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  1. I’m not surprised you are at a loss. You can’t even differentiate between a democratic process and people who are trying to mess it up. And I think it is you that is flying around with all the veiled insults. I’m just playing by your rules now and you don’t like taking it back. Anyway it’s clear you are enjoying the attention. So I won’t feed you anymore. I’ve had some constructive arguments from a couple of remainers here so I’m happy to leave you to your attention seeking rants.
  2. “The democratic process is exactly what is causing the mess you describe” You sound like Junker, What mess I describe? Are you resorting to lies now? Isn’t that the very thing you were complaining about with politicians?
  3. “People like you”. You know nothing about me. Farage was just picking up on the will of the people. If you hadn’t noticed, many of us had been getting more and more disillusioned with the EU for several years. As has been pointed out several times, it’s those who want to disrupt the democratic process who are messing things up ATM. May has a hard enough job as it is. Nothing stopping anyone gong into politics. Much more constructive than ranting on here just because you didn’t get your own way. It’s very difficult trying to get a balanced picture of both sides when people are so polarised in their views.
  4. Thanks for the input. 1) I don’t believe the EU will ‘protect’ us from the USA. The USA want a united Europe because it will be one more step towards their desire to angle towards a single world government and world domination (Ok, that last bit might be hyperbole) 🙂 2) Is speculation, we’ll have to wait and see. 3) This would also have been the case if we just remained part of the common market. It’s a shame it became something other than what we were told it would be, by our politicians at the time! 4) Whilst a good aim, I really can’t see why implementing this aim would be any different without the EU. Didn’t we have a lot of input to this anyway in the early days in the common market. 5) I think the European nations enjoy the differing cultures without needing a super body to glue it together. If anything, we celebrate each others cultural differences more than our similarities. As regards peace, most serious wars start out when individuals with too much power fall out with eachother and draw super nations into their battles. Greed is usually the main driver. the more power those with greed have, the bigger the fallout. 6) Yes. probably a good advantage except that clearly many people in this country believe they have suffered as a result of terrorism due to the free movement here. Whether the EU actually reduces the risk of terrorism is unclear overall. 7) One could equally argue that we would have more clout in negotiating our own deals because we can freely trade with the rest of the world. Also, why do we need two layers of rules especially a set which we have little say over. 😎 You lost me on this one. Do you mean the Queen? She rarely influences politics. She’s one of the few voices of sanity in this country and done a lot to promote tourism. 9) I agree with that philosophy but obviously many people here think the EU is broke (see what I did there). 10) Can’t argue with that one, but as has been pointed out we have some dubious people in powerful positions in the EU. I just don’t see any advantage to having two layers of them in the hope these ego’s will somehow cancel eachother out (and not start a war)
  5. I think you will find that history shows us otherwise.
  6. This has been said to me before! Then I was looking for POSITIVE reasons, not doom and gloom speculation. Now I’m trying to find out what PERSONAL reasons remainers have? To be fair, maybe I wasn’t clear.
  7. Being a little less controversial. Whilst everything said here is unlikely to change anything. It would be interesting to know what is driving some of the hardened remainers here. Worry and fear are genuine concerns whether there is genuine reason behind it or not. I do get that, the media thrive on stirring us up into a frenzy. Pluto earlier is obviously worried that vital medication would be halted when we exit the EU. Is this fear as a result of fear mongering, or is there basis behind it? Either way it’s causing real fear and anxiety. I for one believe that if the EU tried to pull that stunt on us, it would kill off any respect they have, along with their seeming reluctance to listen or negotiate. On the other end of the scale we probably have those who are annoyed that it will make things a bit harder when we jet set around Europe to go sailing or scuba diving. There are lots of reasons why people are pissed off about the outcome of our referendum. but some are probably more valid than others.
  8. This is the kind of response I’d expect from someone who can’t see the big picture.
  9. It’s about being able to see the bigger picture. I’m not sure you have grasped that yet. Anyway, you’d fit in well with a dictatorship like the EU commission. Have you tried applying for a job there rather than waste time on here lecturing to people who have moved on and accept the outcome of democracy?
  10. Would you Adam and Eve it? 😉
  11. We’ll probably all be part of the United Countries Of America eventually the way things are going (well except Mexico it would appear). Just imagine, Trump ruling the world. No, I still believe there is an optimum size for everything. When things get too big they usually get out of control because they get too big for their boots (especially companies).
  12. What do you think I think I know what it says? 🙂 TBH, I don’t really care, it could be Junker himself for all I care, it’s just interesting to know where people are coming from. Yep, God save America.
  13. Try reading his first response to my first question again then.
  14. Except I’d argue that a referendum (especially when it has a much biggger turn out than a general election) should take presidence over MP’s personal interests. (I say ‘should’, but accept that the reality is a very different beast) 😕
  15. Well certainly not a layer which has morphed into something different to what we did chose to have.
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