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  1. Hi, We are planning to upgrade from galvanic isolator to galvanic transformer. Our boat is currently on 32 Amp. I found this transformer and nearly went ahead and bought it, however, I’m not sure it meets the wattage requirements. (32 x 230 = 7360w), this transformer falls short. Any advice or recommendations of different transformers appreciated. https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/victron-energy-isolation-transformer-7000w-230v Thanks Jo
  2. Thanks BEngo. Yes, it’s the external collar so mostly worried about rust. Don’t want to have to repaint too often!
  3. Hi, I have had a flue collar made for my stove chimney and I now need to paint it black. Any advice on which paint is best to use for quality and longevity? Thank you
  4. Good point. I hadn’t considered that the NRV could be part of the problem...
  5. Thanks. I’ve installed a non return valve where the washing machine hose meets the skin fitting hose. Therefore given the washing machine hose necessarily loops up via the top corner of the washing machine it’s unlikely that it’s being filled back up by water running back down the hose. Regarding the pump not being strong enough, this seems most likely but with the waterline being considerably higher than the top of the washing machine I’m not sure what I can do. Any thoughts? thanks
  6. We have plumbed a standard washing machine (Zanussi Lindo300) into our Dutch barge which is moored in a marina with 240v shorepower. We have installed a skin fitting outlet which the washing machine is plumbed into via a couple of metres of hose (additional to the approx 2 metres of standard washing machine waste hose which comes attached). The skin fitting is approx 1 meter above the top of the washing machine. We only installed last week and don’t seem to be able to get it to work. At the end of the cycle there is still a substantial amount of water in the machine. Any thoughts or advice? Thank you
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. I will look into calorifier + immersion heater. I wonder how many watts it needs? We are only plugged into 16amps. I will also have a look at the potential Morco replacement.
  8. Hi Dave, we have space but because we live in a densely populated marina and have a big, loud engine, we don’t want to have to run it too frequently. We also have two very small children so the instant element of the LPG water heaters is appealing.
  9. Hi Alan, thanks for your reply. I have done a comprehensive search and the Morco F11 isn’t available anymore. I actually ordered one from EBC and they called me the next day to tell me that they’re no longer being produced and aren’t available. Their website just needs updating. We don't currently have an LPG water heater on this boat. I had one on my last boat- not room sealed and with pilot light but I’m trying to increase safety this time round. Maybe not possible and will have to go for standard non-room sealed version.
  10. Hi, We’re looking to fit an LPG hot water heater in our boat. We are moored in a marina so have mains electric. We were planning to get the Morco F11 but it’s no longer being manufactured. Can anyone recommend a decent equivalent? Looking for room sealed with balanced flue and electric ignition (no pilot light.) this is one option I’ve found.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TTulpe-TTCM1230-C-Meister-P30-White/dp/B0744G9V9G Thanks!
  11. Thanks so much for this information Dr Bob. Really useful. Hi Bob, I don’t know if the tanks were new when installed or recycled. They were already installed on the boat when we bought it. We could ask the previous owners. It seems we definitely need to replace the tank though. Thanks for this very useful info Sam.
  12. Thanks Sam, really useful information. No original tanks. What we have now is what was onboard when we bought the boat.
  13. Thanks all for your advice. We bought the boat in Holland last year and this was the set up that we inherited when we bought it. The boat is a 1925 mussel boat, 26m x 4m. The boat is moved to the pump out point in the marina when the tank is full. So it seems the tank may be inappropriate as we thought. Thanks for taking the time to reply. jo
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