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    Transport officer for the EU in Kosovo. [Retired]
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  1. My motorbike has a 17 litre plastic fuel tank under the seat.
  2. Back in the late 90s i was driving car transporters out of Sharpness dock, the company had a large storage compound next to the lock. Talking to the staff there one night whilst watching the vicious swirling of the tide coming in i was told the story of a guy turning up at the lock making a passage to Bristol in a narrowboat. Story goes that when asked what navigation he was using [chosen not to pay for pilot] he waved a road atlas at them and insisted he knew what he was doing so they let him through. A couple of hours later a cargo ship coming up from Bristol called the docks and said there is a guy clinging onto a marker buoy in the river and could they send rescue. He was rescued and his boat was recovered after 3 days, all windows gone and totally full of mud after about 10 tides had gone through it. Moral of the story, always use a pilot.
  3. Boaters will say that you dont find the boat, it finds you, or you will know if it is the one within 2 minutes of stepping aboard. Not sure how that will work over Zoom. Why not put a link to the boat for free advice/slagging off etc. The more the forum experts know the more advice you will get.
  4. Bet that taught her a lesson, where did you poke her?
  5. Eat more curry, avoid the problem recurring.
  6. Is it the 45 footer at GHBS with the Rigas diesel? Looks a nice boat to me, been for sale for ages, i guess the engine puts people off, i would have it.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Phil from narrowboat journeys is good, nice scenery and he does not have the camera in his face like most. Country House Gent is another and Robbie Cummings, thats it for me.
  9. Far too many narrowboat channels on the tube, boats festooned with cameras so not to miss any content to keep the patreons happy, far too many lazy scroungers as well that like to cruise around expecting everyone else to pay for it. Some of them are so depressing i feel like ringing the Samaritans after 2 mins so i only follow 3 now.
  10. The search function reveals 851 posts with NBTA in the thread, enjoy the read.
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