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  1. That is not even remotely possible. Put the blame where it belongs.
  2. billS

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I think that is an oversimplification - no one is ever going to say that because it probably isn't true. I expect that main motivation is to take part in challenging horse-riding, dressing up, socialising and showing off a bit, and some people enjoy watching them do so. The death of the fox is to provide a "reason" and some context for the jolly. I doubt if anyone does it because they specifically enjoy killing foxes, that would just be weird. I have to kill rats, but I don't enjoy doing so.
  3. billS

    Red Lion Cropredy

    Only as in a planned closure. As I understand it, it ran with a temporary landlord for a couple of months as described earlier, then when the new landlady took over, she closed it for a week or so whilst they deep cleaned the kitchens and sorted the cellar out.
  4. billS

    Red Lion Cropredy

    The Red Lion re-opened with a new landlady in charge back in November. We visited on Saturday 12 January. They had Adnams Broadside, Butcombe Original and Watneys Red Barrel Doombar on tap. Ken from the white horse has sorted out their cellar and they have been awarded Cask Marque. We stayed on for dinner - simple pub food but good ingredients and well cooked. We had a very enjoyable evening - the place had a real buzz about it
  5. billS

    Unwanted Kelvin K2

    It's a "traditional" engine for a fishing boat. For a narrowboat - not so much.
  6. billS

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    Grow up.
  7. billS

    Retail Christmas.....will it be a final nail for some

    We bought a bag of coal on Amazon this week, as an experiment. Single 20 kg bag, delivered free, cheaper than the local coal merchant (who required a 6 bag minimum order). What next?
  8. billS

    Another new marina for the South Oxford

    You should have said - I could have passed a hose across the canal to you!
  9. It looks a nice house and decent value for money, but it also looks like a house which is ideal for a largish youngish family. However, a largish youngish family, who are keen narrowboaters with a shortish boat who are also looking to upsize within, or move to Worcester must be a pretty small demographic (and they are going to struggle to fit into their shortish boat and may want to upsize that as well). Houses with mooring tend to appeal to empty nesters, retirees etc - If Worcester was a uni town - it would go quickly I think, but then the mooring is incidental
  10. billS

    We're recruiting! - Moderator Vacancy

    As ex mods seem to have done significant damage to this forum over the last couple of years, you have to wonder if trying to recruit replacements is such a good idea. At least take a look at modifying the job description. It is somewhat open to abuse.
  11. billS

    Boxing Day Meet.

    That is a completely vile sentiment. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  12. billS

    Eye Spy

    Trump. Definitely Trump.
  13. billS

    outboard telltale query

    Thankfully, that statement has been obsolete for quite some time.
  14. billS

    Well Done That Man ! (LadyG)

    Don't go back to mistaking this forum for real life.
  15. billS

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    ...and on Chrismas morning a new Moderator was born. Mike came back, the wise man made Mike's modetator dream come true, and they all lived happily ever after (well just for a while) The end. Come back a Easter for the story of the crucifixion of Mike the Moderator...

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