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  5. Sorry to say but I'm not even slightly surprised that this is a 'historic' boat. Many times I've seen entitled and pompous behaviour on the cut, it's come from similar. Of course some historic/traditional boat owners are lovely, but it does seem to attract some folk who think it makes them 'king of the cut' and that they can do as they please.
  6. While we're on the subject can anyone suggest a large wheeled folding bike. I realise it won't fold nearly as small as a brompton / dahon or similar.
  7. I wouldn't worry about theft too much. A second hand 100w panel, torn off a boat roof can't be worth more than £40. Right now I have £100 worth of coal sitting on my roof.
  8. And once a week we'll all clap the people with no friends?
  9. Depends what device you're using. The easiest way is with a laptop. Right click anywhere on the map and a menu will appear. One of the choices is the measuring tool. On my phone you press and hold to drop a pin, then pull up the menu which appears at the bottom and choose 'measure distance'
  10. A world shortage of Perspex is concerning (and perplexing) but now there's a world shortage of friends too? This is start of the apocalypse I tell ye!
  11. It can't be that hard to design a chimney hat with a sort-of stalagtite underneath so the tar is directed back to the flue?
  12. I'm hoping it's just this year, for the reasons I gave at the beginning of the thread.
  13. Then you don't need an app as such. Go to google maps. Turn on satellite view. Use the measuring tool to measure from one side to the other. I can't see any more accurate method without a tape measure.
  14. Still confused about what you want to do? Do you want to measure metres on a map? Or do you want to measure the width of a room, say? What device and operating system do you have?
  15. Sounds to me like you've thought about most things. Judging from your description you're looking at narrowboats. Beware of responses on here from people who neither live aboard nor have a narrowboat. Answering your questions: a) Mooring fees, electric hook up charges, diesel, heating costs, regular maintenance, alcohol. b) Your budget makes me feel like a pauper! c) Irrelevant. Just find the boat you like. The type of seller doesn't matter. d) Yes. Almost everyone. Boats constantly go wrong and need ongoing maintenance to a far greater degree than houses. Living aboard makes this more so. Have a contingency fund of a couple of thousand or more.
  16. That's not what I've seen. It's the proportion which has changed, not just the numbers. This year is markedly different to last year. Either that or the area I'm cruising this year is worse for some reason?
  17. These companies will not change until enough customers vote with their feet and go elsewhere. For many years this was made unlikely because it was relatively difficult to switch. This just encouraged a complacent attitude to customer service. As more people realise that switching has been made far easier, then it may make these companies up their game.
  18. I think you may be right, but I also think people speed up a bit when there's a really long line of permanently moored boats. So there's probably an optimum number of boats moored together for maximising the slowness of passing boats. My guess would be in the middle of a line of 6. As I occassionally use my genny, this is a position which I avoid as far as possible.
  19. They're the mad ones. It's lovely down there.
  20. There's one called ID Mobile too, which piggybacks on Three. Seems to get reasonable reviews.
  21. Over the last couple of days I've noticed an odd phenomenon. I'm moored on my own on a fairly straight section. About 100m in one direction there's the start of a line of permanently moored boats on the off-side. About 60m in the other direction is a bridge with a slight bend just after it, restricting the view through. I've noticed quite a few boats who hammer on past me at full revs but then noticeably drop their revs soon after. Presumably these are boaters who pay no heed to boats moored on their own but do slow down for lines of boats or for bridge holes?
  22. I don't klnow how much I trust those figures. I was advised not to complain to ofcom, but to the Communications Ombudsman, who proceeded to wriggle as hard as they could to avoid taking on the case, continually batting me back to Three (who, as we've established, were worse than useless). Therefore the types of complaints to Ofcom are quite different in nature and relate to general service issues which affect customers as a whole, not individual complaints. There's also a thing called the 'Phone-Paid Services Authority' just to confuse things further. Trustpilot score all the main mobile companies badly. The best option looks like giffgaff.
  23. The problem I had was made worse by the timing. All the high street stores were closed, but their call centres were also closed. Also, when it comes to more complicated matters like I had, the shop staff don't know anything. As a mechanical idiot, my method with mots is to find a nice little garage which doesn't do them. They typically have an ongoing relationship with a nearby garage which does. Book in a service + mot and they'll take it there for you and you know the test will be done fairly, because your guy has already looked over the car before they've taken it in. The chances of the two garages joining forces to con customers, is far lower than one garage on their own. Also the MOT station know they won't pick up any repair work so they've got no particular reason to try and fail it. End of the day, go back and collect your car, all done. It helps if it's near the canal. I try to organise my cruising route so that I'm moored close to my favourite garage at MOT time.
  24. Oh I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I could have gone on for pages and pages. That was a brief summary. I could have gone on to talk about how they sent me a bill for around £300. I disputed it. They agreed that I didn't owe anything and to ignore the letters. Then they passed my details to a debt collect company who started court proceedings against me. And remember, this was all caused by them. I simply want to warn other forum members that Three are cheap for a reason.
  25. I'm currently on the Shroppie. Have been since the beginning of August. It was busy then and it's still busy now. After Hack Green the locks are wide so the business has an advantage - you can share the locks.
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