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  1. I only agreed with your argument, not your offensive remarks.
  2. I think there is a valid point here. Complaining on here is neither here nor there, but I don't think you have a right to complain to CRT if you didn't actually say anything to the chap at the time. If you had, he may have just shrugged and agreed with you.
  3. How does it charge normally. Is it on a split relay from the starter alternator? If so, my first port of call would be to check that relay for a loose connection, or sticking.
  4. Is our new mod an FAA Buccaneer or a RAF Buccaneer (or even possibly a SAF Buccaneer)? We really need to know
  5. A third possibility is air in the water system which can cause this symptom as the unit detects it as an overheat and terminates the startup sequence. There is a large screw on the top of the heater. Undo that slightly until water dribbles out. If bubbles also come out, wait until they stop before re-tightening. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Whilst we can all snigger at people who use their bowthruster to compensate for an apparent inability to steer, the do have their uses. even for people who are perfectly competent. I was grateful for my bowthruster when I had to reverse for two miles last year. Mrs S is also grateful that she never has to handle that long heavy eastern European thing on the roof. I will only accept criticism for using it from someone with a horse.
  7. Stockton Flight. It has a pub at each end and one on the way up.
  8. That is not even remotely possible. Put the blame where it belongs.
  9. I think that is an oversimplification - no one is ever going to say that because it probably isn't true. I expect that main motivation is to take part in challenging horse-riding, dressing up, socialising and showing off a bit, and some people enjoy watching them do so. The death of the fox is to provide a "reason" and some context for the jolly. I doubt if anyone does it because they specifically enjoy killing foxes, that would just be weird. I have to kill rats, but I don't enjoy doing so.
  10. Only as in a planned closure. As I understand it, it ran with a temporary landlord for a couple of months as described earlier, then when the new landlady took over, she closed it for a week or so whilst they deep cleaned the kitchens and sorted the cellar out.
  11. The Red Lion re-opened with a new landlady in charge back in November. We visited on Saturday 12 January. They had Adnams Broadside, Butcombe Original and Watneys Red Barrel Doombar on tap. Ken from the white horse has sorted out their cellar and they have been awarded Cask Marque. We stayed on for dinner - simple pub food but good ingredients and well cooked. We had a very enjoyable evening - the place had a real buzz about it
  12. billS

    Unwanted Kelvin K2

    It's a "traditional" engine for a fishing boat. For a narrowboat - not so much.
  13. We bought a bag of coal on Amazon this week, as an experiment. Single 20 kg bag, delivered free, cheaper than the local coal merchant (who required a 6 bag minimum order). What next?
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