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  1. dccruiser

    Unusual Issue

    I did exactly this with my last dog as she was the same when on the move ... ran the engine for an hour at a time and built it up whilst on the boat pottering around doing jobs and watching tv ... took a few weeks but after that the dog was fine when we were on the move. Rick
  2. dccruiser

    Sterling Alternator no output

    couldnt agree more ... i also suggested this in my original post ...can only be faulty ... not correctly wired or be using the wrong size bulb , or of course be some kind of special Rick
  3. dccruiser

    Sterling Alternator no output

    This is from the Sterling site and clearly says alternator with standard reg or Alternator with standard and PDAR .... As i said in my earlier post when fitting, the instructions state you must get the alternator wired and working BEFORE connecting the PDAR ... that way you ensure the alternator wiring and the bulb you choose to fit are correct. Description Part Number 12V 200A alternator with standard reg AL12200 12V 200A alternator with standard & PDAR AL12200PDAR 12V 140A alternator with standard reg (supplied with multi v and twin v pulley) AL12140 12V 140A alternator with standard and PDAR (supplied with multi v and twin v pulley) AL12140PDAR 24V 150A alternator with standard reg AL24140 24V 150A alternator with standard and PDAR AL12140PDAR Rick
  4. dccruiser

    Sterling Alternator no output

    I see your point Tony, but i am sure when i installed mine the alternator showed an output before i did the final connections to the PDAR and as the PDAR is designed to work on any alternator with the addition of a field wire I couldnt see a valid reason to remove the charging capability if the PDAR fails or cuts out , especially as he sells it based on the fact if it goes faulty it will revert back to the standard regulator charging ... the only other reason to interfere with the regulator is possibly to change it for one that is more in tune with the PDAR as modern alternators negate the need for an external regulator. Couldnt agree more Tony ... My A2B also has the temp sensors for batteries and alternator as standard, so if either gets hot it shuts down ... It achieves its increased charging rate by reducing the alternator voltage as i am sure you know, so if it was allowing high voltages to the batteries it may well be the culprit and could well be responsible for the failed alternators along with the previously failed batteries. If the items were bought within the last 12 months then surely they are warranted. Rick
  5. dccruiser

    Sterling Alternator no output

    I also have a sterling alternator (145amp) but i bought it together with a PDAR pro reg DW and also a remote panel along with 2 temperature sensors which were supplied with the PDAR , one to my alternator and one to my batteries, I also have my original A127 70amp engine alternator running in parallel ... I wired it all in a couple of years ago , but do remember and have just double checked on Sterlings site he expressly says check the alternator for an output before connecting the PDAR ... from what i could gather all he had done was added the white field wire to make it easier for a non electrical bod to fit a PDAR as if you fit one to any other alternator you have to find the "live" brush and connect a wire to it as i had done on a previous boat I fitted a PDAR to .... one of the selling points of the PDAR is that if it fails it reverts your alternator back to the standard regulator so i cant see any reason why Sterling would sell an alternator PDAR package where if the PDAR fails you have no charging so I suggest you either strip the alternator to confirm there is a regulator built in and wired and remove the field wire or take the alternator to one of the alternator and starter motor repairers and get it checked ... I did have one with no output a few years back I stripped and found one of the carbon brushes had seized in its housing! .... long shot but worth checking. As for Charles Sterling , I have spoke to him on several occasions over the years and have always found him most helpful, as for his equipment , i have a sterling PSW 3kw inverter, a 60amp ultra charger with remote a 32amp auto changeover switch on the boat and a B2B and 2.5Kw Pure sine combi in my motorhome oh and a A2B in my van/mobile workshop and never had an issue with any of it, used sterling for years on my boats and always will as in my experience its no less reliable than victron or mastervolt and a damn sight cheaper ... but each to their own! Rick
  6. dccruiser

    A Wee one to start again.

    I am also in the process of making new canopies, both a cratch and pram hood .... well worth a look at the sailrite videos on youtube, they have step by step videos of making an enclosure which are full of tips and tricks from paterning all the way through .... love the table btw! Rick
  7. Hi sorry for not getting back to you yes it’s still for sale.

  8. dccruiser

    Auntie Wainwright's Fundraising Auction 2018

    lot 1 ... 30 quid lot 4 ... 20 quid Rick
  9. dccruiser

    tank cutter

    Another big vote for Bosch ... got a full set on offer at screwfix , absolutely brill, put in several skin fittings with a dewalt 18volt on low speed (6mm hull sides)
  10. dccruiser

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Boysack (in Scotland)
  11. dccruiser

    Johnstone’s Garage Floor Paint

    I painted my entire boat in Johnstone metal paints with excellent results couldnt be happier with their paints, just did another boats engine bay with their zinc phosphate primer and a few top coats of grey metal paint and it looks great Rick
  12. dccruiser

    Painting a modern steel boat

    I recently painted mine with Johnstones metal paints with good results, but I did take the boat back to bare metal, put on 3 primer coats , 4 undercoats and 3 top coats Rick
  13. I single hand and always take a long centre rope, use the lock ladders, leave the boat in neutral and use one of the bollards to keep the boat away from the gates when going either up or down and as the boat rises or falls I either tighten or loosen the rope as necessary to hold the boat from contacting the gates and away from the cill line (60' n/b) ... the worst locks i find to hold the boat from the "firing forward on filling syndrome" are those on the T&M. Doing this also gives more control over the boat drifting forward when going up in a lock with badly leaking gates, another thing i do when going up in a single lock is put the boat in gear once the top gate is open and as it passes me knock it into reverse so as i close the top gate the boat comes back to me. Rick
  14. dccruiser

    What is the best torch to have on a boat

    you can but i have had a couple of them and the LED's have failed in a very short time, i bought one in the maplins closing down sale reduced from 12.95 to to 5 quid and so far it has been excellent Rick
  15. dccruiser

    What is the best torch to have on a boat

    I have a Korean police night stick, which also houses an led torch so can be carried without being classed as an offensive weapon, but is essentially a heavy truncheon with a leather wrist strap. along with various maglites and more recently an LED Lenser torch which as you say are excellent. Rick

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