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I never did like Steve Haywood

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21 hours ago, Murflynn said:

I have little experience of canals but 62 years experience of the Thames.  There is always a slight current except in the lock cut and it is always far easier to moor up by making a ferry glide, letting the stream move you gently into the mooring slot which could be just 6 inches longer than your boat.


Absolutely and if often impresses the blazer and white slacks mob when you slide a 56ft narrowboat into such a gap - that is after them panicking as you slide your orid black hull in their general direction.

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Did  something like this on the Severn at Lower Lode one year, only there were 4 of us abreast.

 I filled the gap, another 60 footer tied up to me, the 70 footer went outside him, overlapping the gin palaces a bit, but well clear,  and then a 50ft BCN ice breaker/tug  hanging off the outside.

All done 1, 2, 3, 4 and tied up smartly with  no mooring space wasted.  The look on the face of the woman on the downstream boat was a picture.  We retired to the pub.


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