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  1. Thanks but not wood and not over 45ft (pref 40ft) due to our River Severn mooring. J
  2. Bumping again - we are still looking..................it must be out there. J
  3. MANY THANKS - my problem is solved "Rich" on Roach can deliver 400L to our mooring just above Holt Fleet lock in April so that sorts the problem completely. Thanks again. J😅
  4. Hi, As Stourport Marina (Tingdene) no longer supplies fuel does anyone know of a fuel boat that passes that way? I appreciate that there is Fuel at Upton and in the canal basin but I have just bought a 40ft motor boat with little or no fuel in it and it won't get to Upton and it is very big to try to negotiate the pumps at Limekiln so if I can avoid this it would be good - no rush I just need fuel sometime before April. There is probably a market for deliveries to the River Marina area now as there are lots of boats that will have this problem for the first time this year. Happy cruising everyone - its good to be starting to plan for a new boating season at last. J
  5. Very sad, we didn't know him well but he was a gentleman and sadly another one from the "old school" passing on to that infinite "pound" in the sky. RIP Rick
  6. Agreed but I have time I'm just fed up of spending so much time on Apollo Duck etc worried I might miss that special craft 😞 Missed a short Five Towns cos we went on holiday a few weeks ago which didn't help my mood! Re your Sea Otter comment I'm not looking for a boat to use any more than a couple of hours at the weekend - what I want is an engaging "man cave" on the water. J
  7. Just bumping again as still looking - now widening the search to anything "interesting/different" with interesting engine in an engine room max 45ft max £45k It has to be out there..........resigned to this now coming as a result of an end of season decision. Cheers J
  8. Sadly not - too "tender" and not enough freeboard (if any!) for the River Severn. Thanks J
  9. Just to give this a bump - there is no rush but we just don't want to miss that special one off boat - I know its out there but accept it could take a while. Cheers J
  10. Looks like a Dobson front and a Dawncraft rear to me
  11. I wouldn't waste time with "patching" and nor IMHO would any decent yard - having some knowledge of the subject and seen many Springers done at Streethay (as we used to moor there) it will need a complete job and I doubt they will want a survey - but again times change. NOT a great position to be in but that's boating I'm afraid..................it isn't a cheap pastime
  12. TBC - I'm saying it feels about right but my knowledge is also a bit historic
  13. Contact a couple of midlands yards just to give yourself a benchmark Streethay Wharf have made overplating springers a bit of a specialism (as have others) and should be able to give you a pretty decent quote over the phone as will Lime Farm - IMHO £10k is only £200/ft so isn't bad
  14. Try - Pellon - Batteries on the Web - Varta Hobby A28 - always had 5 years out of them and if you order enough they will deliver to your boat or certainly used to.
  15. Isn't Omegas owner a chimney sweep often found at Merry"hell" basin????? Single RN's can be found in Autarky and Hinea - so called "Jarrett" class boats.
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