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  1. I've asked Dan to remove my content. Obviously this forum is not for people like me.
  2. Why should I calm down? I don't want see a forum I enjoy contributing too been used like this. If you want threads like this, please move them to a more relevant area. Unfortunately I can only ignore users I can't ignore threads in the areas I follow!
  3. I've contributed alot! Most of my posts are in the technical areas and are of giving advice related. If it wasn't for people like me this forum wouldn't be worth visiting for people asking for advice. Contributing isn't just about money!. If you don't want me to give me my advice out I can go if you want, but I will want all my content removing. it's not equipment related, it's SEO related. NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH EQUIPMENT!!!
  4. Sorry, but what have you done to contribute to this forum in way of advice or funding? I do want to help but I don't want to help someone like you. You are now on my ignore list. Athy, please move this topic to a relevant area - it's not relevant to equipment.
  5. Here's a SEO tip; Create a topic on a popular forum that has good Google search results and make up some "sh!t" about needing help with all the keywords you can think of that are relevant and then point them too your website.
  6. Sorry I disagree, it's blatant advertising, if the OP needs SEO help they should ask on a relevant forum. I don't want to see CWDF filled up with this "crap" as it's not relevant. If you want this type of stuff make a separate area for it so we don't need to follow it if we don't want to.'
  7. One of my work colleagues has one (in a house), he rates it and would recommend.
  8. Why hasn't this thread been pulled, it's clearly an ad for the site and to get search results for it.
  9. Robbo

    Pump leak

    Get two next time, plumb them in parallel. Set one to cut in at a lower pressure and it will give you extra LPM when needed and not wear out at the same rate as other.
  10. Robbo

    solar panels

    I think these are a better choice, as you’ll be able to lay the panels flat, looks like could be easily made up as well. https://amzn.to/2S7POJ0
  11. Just a load of hot air.
  12. Parallel - shading only effects one panel (some more expensive panels this isn’t an issue). Need thicker cables as you have more current and less voltage. Series - Increased voltage so thinner cables and less voltage drop to the controller. If one panel shaded it will drop the output of all panels.
  13. Fair enuf. Not seen anything that high for the panels I've looked at tho. Now try it with 9v AC and let me know - It will hurt alot more BTW, start at a low voltage and work ya way up.
  14. We are talking DC here tho, as we are like a capacitor the DC doesn't pass through us like AC (easily) does.
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