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  1. Agreed but I have time I'm just fed up of spending so much time on Apollo Duck etc worried I might miss that special craft 😞 Missed a short Five Towns cos we went on holiday a few weeks ago which didn't help my mood! Re your Sea Otter comment I'm not looking for a boat to use any more than a couple of hours at the weekend - what I want is an engaging "man cave" on the water. J
  2. Just bumping again as still looking - now widening the search to anything "interesting/different" with interesting engine in an engine room max 45ft max £45k It has to be out there..........resigned to this now coming as a result of an end of season decision. Cheers J
  3. Sadly not - too "tender" and not enough freeboard (if any!) for the River Severn. Thanks J
  4. Just to give this a bump - there is no rush but we just don't want to miss that special one off boat - I know its out there but accept it could take a while. Cheers J
  5. Looks like a Dobson front and a Dawncraft rear to me
  6. I wouldn't waste time with "patching" and nor IMHO would any decent yard - having some knowledge of the subject and seen many Springers done at Streethay (as we used to moor there) it will need a complete job and I doubt they will want a survey - but again times change. NOT a great position to be in but that's boating I'm afraid..................it isn't a cheap pastime
  7. TBC - I'm saying it feels about right but my knowledge is also a bit historic
  8. Contact a couple of midlands yards just to give yourself a benchmark Streethay Wharf have made overplating springers a bit of a specialism (as have others) and should be able to give you a pretty decent quote over the phone as will Lime Farm - IMHO £10k is only £200/ft so isn't bad
  9. Try - Pellon - Batteries on the Web - Varta Hobby A28 - always had 5 years out of them and if you order enough they will deliver to your boat or certainly used to.
  10. Isn't Omegas owner a chimney sweep often found at Merry"hell" basin????? Single RN's can be found in Autarky and Hinea - so called "Jarrett" class boats.
  11. Update We have just bought a new 4m RIB/15hp Honda to keep us afloat, take the pressure off buying and allow us to wait for the "right" boat - this will be our last proper boat (if indeed it happens at all) and the more we reflect, our "needs" are pretty specific - and we're not interested in compromising......... I have always had a soft spot for "special" short boats and that is what we really want as we are unlikely to stay more than 1-2 nights at a time on her in our ownership. Its already interesting what this 'topic" has generated.............. Good to see "Governor" has quickly gone to a new home - she/he was never going to hang about...................... J
  12. I have PM'd you - shame she has been extended 😂
  13. Great boat - we've always loved it - its got that magic "something"😇 J
  14. You are probably right but we had the chance pre advert and declined - we are constrained by our mooring to 35-40 and not keen on riveted iron - luverly boat but its a bit too old for us (iron) and we are a bit too old for it (too heavy and too long) 10 years ago I would have bought it like a shot. J
  15. Perhaps someone might know the owner or be cruising past?
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