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  1. billS

    Looking for someone to interview

    I tend to interact with my boat by standing on it. Sometimes I sit or lie in it.
  2. billS

    Boat Rescued from Non Navigable Trent

    Non-navigable section of the Trent? It was clearly a bit navigable.
  3. Would you like him to be banned as well?
  4. billS

    Grenfell Tower

    I expect thought crime will be on the statute books soon.
  5. You would have thought that some descriptions of the perpetrators would have been circulated by now.
  6. billS

    The best waterside pubs

    The Red Lion at Cropredy has re-opened with a new landlord - my local source reports all is good so far.
  7. billS


    The Maxi had some redeeming features. Front wheel drive, 5 speed gearbox, but most importantly for a 20 year old - front seats that folded down completely flat.
  8. billS

    Calm down!!!

    I notice that the latter are usually from Yorkshire.
  9. billS


    They could have solved that problem by putting a big spring on the bumper...
  10. billS

    The Bridge Inn, Napton

    From my history, I recall that the Sans Culottes were revolutionaries. I guess that that could have twisted them.
  11. billS

    Are the canals unpleasantly overcrowded ?

    Having boated from Cudworth to Catherine De Barnes a couple of years ago and seen zero moving and less than 10 moored boats - it's difficult to agree that the canals are overcrowded.
  12. billS

    New Moderators

    I don't particularly like Topics. Snickers is my preferred nutty, chewy snack.
  13. billS

    New Moderators

    They? Some of them are us. It's a great shame that some others of them aren't allowed to be us too. When they are, I might even earn a star of righteous giving.
  14. billS

    New Moderators

    Burning slashes should not be ignored. Consult your urologist.

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