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  1. May 2019 https://goo.gl/maps/3ddwWXSVxPwckZg39
  2. In the past we have picked damsons, sloes, brambles and crab apples at the side of the canal. If there was anyone to ask I would!
  3. Ebay - cheap as chips! Was going for a red theme with the boat being red. Now the boat is no longer red...
  4. This was 60 years ago. Colours were simpler then.
  5. In my young days East Yorkshire buses were described as navy and cream. They always looked so classy compared with the corporation buses. I loved the ones with the pointy tops made for going through Beverley Bar.
  6. Whatever the access arrangements are at Apsley, on Googlemaps I can certainly see two widebeam boats moored in there.
  7. We got an adaptor - very handy, and have managed not to drop it in the drink. It cost peanuts as I recall - and a lot easier than dismantling the boat!
  8. I might have a wander down to Iron Bridge Lock on Tuesdayish although the chances of catching it are a bit remote.
  9. Thetford toilet paper @£1 a roll!! 😮 Morrisons Savers toilet paper @ £1 for 6 rolls 😊 No contest...
  10. They're probably attracted to shiny surfaces as they look like water - but of course they're not - they are sticky paint! Every year I get mayflies swarming over my car for the same reason but of course they can leave again when they want.
  11. Perhaps someone was trying to get a widebeam through...? 😉
  12. I remember one of my brothers test-driving a Maxi once. He drove it up the hill from the garage and then couldn't engage any gear but reverse. So he reversed it all the way back to the garage and said "No thanks"...
  13. We too decided we would like our boat to see where it was going...
  14. I wish I'd taken a photograph at the time but earlier this year at Paddington Station I saw a sign informing travellers that there were no toilets on the Heathrow Express and apologising for the inconvenience... I laughed anyway.
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