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  1. Am I right in thinking the railway runs through the adjoining property as well?
  2. When were you last in the Red Lion in Cropredy, Mike? A new landlady took over at the tail end of last year, and the beer has improved. The White Horse in Banbury is an excellent real ale pub with Everards Tiger and at least 4 guest ales always on tap.
  3. Is this stoppage still in force?
  4. That's 24 hours now that the canal has been closed. I presume there must be suspicion of foul play.
  5. It's a shame if you are dissuaded from posting something heartfelt by pedants looking to promote their own prejudices.
  6. What exactly does a "ship in retreat" mean?
  7. Clearly the boat stuck there because they forgot to untie the stern rope. Sheesh!
  8. A small hole in the bottom to let the water in and a small mushroom vent on the top within the profile of the corrugation to let the air out - job done. What could be easier? Why isn't that done?
  9. Huh - if they had been on watch instead of poncing around looking at pictures, they wouldn't have hit the container in the first place.
  10. I dunno - what about swans, they behave in a completely different way. They congregate densely in some places and you don't see much aggro. When you get a a pair on a long stretch of river, and another swan comes along, then you get the full "get off moi land" display.
  11. There is only 1 at each end on that lock
  12. What is behind this? It's a bit of a hike to lug an angle grinder there for a spot of casual vandalism. Disgruntled farmer? Disgruntled boater?
  13. Why is "balance" required? The OP made a report of a specific incident, at a specific place and at a specific time.
  14. I recommend the use of tennis racftquet...
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