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    They didn’t, they mistakingly thought the lock was sett.
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    I won't disagree with that -- it's the ball shape that matters. 😄
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    I'm not sure putting lime Ca(OH)2 in your gin is going to be very good for you....
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    Yes, well done. You're not crackers.
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    I think he was warning about putting the gas in the wrong bottle. Mixed propane/butane is very common - you will probably have some for your soldering torch.
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    In normal chemical processes, condensate is precipitated when pressure increases. It vapourises as pressure is reduced. In a propane bottle, the propane (C3) will contain a small amount of Butanes (C4) and an even smaller amount of Pentanes (C5). The C4 or C5 will be the 'condensates'. There is also likely to be a very small amount of Butadiene which can combine with other molecules to form gums which some people may call condensates. Increased pressure will increase the rate at which these gums are formed. ......end of lesson.
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    As is the case with gas pipes.
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    see here Mike. https://www.gardnermarine.com/the-early-history-of-l-gardner-sons/
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    Sharks would have been fine. We took maybe 100 yards of plastic tape saying "danger gas main" out of the cut with various large unknown decomposing things attached to it and then noticed the roof was awash with huge leeches, the sort that could suck a whole armful of blood out of you in milliseconds, but worse there were huge segmented worms the like of which I have never seen. We had both sustained cuts clearing the prop as there was a length of razor sharp aluminium of some sort in the middle of it all. I was concerned that these worms would burrow into our bloodstream un-noticed (as pre anaesthetised by the leeches) and then burst out of our stomachs a few days later whilst we were sat round the dinner table. ................Dave
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    And / or the dreaded "ignorant of the subject" proof reader.
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