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  1. No, you're not correct. The law says you must, but CRT say you don't need to as they now have other ways of checking. There's no good reason for going through all the trouble and cost of changing the law, so it's ended up like many archaic old laws which stay on statute but nobody bothers with any more. Just because a law could technically be enforced, the enforcing body commonly has the choice as to whether its expedient to actually take any action. Paper boat licences are firmly in that category. Something about shooting Welshmen inside Chester city walls after dark... Or is that one a myth? A nominal fee, or pay nothing and save a trip to Rymans... Hmm, it's a toughie... The squeals are generally because the change is deemed unfair or unreasonable in some way. There are quite a few things which CRT do which don't affect me at all, but I'm vehemently opposed to because they cause needless harm to others. It's called caring.
  2. When I read this I genuinely wasn't sure whether my old paper licence was still in it's window holder. It's not really a thing I think about much. Turns out it's not there so I must have taken it out at some point.
  3. Not at all. Your position is a logical fallacy. Just because one sanction exists for an action, it doesn't mean no other sanctions exist. Criminal damage is criminal damage, but my position is that damaging the towpath by banging pins into it may not lead to non-renewal of a licence for those with home moorings. Obviously if you know of a time a boater with a home mooring has not had their licence renewed due to this, feel free to share it with the class.
  4. From the Act: "the applicant for the relevant consent satisfies the Board that the vessel to which the application relates will be used bona fide for navigation throughout the period for which the consent is valid" Some on here are narrowly defining 'bona fide for navigation' as only relating to distance travelled/cruising pattern. I would imagine it's pretty easy to convince a judge that banging pins into concrete is not consistent with 'bona fide for navigation' as a boat used properly for navigation will have no need to bang pins into concrete. Therefore the board is not satisfied, therefore licence is not issued.
  5. I'm not covinced the "friend" has to even exist!
  6. I'm not sure there are any official residential moorings on the M&B. One solution is to take a CRT leisure mooring, keep your head down and get your post delivered elsewhere. The problem is that 90% of the CRT leisure moorings on that canal are shorter than your boat. https://www.watersidemooring.com/Search?Location=Monmouth&DistanceMiles=50&Coordinates=51.8642%2C-2.2382&tab=list&Availability=Occupied&Waterway=Monmouthshire+%26+Brecon+Canal You might strike lucky if a longer one comes available though. Also consider the Gloucester & Sharpness canal which is mostly under an hour from Newport by road and has far more mooring options and you wouldn't need a lorry to get your boat there. There's a 60' mooring with leccy currently available, and I'll bet there's liveaboards at those moorings, because they're in a city. https://www.watersidemooring.com/383-victoria-basin-l1/Vacancies#berth4627
  7. My paper licence is years out of date. I stopped putting them up when CRT started expecting us to print our own. I don't have a printer. CRT have been quite clear that they don't need the licence displayed, just like with tax discs in cars. To the OP - your post reads like you're just trying to stir up division.
  8. No you don't. You "sell" your boat to a friend and ask them to apply for the new licence.
  9. Marmalade sandwiches do that equally well.
  10. I take the view that anyone who asks "when is heterosexual day?" is likely to be so ignorant, they're not worth bothering with. Either that or they're just stirring.
  11. I suspect the request for male only will cause a different problem. First, it would take a highly unusual single woman to agree to share a 45' boat with a male stranger for any reason. Women are generally incredibly wary of such offers, for obvious reasons. But by specifically excluding women, it then looks to other men like the OP might actually be looking for a romantic/sexual arrangement, which is likely to be off-putting. I suspect that had the OP never mentioned women in his post, he still would have got no interest from women, but he might have got more interest from men.
  12. "I know it is pride month or some such nonsense" is a pretty poor choice of words. Let me explain. Next month Birmingham is hosting the Commonwealth Games. If someone wrote "I know it is the Commonwealth Games next month, or some such nonsense", it wouldn't be a problem. People either like sport or they don't, but those who don't like sport, don't generally go around persecuting athletes and athletes are not an oppressed group. LGBT+ people have historically been met with extreme oppression and persecution, and a fair bit of that persists to this day. Pride has been instrumental in tackling that discrimination and is therefore a very important symbol for many LGBT+ people. Deriding is as "nonsense" is therefore likely to be offensive to some people. The same would apply to other events or movements which seek to provide equality for all in society; BLM, for example. LadyG - you may wish to choose your words more carefully in future if you would prefer to avoid causing unintended offence.
  13. This is the least surprising thing in your post.
  14. You're right about McDonalds. I eat it about once every 5 years. Typically I've stopped at the services on a long motorway journey. It's late and that's all there is for hot food. It takes about 5 years for me to forget how vile it is...
  15. I don't go to a pub to have highly biased and inaccurate political propaganda pushed at me via leaflets. Whether I agree with the basic sentiments is irrelevant. I wouldn't give my custom to any business which did this. Back when I used to occassionally go in a Spoons, I remember the beer being decent but the food being absolutely dreadful (but cheap).
  16. What that data sheet is saying is that 700w of panels have no theoretical chance of producing more than 50a of current. But in the real world, in the UK, you'll never get near that. The Victron data sheet for the 250/85 shows a maximum of 1200w which is what you're having. I'm saying that your 1200w of panels will very very rarely produce more than 50a in the uk and on the very very rare occassions that they do, you won't care that you could have squeezed a bit more battery changing out of them if you had a bigger controller, because you're batteries will be full to bursting anyway. If you buy the 60a controller, you'd save some money and could use that to get more or bigger panels, which would give you a longer season going further into the winter. Or spend it on beer/chocolate etc. Because sometime people living on the equator buy MPPT controllers.
  17. Fair points. I suspect the OP is using MPPT controllers. I look at it like this: 500w of solar might provide all your power needs for about 6 months. This is true whether you have a 20a or a 40a controller. If you're going to put in 1000w of solar, it's not because you need loads more power in June, it's because you're looking to extend the season, to maybe 8 months. You're best bet for doing that is to install as many panels as you can afford. If you save a bit of money on the MPPT controller, you can afford more panels. Simple!
  18. I doubt you'll need anything like 90amps though. I have 525w and a 40a controller. I now know that a 30a controller would have never been exceeded, and a 20a would be fine for 99.9% of the time. Unless I've been misinformed, if I had a 20a controller, nothing bad would have happened if the solar energy exceeded 20a briefly, but the current into the batteries would top out at 20a. In the real world, using a 20a controller would have made a negligable difference to my charging arrangements. On that basis, in the real world, a 50a controller would be fine for you, as on the very rare occassion it was exceeded, you'll be fully charging your batteries that day anyway with more electricity going in that you can use.
  19. Buy the crappiest BMC you can find and do the Calcutt exchange.
  20. How big is the tv? How many hours a day will it be on? What sort of fridge is it? If 240v, what inverter are you using? Where is your boat moored? Full sun? Semi shaded? Shaded? Can you angle your panels? If so, are you orientated east-west, so your panels can tilt to face south?
  21. But if I could remove the tops of these channels, I could clean them out property, and repaint/rust proof them if I wanted.
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