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Mike Hurley

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    kosovo and Macedonia

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    Transport officer for the EU in Kosovo. [Retired]
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    SOLD. Looking for another.
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  1. I have had 3 Carrera bikes from Halfords, all took home in the box and assembled myself, great bikes with quality components, never had a problem with any.
  2. Do you need a license for a Camel?
  3. I bet that batter makes a right mess on the barbie
  4. Use Butyl tape that way you can get the frames out again if you need to. Sikaflex or similar will need to be cut out.
  5. Engine porn, great start to a day.
  6. A large sign saying, Jehovah Witness meeting here tonight, all welcome, might work.
  7. Access to air/oxygen should be denied.
  8. Not snobby at all, just common sense. I do the same where i live, went to the supermarket this morning at 08.30, home by 09.00. Only 4 customers in there including me and my wife. 1.8 million in this country, 75% of which have an IQ that is less than their shoe size so early shopping to avoid them. Stocked up on beer, charcoal and meat ready for a barbie this afternoon, 22c today and i have a south facing terrace so hotter on there.
  9. Someone just shouted at me to slow down.
  10. I follow some sailing channels on the tube, they are all stuck worldwide as well. Nice yacht by the way, make/size?
  11. Without a passport you wont leave the airport.
  12. My thoughts as well, thats why i went out today 1 hour earlier than i should have, nice and quiet in the supermarket though.
  13. It is a bit tighter where i live, you can go out from 05.00-10.00 and again at 16.00-20.00 Big fines applied if you dont have permission to be out, nice and quiet though, shops well stocked, no beer shortage.
  14. Possibly, i did the registered technician course.
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