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  1. Saw a sign at Paddington Station last year which made me laugh. I wish I'd taken a photo of it. It stated that there were no toilets on the Heathrow trains and apologised for the inconvenience...
  2. The Itchen Navigation. I have no idea if it's still navigable, having only walked the upper stretches of it, or whether there are trip boats on any part of it.
  3. We live within spitting distance of a canal but have chosen to moor in a marina quite some distance from home. If we want to explore the canal close to where we live we can simply walk the towpath. We used to moor on the GU but being leisure boaters we found we virtually knew every blade of grass within 2 or 3 days cruising time of our mooring. We now moor in the centre of the country with the option of a number of directions in which we can travel.
  4. Interesting to see quite a number of steel narrowboats in your photos. We hired a boat from Pennine Cruisers in Skipton in 1974 and most of our photos show the vast majority of boats were cabin cruisers.
  5. Last year we paid £235 for boat name, scroll and home port, CRT numbers and logo, and bow flashes. This was not London though.
  6. LOL. So should mine - 38 years now...
  7. We used cheap cat litter in an old pillow case for the last remaining traces of liquid which we couldn't scoop out. Worked a treat.
  8. Our cooker is located in front of a window - it helps to see what you're cooking - in the daytime of course! You can't have any window covering such as curtains or blinds though which might be an inconvenience.
  9. For the record, and because it may be of interest, here are two photos of Prince's Dock before it became a shopping centre. The black and white one is from 1960 and the one in colour is pre-war.
  10. Well it certainly saved me a bit of time travelling between Watford and Hull.
  11. Originally planned in the 1930s
  12. Look how long it took to get round to building the Humber Bridge...
  13. You can't have grey with Eye of Horus. We got there first...
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