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  1. Tanglewood

    Manchester house boat row.

    There is always a lot of discussion about the rights of an individual to choose a lifestyle, and your comment about the difficulty of enforcement once a few have chosen to over-step a mark is well made. It is also observable that as soon as one 'unique' craft arrives in an area another one will surely follow. As soon as a 'blind eye' is turned then anti-social behaviour and exploitation is also easier to ignore; this 4 year old article is quite a change from the usual, 'lets buy a boat and enjoy an idyllic lifestyle in the city' and describes what a hundred years ago would have been regarding as slum-living. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/feb/23/london-houseboat-slum-rents-barge
  2. Tanglewood

    What the Daily Mail classes as news!

    Agreed. I genuinely think that Theresa May was hoping to be able to announce a withdrawal agreement (Brexit, in case folk need a few more dots to join) on Armistice Day and some papers were scratching around looking for stuff to fill the pages on Monday.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6347041/Model-avoids-mortgage-trip-refurbishing-barge.html In the film world this kind of padding used to be known as 'cut to the studio cat'
  4. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Have you read the whole thread? I think a number of people have already shown that this 'opinion' is shared. A boat which is the main residence of a person is liable for Council Tax if it remains in one place for longer than 28 consecutive days. If you have given a land-based home address then it has to be accepted that it is not your main residence. If, in fact it is your main residence, but you are pretending its not ............
  5. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    The government has always supported young children. However over time the way the support is offered varies - for instance Family Allowance or child benefit used to be a universal benefit, but no more. Children's Centres were a universal benefit, in that the services they offered could be accessed by anyone through self-referral. The aim was to improve the life chances of young, particularly in areas with high levels of socio-economic deprivation. Yes, it is the parents job to look after young children, but if you are young child in family where you do not get a decent start, you will arrive at school without the skills (social or otherwise) to benefit - you don't learn as quickly as others and success seems to be something for others. Somehow you get through and before you know where you are you are an immature parent without any of the emotional resources to parent your own child. It was this circle of deprivation that Governments have tried to break into. Did they work? Too soon to say. Are they being replaced by something else? Probably not. What funds are left will be targeted and those with the greatest needs. And without Children's Centres who will know who those families are? Still the buildings will probably get sold off.
  6. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Of course, but, as a for instance, Buckinghamshire and Dorset will be the first Counties to lose all their Government grant in 2018/19. The immediate effect of this in Buckinghamshire will be the loss of 35 Children's Centres.
  7. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Sorry, copied from the wrong post.
  8. Tanglewood

    2019-2020 Licence Fees Announced

    Further to your request of 4^th January and subsequent clarification of both 6^th and 8^th January, please see the information you have requested below. o 18,888 Boats Listed as craft type “Narrowboat” currently licensed o 1315 Boats listed as Widebeam o 8054 Boats with a beam equal to or over 2.10m (not necessarily listed as widebeam but could be) This was the answer provided by Frazer Halcrow of CRT in response to a FOI request https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/numbers_of_narrowboats_and_wide
  9. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Well no Tax is a mechanism for pay-as-you-go services. And there are other similarities too, there are people who are exempt, just as there are properties that are exempt. But the fact remains, that unless lawful (as opposed to under the counter) exemptions apply, boats used as a main residence, occupying a specific berth for more than 28 consecutive days in a calendar year ought to have planning permission and thence to become liable for Council Tax. Well this is probably because CRT is not a Housing Association, so could not offer him a residential mooring, and the Marina Operator was refusing to turn a blind eye, so he was homeless. Living on a boat 'per se' does not count as being homeless, but not being able to give a permanent address does.
  10. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Probably, and at least 90 suffered a terrific blow when the Icelandic Banks failed back in 2008.
  11. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    I did not compare an ISA to a carrot - I was merely pointing out that the Government chooses to levy tax on all sorts of different products - it chooses not to tax carrots but does tax chocolate biscuits. It doesn't tax unearned income from ISAs but it does tax other types of unearned income. We are not required to pay tax on carrots (or potatoes unless they are made into crisps) or ISAs but we do have to make a contribution to the services the local Authorities provide, and the mechanism for this payment for services is Council Tax, which is levied on main residences. From the average Council Tax bill : £112.00 goes towards education £104.67 to Roads £61.80 to buses to £214.77 to Looked after Children £451.12 to Looked after vulnerable adults £61.51 towards preventing homelessness £99.97 to Museums and Art Galleries £109.95to bin collections and recycling £25.40 to street cleaning/flood defence £29.80 to Trading Standards and Food Safety £50.65 to Planning £98.65 Coroners Courts Registrars and other admin £47.27 to Long term investment Now I know some of my boat licence fee goes towards refuse sites - but I don't think any goes to any other of the above listed services.
  12. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Indeed it's not- and you clearly bowled out before I got my bat down and corrected the error!
  13. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    BWML have devised one mechanism. In fact anyone can register to pay Council Tax, so it's not impossible. The issue is that Marina Operators tend not to want residential boaters as they would then have security of tenure, it is better for such businesses to turn a blind eye but retain the right to evict a boater, if for instance they were unable to pay their rent. Also unsocial behaviour can be dealt with as, despite the collusion, they can always say a boater has breached their terms and conditions.
  14. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Why do you ask? You may as well ask if I buy carrots. Tax is not levied on ISAs or carrots. Tax is levied on a person's main residence if that residence stays in the same space for more than 28 consecutive days in any calendar year, the fact that there is collusion between some Marina Operators and some residential boaters doesn't alter that fact. And it is no argument to point out (accurately) that there is a whole lot more fraud in the corporate world.
  15. Tanglewood

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    You are quite right and I apologise for the lazy expression which may me suggest that. I recognise that no mechanism exists. But if such a mechanism existed - do you think those who currently benefit from not paying £1500 pa form an orderly queue in order to pay it?

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