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  1. So that line, will eventually fill, yes. and is there somek kind of force pushing it forward to tank rather than the build up going back up to the engine.
  2. Im not sure I follow you Tony. The return is just drilling out a pipe at top of engine, just a drip now and again, Does this not go back direct to tank?
  3. I got a friend to do tappets, and with a new smaller filter, she seems happy. I have the return line to plumb in. As the tank sits higher than the engine return, will this fill up and make its way back up the pipe to the tank return? Im trying to pick out a spot to mount it to... thank you
  4. Thanks Tony, I updated that video. not sure if you can hear it well enough.. but somethings off.
  5. And running here now for a few minutes, its hot from centre cylinder no 2. The first seems to have little effect.. here's her running on tick over.
  6. I have feeler gauges with numbers 25, 12, 10 8 etc..
  7. Thanks Tony, I think with the help of my friend we\ll be able to trace the air leak etc. It was the smoke issues I was trying to figure out. Someone said if the injector pumps were acting up they could bee delivering too much fuel - or causing smoke issues? Could that be right.
  8. Yes I had to replace the lift pump, all working good now. It was the high pressure pumps I was meaning..
  9. Thanks Tony, I have feeler gauges alright, so should I check manual - and see all valves are same gap? Also what do you think about the pump needing a service? particularly the first one, as I suspected weak area here - due to the temperature on exhaust outlets,..
  10. Thanks Tony/Tracy Thanks Tracy, is there much involved in adjusting the tappets. Also how do they do compression tests on diesels. Ive only done a bit on petrol 2 strokes. Tony - pic attached. We disconnected from fuel filter for a while to diagnose problem. She's just running temporarily off a separate tank. The return pipe was just left open for the meantime. Are you sure there'd by a separate fuel filter on these. I don't see one. Would the height account for the engine being starved of fuel? Also does the governor ever play a
  11. Hi guys, I've a Lister Sr3 which came with the boat I bought. It sat idle I believe for a long time, so I've inherited some issues.. She looks clean all over the engine and under rocker covers etc. All gaskets are good. I have question marks over the first cylinder, I think she's firing in there but maybe not as much. 1. Anyway, the issue is she's still a bit smoky - white/blackish smoke when I hit throttle. I've got the injectors re-conditioned - and it has helped a lot, but still I think she is quite smoky. Is there further steps I
  12. Angle would be stronger. the stress would be up in the top left corner.
  13. It's on the surface, ya, but I don't think wet right through is what I meant. i know I need to scrape it off. It's just a headache.
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