGD 1680, FUEL-GUARD FGD2240 Implications for BSS examinations Examiners finding such devices installed within the engine space should establish that the label on the top of the device has model numbers as listed above and apply the appropriate checks as normal.
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    When we had the mooring in west London there were occasional problems with hoons racing motorbikes on the towpath and would often have words with the riders, which most times solved the problem, but the last couple of years we were there this became impossible primarily due to a number of boaters riding and parking on the towpath. A sign of the times and the 'me and my needs first' mentality.
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    I now find that the political commentators I follow on Twitter have contaminated their Brexit threads with narrowboating...
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    Ive just added you to my " Following " list so you cant escape me ?
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    Welcome...………………….. If you literally mean "accessed from the boat as you cruise" sadly this isn't going to work well - these days most brokers are not like car showrooms they tend to sell boats from their moorings or from a base - there are very few where you will be able to hop off your boat and look and more particularly where you will be able to view more than one or two a day without detailed appointments. My advice is DONT spoil your holiday but allow for a couple of days either side with a hire car particularly to view the "Braunston triangle" taking in ABNB/Whilton/Rugby/Tollhouse/Weltonfield/Braunston all of whom are in close proximity. We ALL started somewhere where you just want to look and gain ideas from touching and feeling actual boats and our internet based world doesn't help that - IMHO if you are completely new a day spent in the triangle is the only way to start ....................Whilton has a great café as does Braunston (just down the road) Have fun
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    Too true! This is always the way, I'm good at ignoring it though... but yes, I'm figuring boats can really get expensive. * I found two which caught my eye: a 35ft - but "believed to be 6mm" for the hull, should be 10mm no? Otherwise layout is nice and tidy. But 19k? Maybe more like 16k, assuming no nasty surprises? https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/colecraft-35-cruiser-stern/572936 The next is much larger and it really looks a nice boat - interestingly, was on sale two years ago for 29k - so either was sold to a broker and furniture removed but not sold, or was bought and sold within a two year period? Mmmmm, it has a GRP superstructure, not steel... maybe worth 20k? https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/narrow-boats-cruiser-stern/565564 Am I right in thinking some people list to sell and other people just throw boats on sale with heavy price tags and see if an idiot like me comes along?
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    Heisenberg and Schrodinger were driving to work one day, when they were stopped by a traffic policeman. Policeman: "Do you now what speed you were doing?" Heisenberg: " No, but I knew exactly where I was." Policeman: "Well, you were doing exactly 81 mph." Heisenberg: "Thanks for that, but now I have no idea where I am." The policeman is now annoyed by the scientists' attitude, so he examines their car carefully, hoping to find a fault. Finally he opens the boot... Policeman: "Hey, did you know you've got a dead cat in here?" Schrodinger: " No, I wasn't certain, but I am now. Chris G
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