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  1. dccruiser

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    I moored at sawley for several years and trust me they are on your case the minute your license is close and your b.s.c. and insurance for that matter Rick
  2. dccruiser

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Shardlow doesnt require a license Rick
  3. dccruiser

    What price tradition

    Traditions change Phil ... as you may or may not know i spent most of my adult life in the Paras both in the ranks and as an officer ..... the Navy bought back the rule of sailors being able to grow a full set back in the seventies the last time beards had a resurgence of popularity and please correct me if i am wrong the Navy are also subject to NBC training .... as another example of changes in tradition, between 1860 and 1916 it was part of the Army uniform to grow a moustache and anyone who didnt have a medical reason for not doing so could be charged! ... Coming back to your post, the very fact the chap in question chose to sign up to serve this country deserves the respect for his religious beliefs and practices to be equally respected, just as serving muslim soldiers prayer times are accommodated. Personally I think the guy looks smart and even if someone was ridiculous and disrespectful enough to design a turban covering bearskin the guy would still stand out being on parade with a beard ... so what next? a flesh coloured beard cover ... and moving on from there what would the next step be? ... anyone who has different coloured skin having to wear make up? ... sorry but the whole post coming from someone with total respect for the forces is to say the least distasteful and I am sorry to say this has a racist undertone ... I know thats not the way you meant it , but with the greatest respect you really should have considered that it could be taken this way .... Oh as a footnote the Army are currently reconsidering the question of beards and have already allowed the growth of both beards and stubble in places such as Afghan as the locals see beards as sign of authority and It has always been widely encouraged whilst working in active zones collecting intel etc. ... Rick
  4. dccruiser

    Cruiser style boat

    The trentcrafts have a sliding canopy with remote steering in the front cabin, the nauticus is a very well made boat, the hull moulds were used to make the earlier vikings ... the other well made and vastly popular cruisers are the dawncrafts , which can be bought for very reasonable money. Rick
  5. dccruiser

    Cruiser style boat

    Its the side you pass other boats on .... port to port, so particularly on a narrow section you know if you have space to pass an oncoming boat ... used to be a sailing thing to avoid collisions ... red to red go straight ahead
  6. dccruiser

    Yorkshire pudding tin question.

    Absolutely! as the point when the oil smokes is the indicator that the oven and pan are hot enough to put the mixture in and it gives them the initial rise Rick
  7. I agree its a strong possibility ... if it happens i would take the fuel filler cap off ... you will probably hear it suck as you release the pressure .... and it should then run as normal, easy check just to rule it out. Rick
  8. dccruiser

    Hallmark 70ft is a maybe

    I remember dave Clarke being somewhere in Notts ... boats he built/fitted used to come up for sale regularly at Sawley which seems to make sense. Rick
  9. dccruiser

    Paloma water heater leaking from bottom

    Doubtful you will find a spare from anywhere
  10. dccruiser

    Paloma water heater leaking from bottom

    Its really clear to see ... just needs stripping and both faces cleaning then a new gasket making out of gasket paper or a hight temperature instant gasket to make the joint ... as i said if you get stuck i am not too far away Rick
  11. dccruiser

    Paloma water heater leaking from bottom

    Looks like its just the gasket thats failed then ... not a difficult repair Rick
  12. dccruiser

    Paloma water heater leaking from bottom

    Dead easily fixed with a bit of solder i have also repaired more than a few ... i tend to tap the split back, solder it up, then open up a 15mm straight joint along its length and wrap it around the damaged pipe then solder it in place ... if you get stuck feel free to give me a shout i am just down the road. Rick
  13. dccruiser

    Rear Windows - Do They Exist?

    Aqua narrowboats fit them as standard on their cruiser stern shells Rick
  14. dccruiser

    Hallmark 70ft is a maybe

    Sorry yes that's the one ... saw more than one fitted by them , the cruiser stern version was easy to spot as they had a gas locker on each side of the rear doors on the rear deck Rick
  15. dccruiser

    Hallmark 70ft is a maybe

    I Looked at a halmark a few years ago, that one was fitted out by east coast caravans, i believe they did a few based on the sub 45' halmark shells Rick

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