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  1. Ref you question "LPWS4 started smoking after replacing head gasket".


    What was the fix - we'd all love to know.

  2. Wotever! .... when you get another boat, get the same equipment and sim as me and try it ... then give me your opinion based on FACT as mine is ... dont just sit googling in your chair and calling me a liar... oh and dont bother responding again please as I have far more important things to do with my time than making sure anyone potentially looking for a dog b*llox internet setup isnt dissuaded by an armchair expert , but gets the factual feedback of someone that actually uses the equipment on a daily basis. Rick
  3. Why on earth would I ? as a user of EE with the equipment above it works brilliantly, so rather than go and question that , I give the information out to people looking for a brilliant fast reliable internet setup based on actually using it for 12 months plus and having installed it on a number of boats and those people also being over the moon with it, I can and will heartily recommend it. Oh and all the installations i have done have been for no financial reward whatsoever, so i have no reason to recommend it other than the fact I am so, so pleased with the setup and speeds i achieve.
  4. it can be a 10th of 3 , limited sugests in some way an inferior service which as a user it isnt... it has made not one jot of difference to the speed of my interrnet or my ability to get 5G in most places ... fact Rick
  5. I get my 5G internet through the router and aerial i recommended above .... Its a 300mbps 5g router with 4 ethernet ports and capable of running 32 devices ... in conjunction with the MIMO aerial in my earlier post. ... I hope you enjoy your 5G as much as i do Rick
  6. If you wish to visit at your expense I will happily prove it to you, record your visit and accept your apology publicly Rick
  7. Plus ... suggesting you believe everything previously said to contradict me was true ... EE has limited bandwidth at the moment ? .... no it doesnt but you would know this if you actually used it as i have for the last 12 months +
  8. well then your wrong! I have no reason to lie I am not in or near any of the above listed cities and have been getting 5g internet for over 12 months Sorry but thats utter rubbish based on my experience of EE and several other people that have adopted my setup and are using the same EE sim .... You can read what you want but everything i have stated is from practical experience otherwise i would say it was crap and certainly not endorse it to anyone else but rather tell them to steer clear ... I obviously wont do that because it is absolutely excellent and
  9. With my EE 60g for 28 quid a month sim I am now getting 5g almost everywhere , just done the 4 counties, llangollen, weaver and cauldon no issues streaming at lightening speeds Rick with my setup i dont need a massive mast ... it even works just laid on the roof and gives me a signal right to the cruiser stern when i am on the move even though the router is right at the front of the boat Rick
  10. To be fair I am sure it would have manifested itself today especially in this heat and with all the time at tickover going through locks Rick
  11. Glad to hear your moving and have company , just in case ... but i am sure once the air is out you will be absolutely fine Rick
  12. without the cap the level will just keep rising as i did on a boat i went out to last week on the cov where the cap seal had deteriorated ... the pressure will be at the highest point hence the expansion tank ... it allows the fluid to rise and fall, but only escape if the cap spring pressure is reached. Rick
  13. I had it the other way around ... the Plastic padding didnt work for me , but the evo stick did! .... I can only think the reason is down to the temperature as mine failed Jan before last just before that deluge of snow! .... I am sure with the cap on you will be just fine , but do make sure that the system is bled properly before setting off ... good luck Rick
  14. yes because the cap is designed to open against its spring pressure to allow water out ... if you take it off effectively you are putting a hole in a sealed system as the coolant heats up you will see the level rise then fall as the stat opens , this is why you have 2 filling marks for hot or cold on most expansion tanks.... the only time it will pass the tank cap is if it boils up due to an airlock or a failed head gasket.... hence you never take a cap straight off a warm engine as you are likely to release the pressure held and the coolant is liable to scald you. Rick
  15. I had the exact same thing on a boat i went out to the other week ... It had suffered cooling problems andi had replaced the head gaskets and several parts of the pipework as it had failed... the boat still lost its coolant, then i discovered the actual cap seal on the expansion tank was totally shot, replaced the cap and no more issues ... everytime it had reached temp the water had risen , come straight out the leaking cap seal and obviously air was getting in. ... with a small expansion tank you cant run with the cap off. Rick
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