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  1. Robbo

    Fitout "good ideas"

    Here’s a full explanation of why the wiring was (and still probably is) not full balanced. http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html The end battery was still getting a full charge, and not reduced because the battery wasn’t basically needing as much. The effect is basically this battery (and the middle battery) won’t have been used as much as the batteries that had the connections on causing them to age at different rates. The end battery would have effectively had less cycles on it than the others. It has no real effect on what amps the bank as a whole can give or take.
  2. Robbo

    Fitout "good ideas"

    New batteries and increased capacity so can take more amps. Also different types of batteries can take amps better than others. Cheap and nasty leisure’s can take and give amps more than expensive Trojans and the like.
  3. Robbo

    Fitout "good ideas"

    Whilst not ideal it’s was no real big deal and would have balanced it self anyhow. With four batteries most setups are not wired to be perfectly balanced, so your two middle batteries won’t be utilitiesed as much as the end batteries, again no big deal (but better than the pervious setup) especially if the wiring is of decent size.
  4. Robbo

    A warning to others...

    But if your estimate or re-estimate is way off the final figure then you either fraudulently gave a low figure or really shite at the doing the job.
  5. Robbo

    A warning to others...

    Should still be easy to give a fairly accurate estimate even when working with classic cars. If it escalates then you need to contact the customer. I have classic cars, and there is always more work than first figured and taking panels off and finding other stuff should not come as shock and I would expect someone who has been working on cars like these to find the major issues before starting any major work.
  6. Robbo

    A warning to others...

    Yes, if your re-estimated quote is off and it’s going to be significantly higher then you ring the customer. If you find something always keeps cropping up then your basically shite at your job and should do something else.
  7. Robbo

    Fitout "good ideas"

    The place been after the war when their was a coppper shortage?
  8. Robbo

    A warning to others...

    However those items you listed are half expected for anyone that has done work on a boat before so shouldn’t come as a surprise. Waste pump that is automatic and is now leaking - expect lunchbox type and to be low down in the bilges and awkward to get to. Also if the person replacing the pump sees or hears it working it’s obvious if it’s a bilge pump type or gulper type. Multiple feeds to said lunchbox type - common. Finding water in a bilge because a pump has been leaking - well duh. Replacing with a completely different type of pump with a higher amp rating and now not automatic, complete rewire is expected and wasn’t part of the initial remit.
  9. Robbo

    Victron Venus GX or Color control GX

    I have the whale one as well, the rule has the additional mode of running every now and again, if it detects it’s pumping it will continue. The whale doesn’t have that. However even tho these are low profile pumps they won’t start to pump below a certain level even when manually started (even tho they can pump at that level) as the pump won’t be primed. You need something like the whale gulper that can suck air as well if you want to start pumping at a low level. Whale do provide a pickup for the gulper to make it a bilge pump.
  10. Robbo

    Victron Venus GX or Color control GX

    If you haven’t already seen, take a look at the thread I started for messing with the pi. However the bilge pump I have (https://www.asap-supplies.com/rule-lopro-lp900s-submersible-bilge-pump) doesn’t have a float and if the water detector thingy gets oiled up it goes into a mode that switches on every so often, and no water is pumped it switches off.
  11. Robbo

    Victron Venus GX or Color control GX

    I think you can still use the usb cables on the Venus GX as that’s the way to expand the number of vedirect devices the GX can handle. The GX has a number of inputs for things such as bilge alarm, tank levels if your looking to take advantage of these then it looks good. However if your only going to use two vedirect devices then it’s still quite expensive. You can still play with Venus on the pi in demo mode and connect to VRM to see if it’s for you, I would at least do that to see if the software is for you.
  12. Robbo

    Victron Venus GX or Color control GX

    I think your missing the point of why we want these, it’s because we can. It’s like having a boat it doesn’t make life easier (far from it), it’s not because you need one, it’s because you enjoy it. They should have been vedirect to usb cables to connect to a pi
  13. Robbo

    Victron Venus GX or Color control GX

    Lots of hardware companies use OSS and provide the source (legal requirement if using GPL code), but providing a image to run on third party hardware is unique.
  14. It’s a blue alert situation!
  15. Robbo


    Or if you have no mates, get some coal delivered and use that.

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