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  1. I took five in for my neighbour in april , got 55p per kg he got just shy of 60 quid back which paid for a new starter battery Rick
  2. dccruiser


    You think thats bad! theres a guy i passed moored on the Shroppie with a similar size one sat on the cruiser stern of his old springer! Rick
  3. Ditto, but to be fair is there such a thing as a perfect management structure in any company in todays world? .... I certainly cant think of one! Rick
  4. Just trying to balance it out a bit as there is so much unnecessary critisism towards CRT online. Rick
  5. Yes, the magnetic locks werent holding on either post! Rick
  6. OK grateful .... [email protected]@dy pedants ... it had been a long day!! Rick
  7. This afternoon the electric lift bridge at Wrenbury decided to play up, within 30 minutes 2 guys arrived and sorted it, thats twice in 24 hours i have been greatful of their service, well done guys another email to the area office to tell them what a great job your doing Rick😀
  8. Sorry i cross posted mike, got it now ... you only want one in the rain otherwise to be left alone! Rick
  9. The thread i actually started? ... i think i might have done! ... essentially to summise your comments Mike and with te greatest respect, firstly you say you dont see vlockies, then you question their intentions and commitment if they choose not to get soaked whilst volunteering in their own time, then you go on to relate what its costing you to use the system whereas they are essentially getting the joy of using the locks for free! ... sorry if i am being dim but none of it corrulates to me ..... do you ever question Daniel and the team of mods that give their time for free to make this site what it is if they arent there to mod a post at 3am because they choose to sleep! ... in all cases whatever the reason someone volunteers is immaterial I an just very greatful people do. Rick
  10. Personally i dont see why there is all the conjecture as to what motivates someone to help .... They help in their own time dont ask for payment or reward just a little courtesy and a thank you, I for one applaud any effort they or any others such as JP do to help, keep and improve this system we all love to enjoy. Rick
  11. Which is exactly what anyone with any sense would do! ... the guys that locked me through yesterday despite having a tea hut and vehicles they could have sheltered in happily worked through the rain and ok they were employed staff , but conversely i have been through Fradley often when its been drizzling and recieved assistance, but i certainly wouldnt expect it in a downpour. Rick
  12. These were actual CRT guys rather than vlockies doing a great job keeping boats safe going through Hurleston as the bottom lock has bulged and is particularly narrow ... contantly checking both sides for clearance and ready to close the paddles, they actually had one stick yesterday, so full marks for their vigilance in stopping a boat potentially sinking and also top marks to CRT for going through the effort to keep the flight open and the Llangollen accessible through the season rather than closing it for the major work it will need in the winter. Rick
  13. Just want to say a very big thank you to the CRT guys at Hurleston today, although they are only there to operate the first 2 locks as soon as they realised i was single crewed they locked me through all 4 , one guy in particular running between the locks to set both the previous lock for the next boat as well as the locks ahead of me, I certainly have no problems operating the locks myself as i do it all the time, but it was particularly welcome as it was raining and it gave me a chance to grab a hot cuppa, so thanks again guys Rick
  14. Couldnt agree more, as a single handed boater it isnt just the double locks that need "props" where they are situated where the wind opens the bottom gates quicker than you can get from one end to the other ... usually when you are in the middle of nowhere and no other boats around, the only options being either crack a ground paddle to use the frow to hold them closed ... or as i do carry a couple of home made props made from an old barge pole. Rick
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