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  1. Lysander

    Looking for someone to interview

    In no way would I wish to be interviewed but I am fascinated by the idea of being able to take the boat out of the water without the use of a crane - and does this also mean without either a slipway or dry dock? There is nothing new in those methods and I can't think of any other way - apart from "Beam me up, Scotty".
  2. Lysander

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Since we're maybe straying into street names, there's this...
  3. Lysander

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Ulceby Skitter Potters Crouch There was thread about these sorts of names on Geograph. Started in 2010 it petered out in 2017. There were some absolute corkers in that list.
  4. Lysander

    Introducing our new boat!

    No, we didn't worry either but the red paint rapidly deteriorated and nothing we could do would revive it at all. We have just had a repaint (huge expense!) and proper signwriting and the boat is now not red!
  5. Lysander

    Introducing our new boat!

    Don't get a red one...
  6. Lysander

    Strange Question

    One of our children had a geothermal pump installed. It involved drilling a 190 metre deep hole but works brilliantly.
  7. Lysander

    Smoke alarm and cooking

    Like the OP, we have the alarm going off when any cooking is being done, however carefully. We have also had false alarms when we are nowhere near the boat and someone from the marina has had to deal with it. So we leave the battery out of the smoke alarm during the day and when we are not on the boat. We only have the battery installed at night when we are on the boat. We have the same problem in the house but at least there we have the option of closing doors between the kitchen and the alarm unlike on the boat.
  8. Lysander

    Pictures of Etruria/charity dock.

    Attaching two maps to the south of the previous one - a six inch map published 1889 and a 25 inch one published 1900. Unfortunately the site does not show a 25 inch map any earlier. Can I recommend the National Library of Scotland site as a fascinating resource https://maps.nls.uk/index.html
  9. Lysander

    Pictures of Etruria/charity dock.

    Sorry no photos but is this where you mean? Definitely a wharf. Map published 1879.
  10. Lysander

    Mooring help

    Baffled by this. Your plan seems to be centred on Stevenage...
  11. Lysander

    Secret Codes for Fuel Boats

    Bought gas and coal going up in a lock once whilst sharing with a fuel boat!
  12. Ours has achieved a matt finish... ...but red is like that.
  13. Lysander

    Interesting Boat Moored Up With Us Last Night

    Drake he's in his hammock an' a thousand miles away... Didn't you know? 😉
  14. Lysander

    Rank these boat builders!

    "27 - Aqualine - 5 - £40,778 - 1998" I, too, am somewhat baffled by this list. Aqualine did not start building narrowboats until 2004 and on Apolloduck there are none for sale with a build date before 2006. Something is amiss with your data - I should ditch this list entirely!
  15. Lysander

    Banbury pound water level

    ... who was the half brother of Edgar Wallace - creator of King Kong. But we are getting rather far away from Banbury now. I don't think we will be venturing down the South Oxford any time soon.

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