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    Hello all I visited the Minworth site yesterday (Tuesday) on the advice of the of the Historic Narrow Boat Club (Where our boats can go, so can yours!) Navigations Officer who is also a member of the CRT Navigations Advisory Group (NAG) who said I should find CRT engineer Jane Marriott on site and I should talk to her. Jane was there to 'sort it out'. Her regular job is 'Programme Manager, Asset Improvement', so she'll never be stuck for anything to do then! So I did and learnt a lot. She is very approachable, happy to share all her information and I think she listens. The works here were overseen centrally by CRT not the local West Midlands Waterways Office, who have had the sticky end of the stick in sending out the Notices, email or otherwise, so some, including me, thought it was down to them. It isn't. Kier are the contractors and as you will see it's not down to them either. As I understand it the issues were to make a permanent repair to the troublesome embankment against the A38 trunk road into Birmingham, and to deal with multiple canal bed leakages just downstream of there. The contractors did put a haul road down the drained canal as the first postings on this topic confirm with really good photographs.. And at the end of works Kier advised CRT that it must come out before rewatering. However here lies the problem. CRT had considered that the silt here was not of a hazardous status. It was. Surprise? And therefore the haul road material added was now also of a hazardous status,it having been added to the silt. The cost of removal of the hazardous material was huge and therefore, against the advice of the contractors Kier, and not wishing to add to the already large cost of the contract, CRT decided to rewater with all the stone left in, the timber having been removed. As you all know, boats will push through silt, even hazardous silt (!) but stone is different. They get stuck. Jane Marriott tells me that they now know this was a great mistake from which they have now learnt. And can't apologise enough. Whilst I was there Kier had a large machine back in the canal bed and were removing the now 'hazardous' stone, which will be very expensive to dispose of. All round the very best of intentions but a great cock up nevertheless. I must add that the site is embanked, and for a part on both sides of the navigation. This is the reason the silt was replaced against the wash walls to add stability as would be expected. A breach onto the A38 wouldn't just inconvenience us boaters! Besides, who wants to moor here? The depth at the Services further up is another issue but not unrelated. In short, CRT must consider all silt around the BCN, and probably many other former heavily industrialised areas, to be 'hazardous' and enjoy the bonus if it's found not to be. And make their original assessments based on this. Kier the contractors appear not to be at fault at all. Having had the passage out of Birmingham on the Birmingham & Fazeley denied to me 10 days ago, I am returning this way in the next few weeks. Ummmm. We shall see. James
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    I fail to see how such gratuitous rudeness helps anyone. I understand that she has visited and is very much involved, but if you want to know, why don't you ask her? It is precisely hurtful and personal comments like this that is the reason that CRT staff don't participate in forum discussions, which in turn leads to misinformation, rumour and conjecture. Your comments, Sir, would be more appropriate on another site. James
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    Pilot follows routine procedure and lands 'plane? All pilots practice that particular one in simulators regularly Or did the media think her ovaries might cause her to collapse in hysteria and have to be helped by a man? I shall be delighted when such a story praises the pilot only for their actions because their gender has become irrelevant Richard
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    I'm not sure being a fossil stops folk from posting...
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    Really been two wonderful days on the Oxford between Braunston and Cropredy. Stunning weather beautiful scenery which after the last couple of weeks has been a major improvement. I know some will say it has been a miserable winter ( we got here at the end of March) but days like the last two days start to make up for it. Stunning!!
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    Picture lifted from "London Boaters" on FaceBook.
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    Well we have an automatic changeover which has always worked fine. Yes you do have to check for a red flag occasionally but is that too difficult? Same as you check you have enough diesel and water (and food and booze!). If checking for a red flag is too complex I’d recommend a care home. Gas cylinder contents is best measured by weighing, but you do need to know the starting/ full weight as the empty weight varies as mentioned. When the liquid “gas” turns to gas “gas” it absorbs heat and thus cools the cylinder. So whilst you are using gas you can determine the level of the liquid by the temperature of the cylinder wall, the more rapidly you are using gas, the easier. You can get thermally sensitive strips to attach to the side of the cylinder the show the level of remaining liquid (when the gas is actually being used). But really, just lifting the cylinder is a fairly good way to get the general idea how much gas is left.
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    Well they were never designed to support the weight of a boat!
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    Not planning on cooking anything, the only things that will need washing are coffee cups and wine glasses
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    The UK government are experts at treating people like shite, especially the ones that have helped the country. Take the Gurkhas for example.
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    Had a note from Martin Kedian to say they have completed the overplating of my boat. Just got to complete the engine rebuild and fit it before 2nd May. Can't wait to get back on the water and not worry about sinking every time there's a scraping sound! Also... Sent the forms off for the BCN 24hr challenge.
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    Doesn't normally bother boaters in London...... (Waits for incoming....)
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    It happened to a friend of mine. Yes that's it. A chap I know quite well. He says it's a quick way to stop showering though. Especially if the water is cold.
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    Ok, I've got my hands up. What next?
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    I suppose that is where all those with composting toilets store their production.
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    So who was it then??
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    That's going to be your Halloween avatar pic isn't it
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    Ducktor Borb has gone to the quacks.
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    I'm thinking he'd first turn into a musty Rusty, then dry out and become a dusty Rusty, but we won't know unless we try it...
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    Only for first time buyers. Most Banks etc do them Can put £1200 in at set up. max £200 per month. Government will give 25%. Min £400 max £3000. Not life changing, but 25% return on £12k is not to be sniffed at.
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    We need to get Cart to fit overhead electric cables like trains have.
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    The person who posted about them merely made me aware of them. It was the nccorg verification that made me think about considering them. But, more than anything, support, or the opposite, from people here and on ybw.com, is the thing that will sway me in one direction or another. Hence the question
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    You've not seen the totally stressed boaters - you can tell as you go past as they be shouting "slow down", even to the swans.
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    Thursday. Machester. SCORCHIO!
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    This is where I am and my view
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    I think that's Known as a light bulb moment which seems very apt in this case.
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    A friend of ours was complaining that his sea searcher was rubbish - hardly picked anything up at all. Then I showed him the keeper plate and suggested he tried removing it before using the magnet
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    Another totally unhelpful comment. I would judge her as very much hands on, given her pre CRT background, and I'd be very surprised if she hadn't got directly involved.
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    Broadly speaking, this! With some notable exceptions, it is mostly my middle class customers who sort out their rubbish into five different bins, buy the latest 'low emission' car every two years, carefully put food waste on the compost heap and constantly metaphorically hand-wring about the coral reef off Australia getting bleached, or something like that. The lower orders are too busy trying to survive to worry much about conservation and the upper classes have staff to do the worrying for them.
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    Would it be a Rusty fossil or A fossil Rusty or A rusty fossil Rusty
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    That's far less of a problem Rusty. You'll squash into the sand, the tide will come in, the boat will float off on its own, and no-one will be any the wiser. Later, you will become a fossil and perhaps one day become a museum exhibit.
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    Careful what you say. Any suggestion that this is not an entirely positive outcome will make you homophobic.
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    I have had a number of glass fuse end caps fall off when blown and removed from the holder. Some with the fuse wire intact allow the end caps to twist to a degree. There is no way I would assume such fuses are gas tight and do not think the run of the mill glass fuses are full of inert gas.
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    What else can they do but sort it out and presumably halt the entire process in the meantime ? Its a Party Political Broadcast that some of you chaps seemingly want to make , its the Population of this great Country of ours which has called for withdrawal from the EU not Theresa May . This is the biggest and most complex Political Process ever attempted in Modern Times and we have people like yourself continually demanding Guarantees and Concrete Proposals about this and that and asking questions that clearly cant be answered in a clear attempt to frustrate and ridicule the Process . What is this nonsense about throwing out 3 million EU citizens Post Brexit ? Firstly the term EU Citizen is a very Broad Term , it even encompasses Brazilians , did you know that ? If these 3 million are beneficial to the wellbeing of this Country then they will stay and if not then they will be on their Bike and that my friend is the opinion of the majority of this Country .
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    One of life's gentle, kind and honest souls who looked after our boat home and is now set to do his first stint at house sitting to look after Millie and my in laws rather troublesome dog. (Ok two troublesome dogs )
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    Beware of student rentals, particularly if you arent nearby... you could end up refurbishing on a regular basis. Returns may be good, but expenditure could be relatively high.
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    You need to get a multimeter, and a NASA BM2, (or similar). The multimeter will allow you to measure voltages and resistances in all kinds of places. The NASA BM2 will tell you instantaneous battery voltage, instantaneous amps flowing as a charge or a discharge, and cumulative Amp Hours used or put into the batteries - very simplistic, but good enough to start with. The State of charge reading on the NASA is pretty much useless. You should fully charge your batteries daily if possible, and every 2nd day if not. Any longer than that, (e.g. once a week), you seriously risk sulphation and short life. Some will disagree, but there are threads on here which support this.
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    All we have had so far is the rhetoric of May, nothing concrete has been done. 'Albert Thompson' is still not getting his cancer treatment and May initially refused to intervene claiming it was all down to the Royal Marsden, who were however following her instructions. When the entire Windrush generation have all been given indefinite leave to remain, your claim that,"....the Government thankfully has dealt with this one ...." will stand,but at the moment it has been kicked into the long grass while they 'sort it out'. In parallel with this alleged 'sorting out' exactly the same staff (who have been reduced in numbers due to cutbacks) are going to have to try to register 3 million EU citizens currently living in the UK ready for us to throw them out post-Brexit, quite honestly it isn't going to happen. And of course this is the the new,global,outward-looking Britain, don't make me laugh
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    A little walk around the carpark and a gentle rub will unstuck a stuck nut.
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    For future reference, washing soda(soda crystals) is better than bicarbonate of soda. It neutralises better, is cheaper and comes in bigger packs. It also is an effective degreaser. Find it with washing powder etc. in your supermarket. N
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    How do you know that those boats displaying out of date or no licences aren't actually licensed? There is a legal requirement to display your licence, but the reality is CRT rarely bother if it has been paid. And of course none of the cars you refer to display a current tax disc.
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    Some people take delight in displaying out of date licences whilst actually having a current one. The only way to see if a boat actually is licenced is to use the CRT licence checker. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/boating/licensing/boat-check
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    Do you mean the program where the winner left the cauliflower in the oven?? And still won.
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    6X is a great beer, so is Bass and Butcombe Bitter. Only good northern beer is Old Peculiar, the rest is tosh. When i was truck driving i hated having to overnight up north, crap beer, especially that Tetley rubbish, their tea was better.
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    Good for you. Can't even go to the pub after work as we have to take the little rat bag to the vets
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    Has Ms Sharman ever got into her nice comfy expensive company car and driven out there, put her CRT issue green Hunter wellies on and had a look? Never seen her in wellies, or on public transport. Or is the whole thing below her dignity?
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    the title of the thread is about 'fresh water'. It is available the full length of the K&A and only begins to get saline as you approach Bristol. ...................... coat
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    When I bought the boat it was nearly 7 years old. I asked the previous owner to show me how to light the stove. He said he didn't really know how. He had paid for an engineer from Kuranda to come to the boat and show him how to light it. He thought it looked too complicated and dangerous so never used it again! When I got the boat I couldn't the get the stove to light. Eventually after a couple of years of trying to find some one to service it, I plucked up the courage to open the regulator myself and found that the diesel in it had evaporated, gumming everything up. I cleaned it out with brake cleaner and the stove lit, but burned with an smokey orange flame. Last winter I decided to try and adjust the high flame level on the regulator and eventually got the stove to burn with a pure blue flame from settings 1-4. Since then I have used it occasionally (I am a hobby boater, not a liveaboard) on the odd weeks winter cruise, hence the 500 hour estimate. Your stove must be in almost constant use to have clocked up 3000 hours since December
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