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  1. We came down Hatton this morning, alone save for passing one other boat around lock 34ish. The volunteers were great - most of the locks were against us but they went ahead and set several of them up - not interfering (we do like to do locks ourselves!) but helpful and chatty. Had a truly fantastic meal at the Cape of Good Hope - what a gem. We're aiming to tootle along to Leaminigton for a visit tomorrow, but moving on for the night. Looking to moor somewhere around Bascote tomorrow and Braunston-ish the night after. Any thoughts? Do we have any hope of finding a mooring space around Bridge 95 or should we aim for somewhere else? Apart from queues through Lapworth (not too bad) we've had the canal - and most of the locks - pretty much to ourselves the whole time. Not what I was expecting.
  2. All going well so far (occasional tree-across-canal and speeding stags notwithstanding). Moored at Hawkesbury, Alvecote, Curdworth and then two nights in lovely Birmingham. Wending our way toward Waring's Green now - thanks everyone for the recommendations and advice. We're all a bit over-excited about the bakery! We've more or less decided not to go to Stratford (and if at the last minute we want to, we'll do the train option), so we have some wriggle room. Any suggestions on where we should give a little more time, stop for a half or a whole day? Never been to Warwick.
  3. We are, and I am, interested in the above but t'other half has a few routes he really wants to tick off his list. Llangollen is one, but Stratford is another. He accepts it might not happen, but he already thinks I'm trying to stop him doing Llangollen 😉, so if we can go to Stratford this time he might realise I'm not. Another change of plan (there have been several since I last wrote!) - teenager is now arriving on Tuesday night rather than Wednesday lunchtime, so we're aiming to push on to Tamworth on a long first full day (rather than mooring overnight at Polesworth), so she can still come to Tamworth station late that evening. It will mean we won't have to hang around on the Wednesday waiting to meet her.
  4. That's the hope (and the plan!) - certainly they seem to love it as much as we do now and are not inclined to stop coming, yet. Looking at those photos, I should probably have mentioned my vertigo 🤢 We can get back on topic to Warwickshire now 😉. I haven't yet worked out our plans for the rest of the trip (I find I have to be in a certain frame of mind to use canalplan) but I'm sure I'll have several more questions now I've found you wonderful helpful people.
  5. Interesting - those all appeal to me as lock-person. We definitely have something in common! The Llangollen is an itch that needs to be scratched though, as it stems from his childhood holidays looking up at Pontcysyllte from ground level and yearning to be up there. Perhaps we can do a short break. With the older one moving to Cardiff in September, the Mon & Brec is looking likely at some point in the next few years. Distinct lack of locks there too 😐.
  6. Another one to add to the list 👍🏼 I've promised the other half we can go to Llangollen next (I do want to, but lack of locks has put me off!). Any really lock-heavy trips need to be done while the teens are still keen - both because it makes it more fun and also for assistance.
  7. Mid-Worcestershire Ring (Droitwich etc) in 2019 was fabulous, Stourport Ring even better (we thought we might finally quench our thirst for locks, but no). Doing it during a pandemic with all the booking in advance & distancing stuff did mean we may not have made the most of ALL the pubs 😉. Got stuck in Stourport due to a Severn closure and ate great pizza though.
  8. We did 🙂. Our start day is a Monday. Which, it has just occurred to me, means we'll be arriving in Birmingham Thursday evening. Hopefully that'll mean it's not too crowded. Loving all the pub recommendations. We try not to eat out every night as it gets so expensive, but it's great to know a good option for each stop.
  9. This is all great information, thanks so much and keep it coming! @Rob-M were you doing the Warwickshire Ring, or just that stretch?
  10. Yes, I think Tamworth looks like the best option. Direct train from London and in about the right place. Thanks. We're not bothered by the presence of other people, just don't want to be cast adrift in the middle of the night or feel threatened. Other than that, all good. We're thinking of mooring between Hawkesbury and Marston on night 1, Polesworth night 2, on to Tamworth the next day to meet teenager (in possession of A levels by that point, I hope) and onward to spend night 3 around Curdworth. Then to Birmingham, hopefully to moor near Sealife again on night 4. We moored there last year and it was fab. Not got any further yet.
  11. Thank you both, this is all very useful indeed. Really good to know there are not too many 'no go' areas, as we've meticulously planned routes in the past only to have to change them completely when we've been told our mooring plans are unsafe. I suspect we are gluttons for punishment @john6767! But great to know the train option too, @gatekrash, I would never have thought to do that. Obviously, being lock-junkies (!), missing 16 locks each way doesn't appeal as much as many would think, but it might be necessary. Now we've got to factor in a teenager joining us by train on our 3rd day. We were hoping that could be in Birmingham to make it simple, but I don't think we'll get there soon enough. Time to peruse canalplan armed with your useful responses 👍🏼.
  12. Hello, We are planning to do the Warwickshire Ring anti-clockwise from Rugby, via central Birmingham (and possibly with a detour down to Stratford if we have time - it's an 11 night trip). Is there any reason not to go anti-clockwise? And are there any places / stretches where you would advise us not to moor? Background: We've done a few canal holidays, love locks, and did the Stourport Ring via Birmingham last year. The reason for choosing anti-clockwise is to get some distance done at the beginning, so we know what our options are for detours, stopping etc in the busier southern parts. We'd love to go down to Stratford but realise it may not be possible. Thank you!
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