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  1. Our "little" J2 happily drags our pair of boats up and down the Erewash with little drama... just keep the boat hook handy and rake the blade if it gets to much
  2. Nice to see you yesterday Roland, cant say im looking forward to going down hillmorton tomorrow. Sounds like its going to be "fun".
  3. Looking forward to seeing it. Our boat does go backwards well haha
  4. Looking good. Hope to see it running in may?
  5. Tim tells us that all the books were supposed to have the colour pictures. However once the books came back from print they had been incorectley printed in B&W they tried to have the printer rectify the mistake but they would not accept the cost. Tim often talks of having a "second eddition" printed to include more stories, colour pictures and in an A5 format. Im unsuer this will happen but its often the topic of conversation! Dan
  6. Hi! Thought i would pop in and let you all know we are currently out of stock of the book. However we hope to have a few more coppies in the new year. I will post back here when we do! We had a few colour versions of the book, the same content but with many of the pictures in colour ( now all sold)
  7. Ok, offer will stand so if you need us you know how to find us.
  8. Hi, If your not sorted.... We could do this for you as we will also be at Long Eaton festival in June. You would have to wait untill July / August for us to get to Braunston although we would probably be there before then. You can contact us through our website reveriecanaltradingco.co.uk Or email directly reveriecanaltradingco@gmail.com All the best, Dan
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