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  1. Now back to normal from Friday due to feedback received. Notice Alert Aire & Calder Navigation Main Line Location: Leeds Sanitary Station Starts At: Leeds Sanitary Station Ends At: Leeds Sanitary Station Wednesday 23 June 2021 15:30 until further notice Type: Advice Reason: Information Original message: Following numerous closures of the sanitary station in Leeds we have changed the pump and had commenced a trial, providing it for those moored in Leeds Dock only. If that trial had proved successful our intention was to then re-open it to all boaters. Following feedback received, we have taken the decision to change this approach. The trial will now include all boaters; the locks will be changed back to the BW standard and it will be open again from Friday. We will review the outcome of this trial over the next few weeks We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  2. Yep the old pump has been acting up for the last past 3 years as it’s basically just old and wasn’t updated updated the refurbished the whole place (which would have been a ideal time to renew the system!). It has now been replaced with with a new one that looks to be better at handling the waste. The previous stoppages have been basically blamed on vandalism which basically has been tissue paper that doesn’t break down. It’s also been mentioned (on the ground by the maintenance crews) that basically theirs too much solids and not enough water going threw the system (not helped by the house above been empty). No CRT have not given a reason, the communication (unless you moor in the dock or pester them) has been basically just what’s been on the stoppages site.
  3. no changes to the pump out, it’s the shower/elsan/toilets that will now be inaccessible.
  4. Pump out is unaffected and still available to all. Don’t believe the one in the residential area works anymore.
  5. Hello, Looks like this station will be unavailable to the majority of boaters apart from the ones moored in the dock. Of course there's no communication regarding this from CRT. They've spent thousands on this station last year revamping it, just replaced the pump as the old one was was part of the regular closures as it wasn't upto the job and now only a handful of boaters have the benefit from it.
  6. Yep it's a 32amp IT and will do the job if you require a 32amp IT. Note it's around about 90%+ efficient, so you won't get the full 32amp from the supply.
  7. Even the expensive stuff does eventually, you'll see instructions on not to have it installed where it holds any waste, you are also meant to replace it every 5 years so recommend using rigid pipe where you can. Even if it didn't eventually smell, if you ever needed to replace the hose for any reason, having not to empty the tank totally can only be a good thing.
  8. Always go from the top, sanitation hoses will smell if they hold any waste in them.
  9. Another catchy Trump song... https://www.facebook.com/deborah.taylorsmith/videos/3296764150336100/
  10. Not seen this been posted here;
  11. It uses convection, if you look at the design there are two skins, the outer has holes for airflow.. The outer skin doesn't get that hot, but the inner will hot.
  12. Bit late now you've installed it to be asking.
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