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  1. Daily Torygraph - today

    Not the cryptic then?
  2. Worst "Bargeware" ?

    OMG! Tea anyone?
  3. Whilst we are on the subject of jigsaws - I bought this one for for one of my offspring and partner this Christmas. Can anyone identify the location or the boat? Or is it entirely a work of the imagination?
  4. Merely out of interest .....

    Not a military academy of course, but a rather good tango by Piazolla...
  5. What a fantastic achievement, Marc, well done! Thank you (to you and to your mates) for providing a most entertaining and enjoyable Christmas thread - I have enjoyed it enormously. I hope you have a great, and restful, Christmas. And a Merry Christmas to all CWDF members from all of us on nb Lysander.
  6. Holed up on the Coventry today

    Try this http://www.calcuttboats.com/webcam.html
  7. Arthur Marshall's Irish Music

    Transporting musical instruments is a nightmare. One of my offspring is trying to get a mandolin over from Sweden but doesn't want it to go in checked baggage. Ryanair deem it too large for cabin baggage and insist it needs its own seat. Given that these days, unless you opt for priority boarding for your group, you end up in middle seats scattered randomly all over the cabin, then I can imagine this mandolin sitting demurely between two strangers, strapped in and wishing it could see out of the window. We haven't established whether it would get its own cabin baggage allowance...
  8. Old sayings.

    When there were only two channels, BBC and ITV, they were 'sides' where I grew up in Hull. I'm not sure what happened once there were more channels; I was away from Hull and away from access to televisions.
  9. Old sayings.

    Yorkshire in the same period for me. Seems quite widespread.
  10. Old sayings.

    You know what Thought did? Walked behind a dust cart 'cos he thought it was a wedding.
  11. New home sought for cat

    One of these perhaps?
  12. Skipton

    Aha! Gotcha! I thought you had some inside knowledge about the boat. Pretty certain we didn't hit anything on our trip in 1974. Remember being one of the few narrowboats around - most of the other vessels were cabin cruisers but there were some real oddities too!
  13. Skipton

    ? Explanation please!
  14. Skipton

    We had a wonderful holiday on the L & L in 1974 on a Pennine Cruisers boat. I wonder if nb Ingleton still exists? There's no boat listed under that name now.
  15. Interfering at locks

    Sorry to continue the thread-drift but I would like to add two more which I find extremely confusing - coworker and miniseries.