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  1. Was he down the bank with his finger in a hole?
  2. Probably not the best place to have his rope round the tiller pin.
  3. I think it is time to buy a bolt cropper (and some shackles to repair the damage).
  4. The Yare had 500 ton coasters going up to Norwich right up to the 80's. I believe they still go up to Cantley. Bridge height is not a problem. Of course the Bure, Ant and Thurne are another story...
  5. Strange comment, considering the OP and the vast majority of posters are referring to their own first hand experiences in and around Stoke.
  6. Agreed - it contains all 4 of my least favourite canals (or alternatively 3 of my least favourite canals, and my least favourite bit of the Grand Union).
  7. oops! So I did. Stafford/Stratford - tomato/tromato
  8. In descending order (I have only got up north as far as the Caldon...) Caldon South Oxford Trent and Mersey Grand Union Gloucester and Sharpness Staffordshire and Worcestershire Ashby South Stafford Worcester and Birmingham Kennet and Avon Droitwich Coventry North Oxford North Stafford Birmingham and Fazely
  9. Didn't someone think it was a good idea to paint their boat with all-over blacking a couple of years ago?
  10. The CRT crew who were removing the coping stones told me that they were doing so because the bridge had "moved" and the gap had narrowed.
  11. I think that they have recognised that soccer is fundamentally a game for girls, and have devoted their resources accordingly.
  12. ...still there this morning. I wonder what the plan is now? Tow it backwards to somewhere it can be craned out?
  13. ...and they havent even got as far as the Blue Lias bridge yet. I did say to the CRT blokes bashing away at the coping stones at the bridge 24 that the next one up was even narrower...
  14. How do you know that it is 14 ft beam? The CRT chaps were saying that the bridge had moved.
  15. I suspect it is more about having a pair of eyes on scene, should radio contact be lost.
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