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  1. When was the last time anyone was fined or threatened with losing their licence because of overstaying on visitor moorings? Has it ever happened apart from where the navigation authority have contracted out the enforcement and mooring charges have been introduced?
  2. Here's a 5 mile range centred on Oldbury (2.5 mile radius). I'm fairly sure there's 20 miles or more of canal in the circle. Old line, new line, Netherton Branch, Gower Branch, bits of Dudley number 2, bits of Walsall, Titford Branch. The CRT website says that's not enough. Now you may say I'm cherry picking, but since I work in Oldbury, it's kinda relevant to me.
  3. I don't think you're right and I'm not aware of CRT defining range in the way you have. This is what they currently say: Pay particular attention to the last paragraph. It talks about a five mile area. In theory there could be 20 linear miles of canal in that 5 mile area. But they still say it wouldn't meet their requirements. If elsewhere they have said different, then this is confusing at best.
  4. Roughly 220 miles range for the entire CRT system. Makes you realise the ridiculousness of a 100 mile range doesnt it?
  5. You make some interesting points, but it's a 100 miles range not 300 miles.
  6. The simplest answer is usually the right one.
  7. This was true for many years. More recently they've sought to balance things up by making waterways less accessable to many boaters.
  8. Which era's rules would you like to return to?
  9. Why though? What's the problem with someone having a 20 mile cruising range? (Slightly rhetorical question, as I can think of reasons myself).
  10. Threads like you mention are very rare. What is more common is that someone asks about the application of the rules and then gets accused of trying to get round the rules.
  11. No I didn't. I made 2 points: 1. Power drop off on modern diesels is far less than on old Italian supercars. 2. Many modern diesels will do huge mileages. (Note: many, not all). Stop trying to make up an argument.
  12. It seems quite common for some to invent new cruising rules based on what they'd like to be true rather than what is true. In doing so, they reveal their own prejudice. The IWA's guidance is an extreme example of this. They should change their name to the GOTIWA (the Gentrification Of The Inland Waterways Association)
  13. I too see a lot of variation in how shops have adapted. From one extreme where they've done nothing, to the other extreme where every possible care has been taken to minimise risk. I'm avoiding the first type. I hope others are too.
  14. Here we go again, people unilaterally deciding what a proper boater is. The guidance from CRT doesn't ask for what you suggest and neither does the law. The IWA's idea isn't backed up by law either. Why does it even bother you if someone wants to stay in one place for 14 days? What harm are they doing to you?
  15. Thanks for that Captain Obvious! You're arguing against a point nobody made.
  16. Cross posted there. FYI there aren't many but - https://www.watersidemooring.com/345-halifax-arm-l1/Vacancies#berth4135 I could buy it right now and continue shuffling around Bath if I wanted. Now imagine I would actually save money by doing so.
  17. Well a total engine failure is a different matter to a slow drop off in power output.
  18. Not surprised. Looks like a well cared for boat at a very sensible price. The good ones don't hang around.
  19. It's a stupid long game then. In some parts of the country you definitely can't get a mooring for that price. In others you can. So it would be a no-brainer for harrassed boaters on the K&A for a mooring up north which they don't use (but is available for them). Then they would save money and get CRT off their backs. And up north, the boatyards and boat clubs would be empty of boats.
  20. I can see the sense in a higher licence fee for ccers. But 2.5x the cost is ridiculous. That would mean I would pay an additional £1500. I could get a mooring for less than that!
  21. I still think it would meet the guidance.
  22. Nobody mentioned this yet? : https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/fellows-morton-clayton-70-traditional/636754
  23. Well yes, criminal damage has always been against the law. But we were discussing squatting.
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