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  1. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Couldnt agree more after my 15 hours on the tidal trent in full flood ... as for the stability of landing craft, when we arrived in the south atlantic our first casualty was a guy who shot himself in the foot as the LC's were bouncing up and down by 4 to 6 feet! Rick
  2. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    Well done! glad your time and effort to resolve this issue wasnt wasted Rick
  3. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    Sad to say CART acting reactively instead of proactively ... this whole scenario highlights why there are so many stealth boats on the system, yet the owners licensed and insured boaters that are genuinely CC'ing get letters passing through the same area all be it weeks apart. Rick
  4. Weird Insurance renewal!!

    Craftinsure also reduced mine again this year ... last year by £11 this year by £14 so i guess they will stop soon otherwise by 2028 they will owe me money! Rick
  5. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    I came down the tidal Trent on one occasion on a 40' nb when it was well in flood with apparently 13' of "fresh", the waves were bouncing off my windows and every other wave the prop was spinning out the water, took 15 hours to get from Keadby to Cromwell .... never again! Personally i think anyone who does this by choice definitely needs to take more tablets! Rick
  6. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    Well said! i would hope anyone coming across a potentially sinking boat would do the same to alleviate an environmental disaster and to hopefully save the owner the distress a sunken boat would cause them. Rick
  7. Big sofa, little door...

    Nice job! thats pretty much what the guys i bought mine off did to get it in Rick
  8. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    I get that completely, but i think of a boat someone doesnt live on as an "extra" in their life , so should their financial situation take a dive for whatever reason it is the first thing that is going to suffer.... to be fair i dont understand why CART werent on their case months ago with reference to their licence and why a section 8 hasnt already been put in place. Rick
  9. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    Agree completely the possible pollution of the canal is the immediate issue ... on the other side of the coin though the owner could have genuinely fell on hard times or suffered ill health or a bereavement, especially as they dont appear to have visited the boat for some considerable time so i personally would refrain from making judgements without being fully aware of the facts. Rick
  10. TV on the blink

    I actually have my own PAT tester so can certify it if needs be Rick
  11. TV on the blink

    Whereabouts are you?i have a spare 26" tv sat doing nothing if its any good to you, i was going to donate to the next charity shop i come across Rick
  12. March of the Wide Beams

    Where i am at willington come summer get loads of the widebeams from Mercia cruise between the marina and the winding hole at the back of the Dragon all of less than a mile each way! one of them actually passed me 6 times in each direction one evening last summer, when i asked him if he was lost he said oh i dont take my boat through locks as i dont want to scratch the paintwork! Rick
  13. Big sofa, little door...

    I bought a sofabed from a company in derby, they delivered for 15 quid, first time they came it would no way got through the doors, they returned a week later and bought the upholsterer with them, they split two joints on the frame, got it in put it back together then the upholsterer re-upholstered it in my lounge and i had to force them to take a tip on top of the 15 quid delivery! Rick
  14. What have you fettled for the boat today?

    Yes the dock has blown air diesel heating and a roller shutter door to the waterline ... last week i was working in a t shirt when there was a hard frost outside and more importantly achieved steel temperatures between 14 and 16 degrees. Rick
  15. What have you fettled for the boat today?

    Sadly mine was red , which is probably the worse colour for fading add to the fact it was an ex hire boat it had too many scuffs to recover .... everytime i have that moment where i think what the hell have i done i just watch one of John Barnards youtube videos and think another 2 weeks and mine will look vaguely like that! ... Will keep the pics coming as i progress and hopefully once its all done signwritted and had the new windows, doors and hatch fitted it will be unrecognisable from what i started with .... then i am getting the sewing machine out to make a new cratch and pram hood cover, so that will be a whole blog on its own! Rick