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Mike Hurley

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    kosovo and Macedonia

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    Transport officer for the EU in Kosovo. [Retired]
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    SOLD. Looking for another.
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    Lake Ohrid.

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  1. Yes, there will be some weather.
  2. Pour it down the toilet instead😃
  3. Mike Hurley


    Fishing brolly could worth a look.
  4. I was in charge of a fleet of armoured Toyota Landcruisers that all came with AGM/Gel batteries, 2 on each vehicle and they all failed after about 6 months, changed them to ordinary lead acids, no problems. Should be the same in reverse i would have thought. Could be a problem if you use the stop/start on a normal battery maybe.
  5. Should have kept my T120 Bonnie as well.
  6. I had a GT 750 triple, 3 times the smoke and 25 mpg on a good day.
  7. My car has stop/start which i turn off as soon as i start it, stupid system. Car is just starting its 3rd year and if the battery goes i will fit a normal one.
  8. Apart from canned drinks, what would stay fresh for 3 months in a fridge?
  9. I had bikes continuously from 16 until 32, had a 12 year break then went out and bought a Honda 750 and had to ride it 30 miles home, roundabouts were interesting.
  10. MG Magnette was the same size as the Cambridge/Oxford models.
  11. The task in hand being a mobile phone.
  12. There was the Austin 1300 GT, the fastest 0-40 mph car in its day. Cant recall an MG version but happy to stand corrected. Wasn't the Metro the first badged/ non MG car? ETA, just googled it, there was an MG version.
  13. Yes that light was there, Vanden Plas model?
  14. Loved those cars, i had 3 i think, much better than a mini. One of them was a 1300 Wolsley with wood grain dash, luxury. MK3 Corblimey 1300 was massively under powered, ok in an Escort where it should have stayed.
  15. 2.6 straight 6 engine linked to a Borg Warner 3 speed box with column change, never did break down in 2 years of my ownership, it had an 8 track tape player in it as well.
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