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  1. billS

    Cat Stunned

    I think the cat is just disappointed that it's not an old Jaguar. Dogs prefer Rovers.
  2. I dunno - I got up to Dorchester bridge in a Shetland Family four a few years ago. The locals looked surprised.
  3. Am I right in thinking that she banned a few herself in her time? I'm sure she will be welcome over on TB. No one gets banned there, however emotional they get.
  4. As far as I can see, if you go to your boat for a few days and live on it, it becomes the place where you are living and therefor you are allowed to live on it. Am I missing something?
  5. Perhaps a great spotted woodpecker - if the "crest" was an orange spot, but you would be familiar with them in your line of work I would have thought.
  6. billS

    Gi us a job

    You can use one to light the fire.
  7. It's the one area where Trump and the socialists find common ground.
  8. As are all Ph.Ds with the exception of theoretical physics.
  9. ..and the German version is much more benign then?
  10. Do you think so? Wordometer is scrupulous in identifying its sources.
  11. I think gargling a bit with your whisky before you swallow it will have the same effect without all the faff! That's my plan.
  12. "Ministers have revealed in parliamentary answers that there are 15 available beds for adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) treatment at five centres across England. The government said this could be increased in an emergency. There were 30 such beds in total available during the 2018-19 winter flu season." Guardian 27th Feb That's not quite the same thing. I think you are doing exactly the same as the tabloid press.
  13. I think the reporting member is a member...
  14. Not in flood, so I take the point about going into the river, but grappling hooks could be deployed from the bridge.
  15. You are probably right. Sawing is probably too dangerous anyway, on the basis that the boat might topple. Attaching a rope to the barrier using grappling hooks and pulling it off the stanchions from the opposite bank would probably have been a better option.
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