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  1. Fossil fuel died ages ago, kinda in the name.
  2. Robbo

    Making lock gates

    Here's a little guide. https://www.wikihow.com/Turn-On-YouTube-Subtitles If you use an iPad/App I think the options are at the top. In the same place you can do auto-translation if watching those foreign films
  3. Robbo

    Making lock gates

    It's 29,935 subscribers, not views. That means 29,935 have actually clicked the subscribe button to regularly receive the videos. Some of the older vids have received over 100K views themselfs.
  4. Robbo

    Making lock gates

    Although not narrowboat, SailLife (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5xDht2blPNWdVtl9PkDmgA) I find is very interesting. Mainly because I'm refitting a boat as well.
  5. Robbo

    TV ariels

    Good guide here; http://www.aerialsandtv.com/touringaerials.html
  6. Robbo

    Making lock gates

    I agree some vlogs and podcasts are very good and entertaining, much better than the drivel you get from mainstream TV and Radio these days.
  7. Robbo

    Making lock gates

    Majority of youtube videos now have captions. This one included. Note that unless the uploader added them they tend to automated captions which does make for some interesting reading sometimes.
  8. Robbo

    Amusing (?) Facebook Post

    When someone tries to break into my boat the police asked if I lived in it. Was classed differently as I did. Didn’t go into details tho.
  9. Robbo

    Solar panels not charging batteries

    As The OP's Outback goes into float mode quickly my guess is that it's nothing to do with the panels or outback. My guess is that the outback is not really connected to the main batteries but only the starter? If you (the OP) has a multimeter checking the battery voltage should confirm.
  10. Robbo

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    Not seen TBBT before so I started to watch from series 1 a month ago, some 79 hours binge watching later I think I got hooked!
  11. Robbo

    Getting off grid

    Read this free book from Victron; https://www.victronenergy.com/orderbook
  12. Robbo

    Spot the issue

    The other mount is higher as the pontoon is higher at that point due to the slope so the pontoon won’t actually drift away. However the pontoon may get jammed on that dolphin as it will be at a slight angle if it did come off the other. It would put more stress on the really secure fixings if it did.
  13. Robbo

    Spot the issue

    Today at around 5.30 after a couple of boats came up from the river.
  14. Robbo

    Heating water

    Most controllers only switch the relay on when in float. The outback has a PWM mode where it can reduce the immersion wattage, I’m not sure if it can do this whilst charging as well tho. Anyone of a outback that can confirm?
  15. Robbo

    Heating water

    Heat rises, reason why water tanks take from the top, so you don’t need to heat all the water up to get hot water.