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    kosovo and Macedonia

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    Transport officer for the EU in Kosovo. [Retired]
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  1. Metric stupidity

    I left UK 11 years ago, i could see what was coming, never looked backed yet, never been happier either, i dont read any papers, full of political BS, doom and gloom and hysteria over half an inch {12.6 mm} of snow. 25cm {10 inches } due here tonight but i will manage the 2 minute walk to the pub tomorrow where i will enjoy several 500 ml glasses of ice cold draft Tuborg. Is your summer starting tomorrow or are you still stuck? More bad stuff heading your way i think.
  2. Metric stupidity

    Or as usual UK has been left behind while the rest of the world marches on. We look like the bogey on the map.
  3. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    So whats the story with the boat, has it been for sale a long time?
  4. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    Probably not, but the surveyor should find that out.
  5. Metric stupidity

    Tyres are a mixture of both, take a 275 x 65 x 16, 275 is the tread width in mm, 65 is the profile percentage, 16 is the wheel size in inches, what a mix up.
  6. Metric stupidity

    Most of the world is metric yet you still buy TV,s where the screen size is inches.
  7. Boat Mail

    I heard through some people in the Motorhome community that DVLA are no longer accepting Boatmail addresses, same for some insurance companies.
  8. Mooring in Bristol Area

    I used to have a mooring in Saltford marina, poncy, snobby people mostly, all in their little clicky groups. Portavon marina just down river was much better, real people there.
  9. Sending passport through the post.

    Just renewed my sons passport, DHL from Kosovo, returned 2 weeks later. Old one came back first, new one 5 days later, easy. Only time i used the post as i always book an appointment when back in UK and get it in 4 hours.
  10. Yamaha Outboard service nr Bath

    Portavon marina at Keynsham could be worth a try, i bought a Honda outboard there years ago and they did servicing then. Another is the boatyard by the sailing club down past Saltford, Shepards boat yard i think. ETA. Portavons website still lists engine servicing.
  11. petrol shelf life, and side effects?

    My boat goes back in the water in April/May, always runs on fuel from last summer, 2 stroke mix. Done the same for the last 3 years. My fuel is always at least 6 months old at the start of the season.
  12. electric cars

    He is hoping to Hoover up all the competition.
  13. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    I blame the internet speed in Kosovo, cold weather has slowed it down.
  14. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    You Tube, Journey with Jono, he has just bought some for his boat. Victron ones i think, he gives a good explanation on why he did it.