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    They didn’t, they mistakingly thought the lock was sett.
  2. 2 points
    You just have to remember to turn the keyboard upside down first.
  3. 2 points
    I won't disagree with that -- it's the ball shape that matters. 😄
  4. 1 point
    How little you know about angling.
  5. 1 point
    Thought this might make an amusing end to the thread, this is how we get our money's worth, up here in Yorkshire, when our power tools go to the great boatyard in the sky.......
  6. 1 point
    In normal chemical processes, condensate is precipitated when pressure increases. It vapourises as pressure is reduced. In a propane bottle, the propane (C3) will contain a small amount of Butanes (C4) and an even smaller amount of Pentanes (C5). The C4 or C5 will be the 'condensates'. There is also likely to be a very small amount of Butadiene which can combine with other molecules to form gums which some people may call condensates. Increased pressure will increase the rate at which these gums are formed. ......end of lesson.
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    As is the case with gas pipes.
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    Hi Ours start at About £620 Inc VAT. All depends. on what you want. Here's my normal reply to the standard question "How much is a cratch?" Based on an average 5' Cratch I’ll break down the price for you. The Blank cratch ( no windows or zips) retails at £687.96 in PVC and £740.88 in HW Acrylic Canvas. Then we come to the extras ; Each Zip you would like is £46.31 , This includes splitting the cover and turning back the edge of each zip to avoid fraying, A zip cover storm flap, Branded material zip pullers and roll up straps for the open section. Each window you would like in the cover is £36.38 ( size and location can be decided on site) If you require window covers to protect the windows from dirt /UV and also for security to hide the contents of your bow they are £49.61 each. This includes turn button fittings to lock the covers down and roll up straps to keep them up when light is required. Decorative coloured edge pipe work is also available at £8.40 per running foot. Hope this is clear and you can work out what you would like in your cover.
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    see here Mike. https://www.gardnermarine.com/the-early-history-of-l-gardner-sons/
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    And / or the dreaded "ignorant of the subject" proof reader.



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